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25 Best Black Rice Recipes

The following recipes for black rice will take your standard rice dishes to a new level of deliciousness, making them perfect for sharing on social media. In ancient China, this type of rice was known as forbidden rice because it had a reputation for being extremely valuable. Now, however, it is more readily available than ever before because an increasing number of Asian countries are producing the crop.

After trying these recipes featuring black rice, you’ll never again consider a rice side dish to be tasteless.

Dinners Black Rice Recipe

1. Honey Sesame Salmon & Asian Black Rice Salad

This Honey Sesame Salmon is quick and simple to make, and it packs a flavorful punch! This dinner is nutritious and delicious, and it is served atop an Asian black rice salad that is bursting with edamame, red bell peppers, red onions, and cilantro. To top it off, a silky smooth carrot-ginger sauce is drizzled over the entire dish.
If you want the top of your salmon to have more of a browned and crispy texture, turn the broiler on high for the last minute or two of baking time. To save yourself from getting burned, just make sure that you keep a VERY CLOSE watch on it.

2. Black Rice Salad With Roasted Vegetables

The discovery of black rice was rather fresh for me. I had no concept what kind of opportunities I was passing up! This Black Rice Salad with Roasted Vegetables is loaded with healthy nutrients that you can obtain from eating it. It may be served warm or cold, as a main dish or a gorgeous side dish, and it is simple to prepare, delicious, and it travels well. What else could you possibly want from life? A scrumptious Tahini and Honey Dressing is drizzled over the top of it. Once you’ve given it a shot, I have no doubt that it will become a regular fixture either at your dinner table or in your packed lunches.

A week’s worth of salad can be stored in the refrigerator, undressed and covered with plastic wrap.

3. Quick Stir Fry

This is an excellent method for putting leftover cooked rice to good use. If you don’t have black rice, you can use brown rice as a substitute.
In the same wok, heat up the oil that is left over. After adding the spinach, continue to stir cook it for two to three minutes, or until it has wilted. After adding the rice, mushrooms, and chicken (if wanted), mix everything together using a stir-fry like motion. Add soy sauce according to your personal preference.

4. Spring Vegetable Black Rice Pilaf from Simply Vibrant

Simply Vibrant is a cookbook written by Anya Kassaff that features vegetarian and plant-based dishes that are influenced by the changing of the seasons. The stunning book has pictures taken by her daughter Masha, and now we are going to share a recipe perfect for the coming of spring, which is right around the horizon. Enjoy!

Add additional salt and pepper to taste, and then serve as soon as possible.

5. How to Cook Black Rice

The majority of people are under the impression that cooking black rice is difficult. It is not that. You can prepare black rice in the same way that you would prepare any other type of rice with little effort.
You absolutely should. Black rice, like other varieties of rice, can have its cooking time cut significantly if it is first soaked. Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of your black rice becoming clumpy.

6. Black Fried Rice with Snap Peas, Hemp Seeds and Scallions

This recipe for black fried rice was developed in collaboration with my good friends at USA Rice and TheFeedfeed. All views expressed here are solely mine (duh). Thank you very much for supporting the products that make it possible for me to cook Chinese food at home and for this website!

Create a well in the center of the pan by pushing the rice to one side. Pour the eggs into the middle of the pan and continue to cook while stirring them until they are almost all set. Combine the fried rice, eggs, and hemp seeds in a mixing bowl. After transferring the fried rice to bowls, it should be served immediately.

7. Asian Black Rice Salad with Ginger Orange Dressing

The Black Rice Salad with Edamame, Crunchy Vegetables, and Plenty of Asian Flavor is an Easy Recipe that Uses Black Rice and Features a Ginger Orange Dressing.

I keep a bag with a zip-top containing freshly grated ginger in the freezer at all times. Just use a Microplane to grate everything, peel and all!

8. Middle Eastern Inspired Black Rice Salad

For the past month, we have been going through this nutritious Middle Eastern Inspired Black Rice Salad like it’s going out of style. We adore how straightforward it is and how quickly it can be put together. It was initially a recipe that I was developing for Eat Boutique, but it quickly established itself as a permanent fixture in our cooking space.

Rice, squash, scallions, pomegranate seeds, and cilantro should be combined in a serving bowl before the dressing is drizzled over the top. Mix by giving it a gentle toss.

9. Forbidden Rice Pilaf

This Pilaf of Forbidden Rice is bursting with flavor and packed with nutrients! Continue reading to learn more about this tasty grain that dates back thousands of years.

Pecans should be roughly chopped and then toasted in a dry sauté pan over medium heat for about five minutes. This should be done while the rice is cooking.

10. Sweet Potato & Forbidden Rice Power Bowls With Miso Tahini

A plant-based power bowl topped with forbidden black rice, sweet potato, roasted broccoli, edamame, and raw vegetables and dressed in a creamy miso tahini sauce that does not contain any oil.

Keep the leftovers in separate containers in the fridge, and then recombine them right before serving. The miso tahini dressing will stay fresh for five to seven days.

Healthy Black Rice Recipe

11. Black Rice Salad with Spicy Toasted Sesame Dressing

This salad is made with black rice, which is incredibly simple to prepare, and it contains a number of fantastically nourishing components. It is vibrant in appearance, loaded with an abundance of fresh flavors, and it will set your taste buds a-twirling.

Peanuts and cashews are two additional types of nuts that, in addition to almonds, would be wonderful additions to this salad.

12. Indonesian Black Rice Pudding

A delicious and nutritious vegan option, Indonesian Black Rice Pudding can be enjoyed either for breakfast or as a dessert. This recipe for rice pudding can be prepared on the stove top or in an Instant Pot. It calls for coconut milk and is naturally sweetened with coconut sugar.

