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What to Serve with Beef Tenderloin

Whether you are planning a holiday dinner party or you are just hosting a dinner party, there’s a high chance that a classic beef tenderloin will be served at some point during this year. 

Having said that, that does not mean that supporting players can’t make an impact, as well. The sides included with this meal will complement your tenderloin well, but they are also tasty enough on their own. 

What to Serve with Beef Tenderloin
What to Serve with Beef Tenderloin

Whether it is mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, or macaroni and cheeses, these sides will complement your tenderloin well. 

This article includes 20 delicious side dishes that complement beef tenderloin so well – they are ideal for impressing guests at a dinner party.

1. Crock-Pot Scalloped Potatoes

Thanks to your trusty slow cooker, it’s now easier than ever to make this delicious and classic dish. The fantastic part about this recipe for crockpot scalloped potatoes is that it will become a holiday staple, providing your family with a mouth-watering, creamy potato side that the whole family will love. You can serve these creamy Scalloped Potatoes with beef tenderloin.

2. Sweet Potato Soufflé

It is true that this Sweet Potato Souffle shares some similarities to my more popular Sweet Potato Casserole, but it has a few differences from it that make it stand out a little. On top of the potatoes is a layer of brown sugar streusel, which is loaded with marshmallows (this version does not include any marshmallows). As a matter of fact, I highly recommend that you serve this with beef tenderloin as it will add sweetness to the meat and it’s absolutely delicious. 

3. Stuffed Mushrooms

The perfect way to enjoy grilled mushrooms is to make them stuffed with a tasty filling that is easy to make and grills quickly. This recipe lends well to portobello mushrooms, which are available in a variety of sizes on the market, and whose shape and size can easily pass through the grates of your grill. This can be adapted to suit different mushroom sizes. If you are unable to find really large mushrooms, you may use eight to twelve medium-sized mushrooms in place of them if necessary.

In addition, because the portobello mushroom is so substantial, it can also be prepared in numerous different dishes such as beef tenderloin. You may serve these as an appetizer or a side dish, but they can also satisfy as a main course. I recommend serving them whole if they are going to be the main dish and a big salad (Caesar would be good) or a side dish of choice with them.

4. Twice Baked Potatoes

Whenever I am serving a side dish, potato is always the first thing that comes to mind. I love baked twice-baked potatoes with sour cream, chives, and chives; they are a delicious replacement for mashed or simply baked potatoes. The recipe is exactly as the name suggests: These potatoes get their fluffy interior cooked first so you can scoop out the hollowed-out potato flesh, and then you stuff it back into the potato, along with sour cream, a bit of milk, chives, and a little bit of salt and pepper.

There is nothing better than two pieces of twice-baked potatoes along with roasted or grilled chicken, as well as a pork roast or beef tenderloin. Of course, you can serve it with any kind of steak or roast beef. It is quite rare that you cannot serve it with a steak or roast beef.

5. Instant Pot Butternut Squash

You can easily and quickly prepare butternut squash when you use an Instant Pot to make it. With an electric pressure cooker, you will find that it’s really easy to make potatoes, regardless of whether they are to be served as a side dish for beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, or in soup, risotto, or casseroles. 

It is very easy to make butternut squash cubes from a whole peeled squash. You can also buy butternut squash cubes that are pre-peeled and cubed for convenience’s sake.

In spite of its flavor and texture, butternut squash is always readily available in the market and its flavor is outstanding. There are many kinds of winter squashes that can be used as a substitute for butternuts, such as Hubbard, Kabocha, and Buttercup. The ridges on the acorn squash make them quite difficult to peel, but if they are pressure cooked unpeeled, they can be mashed or used in a soup.

6. Funeral Potatoes

The term “funeral potatoes” is the name given to a traditional potato casserole that is popular in both the Rocky Mountain region and the Midwest region of the United States. As well as its other names, the dish is often referred to as a hash brown casserole, cream cheese spread, party potatoes, or even just “those potatoes.” 

The casserole is often offered at church dinners, potlucks, or after-funeral dinners as a buffet side dish. My reason for choosing this dish is because it can make a great pairing with some fresh sala and some beef Tenderloin.

