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Don’t forget dessert! Whether you are craving cake, cupcakes, cookies, fudge or pie, it’s here. Our recipe index boasts 400 + dessert recipes…a little something for everyone’s sweet tooth.

Instant Pot Cinnamon Rolls

Instant Pot Cinnamon Rolls- Classic cinnamon rolls made right in your instant pot! Full of cinnamon and topped with a powdered sugar glaze. Cinnamon rolls in your instant pot? Yep, it’s possible. Ingredients Needed: Flour + Salt + Baking soda + Baking powder Egg Vanilla Milk Butter Ground cinnamon Brown sugar Powdered sugar Brown Sugar: …

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Instant Pot Funfetti Cake

Instant Pot Funfetti Cake- A moist vanilla cake made in your instant pot and packed full of fun rainbow sprinkles! Great for a small gathering or weeknight dessert. Funfetti? Sprinkles everywhere. 🎉 Ingredients Needed: Flour + Baking powder + Salt Oil Sugar Eggs Vanilla Milk Frosting Oil: Stick with a neutral tasting oil. Vegetable, canola …

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Air Fryer Chocolate Stuffed Doughnuts

Air Fryer Chocolate Stuffed Doughnuts- Get yourself a package of biscuit dough and get air frying your doughnuts! These gems are crazy easy and even more delicious. A cinnamon sugar topping and gooey chocolate filling make these irresistible. Homemade doughnuts are something I have been making since starting Table for Seven back in 2011. I …

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Crock Pot Dulce de Leche

Crock Pot Dulce de Leche- The easiest recipe you will ever make in your crock pot.  Nothing is farther from the truth. 🠉  This recipe literally only needs two ingredients:  Sweetened condensed milk and water.   What is Dulce de Leche? It’s a thick caramel sauce that originated in Latin America.  It’s translation is “candy made …

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