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Homemade Breakfast Sausage from Table for Seven

Breakfast! The most important meal of the day. Here you will find breads, waffles, eggs, casseroles and more. Whether you want to eat at home or on the go, we can help!

Air Fryer Sausage Croissants

Air Fryer Sausage Croissants- -Delicious portable sausage rolls made with premade croissant dough. Great for breakfast, lunch or a snack! Ingredients Needed: Breakfast sausage links: cooked Sliced cheese Premade croissant dough ( ex: crescent rolls) Breakfast Sausage: Any flavor or brand will work! Just stick with a link and make sure it’s cooked beforehand. Sliced …

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Instant Pot Cinnamon Rolls

Instant Pot Cinnamon Rolls- Classic cinnamon rolls made right in your instant pot! Full of cinnamon and topped with a powdered sugar glaze. Cinnamon rolls in your instant pot? Yep, it’s possible. Ingredients Needed: Flour + Salt + Baking soda + Baking powder Egg Vanilla Milk Butter Ground cinnamon Brown sugar Powdered sugar Brown Sugar: …

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Air Fryer Chocolate Stuffed Doughnuts

Air Fryer Chocolate Stuffed Doughnuts- Get yourself a package of biscuit dough and get air frying your doughnuts! These gems are crazy easy and even more delicious. A cinnamon sugar topping and gooey chocolate filling make these irresistible. Homemade doughnuts are something I have been making since starting Table for Seven back in 2011. I …

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Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole

Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole- Eggs, breakfast sausage, cheese and hash browns make this hearty casserole. It comes together quickly and is made right in your Instant Pot! This casserole is great option not only for breakfast ( as noted in the title of the recipe), but, for dinner or lunch. It’s full of protein and …

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Homemade Pop Tarts: For the Oven and Air Fryer

Homemade Poptarts – Fun pastries that are easier than buying the boxed version! All you need is your favorite pie crust and your imagination. Ingredients Needed: Ready made pie crust Egg wash Powdered sugar Milk Pie Crust: You have two options- -store bought or homemade. If you wish to make your favorite pie crust recipe, …

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Whole Wheat Maple Sugar Waffles

Whole Wheat Maple Sugar Waffles – Light, crispy whole wheat waffles made with maple sugar. Great for breakfast and will freeze great for future eating. Ingredients Needed: Whole wheat flour White flour Baking powder + salt + ground cinnamon Maple sugar Butter Milk Eggs Maple Sugar: See the recipe card for the brand I prefer. …

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