7. Rock Salt-Roasted Potatoes

The buttery-soft flesh of roasted sweet potatoes with firm skin is the result of them being roasted in a salt-covered bed of rock salt. There are many small potatoes that will work for this dish, including the following varieties: Alex, Pink Fir Apple, Baby Red, and German Butter. 

It is vitally important that the potatoes are not touched during the baking process, which is why rock salt should fill in gaps between the potatoes and bury them as well. With some drinks, this is an excellent choice for the Beef Tenderloin in a family dinner.

8. Yorkshire Pudding

There’s something traditional and traditional about Yorkshire pudding that lends itself very well to the preparation of beef tenderloin.

The recipe is very easy to prepare and can be made ahead of time, thus making it easy to prepare ahead of time.

When you eat Yorkshire Pudding with gravy, the bread absorbs the liquid and becomes very soft, making the pudding an excellent companion.

When you are making pudding, one of the most important things that you must remember to do is to never open the oven while it is cooking.

The result will be a dense, dry pancake that will collapse in on itself causing it to fall in on itself.

When you are cooking your steak, do not forget to keep a watchful eye on the oven door.

9. Green Bean and Mushroom Casserole

Besides being a great potato side dish that tastes amazing with beef tenderloin, it is also delicious with lamb and pork.

There are a number of ingredients you will need to prepare this dish, including green beans, onions, garlic cloves, butter, heavy cream, salt, and pepper (to taste), cheddar cheese, and mushrooms. The first thing you need to do is to set your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once this has been accomplished, you are ready to boil the garlic cloves until they are soft and tender. Next, you are going to sauté those onions for three minutes on medium-low heat.

Once these steps have been completed, add the mushrooms and cook for five more minutes on medium-high heat.

I would like to recommend that after the ingredients have been cooked, drain the water from the pot and add the green beans at the end.

Pour in the heavy cream, salt, and pepper (to taste), and add half of your cheese to the mixture. Stir it thoroughly, then pour this entire concoction into a casserole dish.

After 20 minutes of baking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, sprinkle the remaining cheese on top and bake for another few minutes.

10. Tomato Salad with Feta Cheese

Try this refreshing tomato feta salad as a light and healthy side dish if you are watching your weight.

In addition, because this dish is so easy to prepare ahead of time, you can eat it at room temperature.

This dish is very simple to prepare as well: all you need to do is slice up some tomatoes and combine them with crumbled feta cheese.

Additionally, some people like to add a bit of basil to their dishes as well.

In addition to the fact that it is not too heavy, the acidity of the tomatoes helps to cut through the fattiness of the beef tenderloin, making it a perfect complement to it.

11. Garlic Plantains

The flavors of plantains are not only delicious, but they’re also great when paired with beef Tenderloin. This is because plantains act as starch, helping cut through the fattiness of the meat.

There are a number of ways in which you can prepare vegetables.

This recipe requires plantains, oil, cloves of garlic, salt, and pepper (to taste) and all these ingredients should be available.

The first thing you will need to do is preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in order to prepare this side dish.

In a small bowl, mix the garlic cloves and olive oil. If you would like, you can add salt to the taste.

The garlic mixture should be brushed over the plantains with a pastry brush.

Once the salt and pepper have been sprinkled on the plantains, bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or until they are soft, depending on your taste.

12. Onion Tart

Here is a recipe for a delicious onion tart that makes the perfect side dish to serve along with beef tenderloin.

Since the tart has a wide variety of flavors, it is a nice compliment to the meat while at the same time maintaining its own identity.

Among the ingredients of this tart are cheeses such as Gruyere and onions, as well as rosemary. You can buy pre-made pie crusts (which you can use for this side dish) that include these ingredients, and the result is a flaky dish.

There isn’t any secret to the preparation of this tart because it contains only five ingredients.

In the beginning, caramelize the onions and add the rosemary to them after they have been sauteed.

Add shredded cheese to the mixture and then pour in heavy cream.

After baking for 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or until the center of the pie is set, you can put the mixture into a pie shell and bake it.

Cheesy Garlic Duchess Potatoes
Cheesy Garlic Duchess Potatoes

13. Cheesy Garlic Duchess Potatoes

There are several French potato dishes called “Duchess potatoes,” named after British duchesses who visited France during the 19th century. In addition to having a crispy exterior, these are soft and fluffy inside, and they have cute ruffled edges that brown to perfection while baking.

