Creamy No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream from Table for Seven
  • No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream

    Jun 02nd • Posted in No Bake Desserts

    No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream

    Creamy, refreshing and packed with sweet rhubarb..No ice cream maker needed!

    I have to admit, before we moved into our house almost two years ago, rhubarb wasn’t really on my food radar. When we moved in here, we realized that right in the middle of our yard, were three very large rhubarb plants.

    Now, rhubarb is out my food radar. 👍

    Last season, I made cake.

    This season, we have some ice cream.

    No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream

    Let me tell you guys right now, I love this ice cream.   💖💖💖

    Love it.

    It is smooth, creamy and it has some delicious, sweet, rhubarb flavor packed into it. Not too overpowering, just the right amount of sweet.

    Let’s not’s easy to make and you do not need an ice cream maker to enjoy it. The toughest part of this recipe is having some patience while it sets in the freezer.

    Otherwise, it’s no brainer and you can whip this up in about 30 minutes. So, you need to totally go get yourself some rhubarb and make this incredibly refreshing ice cream.

    You will not regret it!

    No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream From Table for Seven

    No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream

    • Author: Erin Table for Seven
    • Prep Time: 00:30
    • Total Time: 00:30
    • Yield: Serves: 6


    Creamy, refreshing and packed with sweet rhubarb..
    No ice cream maker needed!


    • 3 cups chopped rhubarb
    • 1 1/2 cups sugar
    • 1 tsp lemon juice
    • 1 cup whipping cream


    1. In a saucepan over medium heat, cook rhubarb and sugar until rhubarb is soft and sugar is completely dissolved. This should take about 10-12 minutes. Remove from heat and let it cool.
    2. Then, with a blender, food processor or stick blender, puree rhubarb until smooth. Place in refrigerator to get cold for about 15 minutes.
    3. In a mixing bowl, beat cream until stiff peaks form.
    4. Stir lemon into rhubarb puree, then, fold into the whipped cream. Place in freezer safe bowl and cover.
    5. Place in freezer until sets. At least 4-6 hours before serving



    No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream from Table for Seven
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