Since black rice pudding will thicken as it cools, there is no need to worry if there is still some liquid left over once the rice has reached the tender stage because it will be absorbed.

13. Black Rice Risotto with Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions

One of the healthiest foods on the entire globe, black rice is loaded with beneficial antioxidants as well as protein. In point of fact, it qualifies as a superfood. In this recipe for Black Rice Risotto with caramelized onions and mushrooms, it is also quite tasty. The dish is prepared in a single pot.

Onions that have been caramelized should be sprinkled over the risotto before it is served hot.

14. Mango and Avocado Noodle Salad with Puffed Black Rice

A tangy lime and miso sauce tops a mango and avocado rice noodle salad that is crisp thanks to puffed black rice and features a delightful mango flavor.

The noodles should be placed in a mixing bowl, and then avocado, mango, sprouts, spring onion (scallion), cilantro (cilantro), and cashews should be added. After pouring the dressing on top, use your hands to combine the rest of the ingredients in a low-key manner.

15. “Balance” Healthy Black Rice Salad W/ Sweet Potatoes and Pomegranate Seeds

This recipe for black rice yields a vibrant side dish that is just as delectable and beneficial to your health as it appears to be. The sweetness of the potatoes, the savory, nutty flavor of the rice, and the tartness that comes from the pomegranate seeds all work together to create an amazing sensation in the tongue.

Cooking time for black rice is significantly longer than that for white rice. The amount of time needed to cook anything is cut down by soaking it first, but the texture is altered. There are further advantages to soaking, such as the removal of some of the naturally occurring phytic acid, which prevents minerals from being absorbed, and the breakdown of some of the proteins that are difficult to digest. Both of these advantages can be achieved through soaking.

16. Cuban Chicken & Black Bean Rice Bowls

This morning, there was some culinary alchemy that took place in the kitchen, and it had something to do with these Cuban chicken and black bean rice bowls.

When ready to serve, portion the rice with cilantro and lime among the dishes. Add some chicken and black beans for garnish. If you want, you can top it with mango salsa and fried plantains.

17. Black Rice Sushi

Hello Gorgeous! This sushi made with black rice is simple to prepare and travels well, making it the ideal choice for a brown bag lunch that might turn coworkers green with envy.

Repeat with the nori and ingredients that are left over. Serve with tamari (a type of soy sauce that does not contain gluten) and pickled ginger.

18. Easy Vegan Burritos

These Easy Vegan Burritos are not only savory and hearty, but they are also the ideal dish for when you just want to curl up and relax. Additionally, nobody will miss the meat and dairy products at all!
Up to two days of storage in the refrigerator are possible with this option. Can be stored for up to one month in the freezer after being frozen.

19. Baked Orange Cauliflower + Forbidden Rice

Cauliflower florets are breaded in panko crumbs, then baked (not fried) to a golden brown and crispy perfection, and then they are topped with a sweet orange chile sauce. This dish is called Baked Orange Cauliflower. A wholesome and vegetarian alternative to the Orange Chicken dish served at Panda Express. Prepared in around half an hour and featuring “under 350 calories,” “vegetarian,” and “clean eating” options.

If it’s necessary, reheat the prepared rice, then layer it with cauliflower and drizzle it with sauce. To finish, garnish with sliced green onion and toasted sesame seeds.

20. Black Rice and Spinach Salad

This delicious and nutritious salad made with black rice and spinach is loaded with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. You should really indulge in this gluten-free super salad because you have earned it.

I believe that it should be there in each and every kitchen. The fact that it has a low profile and does not take up a significant amount of valuable space in my kitchen is something that appeals to me. If you listen to me, eating a lot of grains will cut down on the amount of time you spend preparing your weekly meals.

Other Black Rice Recipes

21. Thai Curry With Black Rice

People who consume meat have the misconception that vegetarians and vegans just consume greens and bird seed throughout the day. When they find out that we actually provide some fairly fantastic meals, they are likely to be surprised and impressed at the same time. They might be a little bit disappointed.
After adding the lime juice and tamari sauce, season the dish with ground black pepper and serve it over black rice.

22. Black Rice Tabbouleh With Chickpeas Feta And Pistachios

I was able to get in touch with an old acquaintance of mine who I hadn’t seen in a number of years. The fact that we ran into each other was such an amazing thrill! There is a significant amount of ground that needs to be made up.
The grocery store where you shop should have black rice available for purchase. It is in the organic food section of my store, so you would want to check that out in the store where you shop.

23. Greek Black Rice Caprese Salad Recipe

This Greek Black Rice Caprese Salad Recipe is perfect for a summertime get-together, whether it be a barbecue, picnic, or dinner party. Featuring tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh basil from the garden!

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then drizzle with the vinaigrette that is left over. Prepare and serve either cold or at room temperature. Add some fresh basil leaves as a garnish.

24. Herbed Black Rice Soup

This Herbed Black Rice Soup is sure to please with its calming effects and plentiful levels of antioxidants. This nutritious bowl features some unusual flavor combinations in its preparation.

After turning off the heat, sprinkle some dried basil on top, and serve the dish warm.

25. Curried Black Rice Soup w/ Green Veggie & Silken Tofu

It’s been what feels like an eternity since I’ve prepared a supper like this, and I know it’s been an eternity since I’ve contributed anything to this section of Veggie num num!! Over the past two months, Cam, Lu, and I have done a significant amount of traveling. Lu’s initial introduction to the extended family came at this hectic yet exciting time.
To serve, spoon the soup into large bowls and place cubes of silken tofu on top of the tofu. Then, sprinkle the tofu with grated cucumber, coconut, coriander, and chili flakes to taste, and finish with a squeeze of lime.