In order to make Duke potatoes, potatoes are boiled until they are tender, then they are mashed with butter, dairy (milk, half-and-half, and cream), and egg yolks. It is always a treat for me to serve Duchess potatoes with juicy beef Tenderloin, especially when I serve them at parties.

Honey Glazed Baby Carrots
Honey Glazed Baby Carrots

14. Honey Glazed Baby Carrots

A beautiful side dish of baby carrots for meats such as ham, pork, chicken, or veal makes an elegant accompaniment to any dish. Because honey and lemon juice were added to these tasty carrots, they have the perfect balance between sweet and tangy flavors. Fresh carrots are simply enhanced with a few ingredients, but you might have to double the amounts since your family will be asking for seconds. The best part is that they can be made vegan by making a simple substitution.

The sweetness of the glaze carrots makes them perfect to be used as a side dish to any meat dish, especially with beef Tenderloin.

15. Stir-Fry Beef With Chinese Green Beans

Oftentimes, you will come across this particular green bean dish at a Chinese restaurant buffet and it is a favorite. In order to make Chinese green beans (or long beans), you need to dry fry them for about seven to ten minutes before you cook them. When you dry fry them for a short period of time, you get more tender beans. 

16. Béarnaise Sauce

It is a sauce that is composed of shallots, tarragon, and crushed black peppercorns and is rich, buttery, and aromatic. There is no doubt about the fact that it is one of the best sauces for beef tenderloin.

There are a few similarities between the making of this sauce and that of Hollandaise sauce: Essentially, warm clarified butter is whisked into egg yolks along with other flavoring ingredients to produce this emulsified sauce. 

Baked Feta Pasta
Baked Feta Pasta

17. Baked Feta Pasta

There’s no wonder that baked feta pasta is such a big hit both on TikTok and on Instagram, as it is delicious and easy. It doesn’t matter how many ingredients you have and how many casserole dishes you own (plus a pot to boil the pasta), you’ll be able to pull off a complete and delicious dinner in no time. 

Instead of cherry tomatoes, we switched them out with spinach, artichokes, and roasted red peppers. In order to make a delicious and creamy sauce, all of these ingredients are cooked together along with feta cheese and cream. All of this is then served with hot, cooked pasta to create a stunning meal that takes only a few minutes to prepare. As an alternative to mincing the garlic cloves, you can even crush them, which means you will not need to use a cutting board. I recommend this side dish to pair with beef tenderloin.

18. Easy Sautéed Mixed Greens

Do you want a recipe that you can easily prepare with greens if you have no idea what to do with them yet? Having them just lightly sauteed with garlic, along with scallions or shallots in olive oil with a bit of salt and pepper is a great way to prepare them. If you want to, try adding sea salt and pepper. You might want some heat in this dish, in which case you can add some hot sauce, or you can add a bit of acid; lemon juice goes well with bitter greens because it brightens them up. It really is not too complicated.

There are several ingredients called for in this recipe, including kale and Swiss chard, as well as a bunch of spinach. It does not matter what kind of kale you use, whether it’s curly (or Tuscan) or dinosaur (or Tuscan) kale. 

In the event that you would like to serve a beef tenderloin with Sautéed Mixed Greens as a side dish, please keep this in mind.

Roasted Butternut Squash
Roasted Butternut Squash

19. Roasted Butternut Squash

In this delicious side dish, you will find a fresh and fancy take on traditional mashed potatoes that perfectly complements the tenderloin, replacing white potatoes with butternut squash, and adding a generous amount of goat’s cheese and herbs to add some character to the dish. 

I highly recommend serving this dish on a large platter for a relaxed meal – you can serve it with heaped spoonfuls and encourage your guests to have a second helping.

20. Broccoli Gratin

A classic French cooking technique is the use of gratin using whatever vegetables are available to the cook. In order for something to be a gratin, it needs to be baked but should have a light covering of cheese on top of or on top of breadcrumbs. 

It is important to make sure that the vegetable you choose to bake is one that is robust enough to handle being baked, so root vegetables are one of the most common. There are a variety of green vegetables that you can use for this purpose. Leaf spinach would be good, but broccoli would also do the job. 

There is no doubt that this broccoli gratin recipe is a widely adaptable and adaptable side dish. You can serve this on many different types of menus and many people serve it with beef tenderloin for a delicious and classic dinner.