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30 Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes

Looking for some new and tasty Weight Watchers chicken recipes? Hey, glad you found us. These 30 Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes are delicious, healthy, and simple to prepare.

1. Crunchy Baked Chicken Tenders

You won’t even miss the fryer with these oven-baked chicken tenders since they are so deliciously crunchy and flavorful. The 2 smart points per serving make them a guilt-free delight for those on Weight Watchers.

The tenders are traditionally breaded after being dredged in flour, then dipped in an egg mixture, and then covered in breadcrumbs. I used egg whites instead of whole eggs and eliminated the flour to make this version healthier.

2. White Chicken Enchiladas

I’m usually more interested in the red or green enchiladas sauce, but when I discovered this recipe for white enchiladas, I was fascinated. The roux for white chicken enchiladas is comprised of flour, butter, and chicken broth. The roux is then augmented with either Greek yogurt or sour cream and green chilies.

Roux is only a straightforward method to thicken liquids like soup. To make the roux, all you have to do is melt some butter in a skillet and mix in some flour. As the chicken stock is added to the flour and butter, the sauce will thicken and become velvety.

3. Weight Watchers Parmesan Chicken

Recipe for Skinny Chicken Parmesan on the Weight Watchers Plan. In search of a quick and simple meal choice that won’t sacrifice health? You can’t go wrong with chicken Parmesan. It’s not only tasty, but it’s also high in protein and low in carbs. As an added bonus, it’s quite easy to prepare.

All you need to make this recipe are a few simple pantry staples. To prepare this dish, you will need Italian breadcrumbs, paprika, parsley, garlic powder, and black pepper.

4. Weight Watchers Chicken Enchilada Bake

This Weight Watchers Chicken Enchilada Bake dish is simple to make and full of flavor if you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine. My whole family loves eating it, and it is one of my favorite inventions.
This casserole is fantastic for individuals who are trying to lose weight, but it works especially well with the Weight Watchers program.

The Chicken Enchilada Bake from Weight Watchers may easily be divided into 8 servings. You might consider each dish to be rather substantial.

If you’re following the Blue or Purple diet, each dish will set you back 4 points. The green plan allots 7 points per serving.

The ingredients were entered into the WW recipe maker to calculate the points. Keep in mind that there may be differences between manufacturers.

5. Skinny Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Everyone who tries this lightened-up chicken and broccoli casserole on a diet will give you a round of applause.

Ingredients: cooked and diced chicken tenders, steamed fresh broccoli, fat-free cream of chicken soup, nonfat evaporated milk, fresh lemon juice, shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese, Italian-flavored bread crumbs, grated Parmesan cheese, and nonstick baking spray.

6. Southwest Chicken Wrap

I really enjoy this Southwest Chicken Wrap. It’s simple to prepare, has few points, and tastes great. The one-point Ole Xtreme high-fiber tortilla wraps are a key ingredient in keeping this meal healthy.

Many of my dishes feature the Ole Xtreme shells. Because of their high fiber content, I was skeptical that I would enjoy them, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Making the Southwest chicken wrap sauce was the first thing I did. To make them low-calorie, I used fat-free versions of sour cream, salsa, and taco spice. A portion of the sauce is normally saved for the next day because the recipe creates enough for 4 wraps.

The next day, the flavor improves even more. For up to four days, I store it in an airtight jar.

7. Chicken Quesadillas

Those on the Weight Watchers diet plan may like this chicken quesadilla meal. There are a plethora of options if you’re seeking for a cheap tortilla. The 1-point La Banderita Carb Counter tortilla is my go-to.

Even though they both have 1 point, I prefer those over the tortillas made by Ole Extreme Wellness. You can get them at any major retailer nowadays, but Wal-Mart in particular is a good bet. I was able to get some Carb Counter tortillas at Family Fare.

8. Weight Watchers King Ranch Chicken Casserole

This Weight Watchers King Ranch Chicken Casserole is the perfect dish to warm your belly on a cold night. This is the kind of Weight Watchers meal that my whole family can get behind.

If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers (LOL), you can reheat this dish and enjoy it the next day. On the weekends, I prefer to prepare a large batch of chicken breasts to be diced and used during the week in a variety of dishes. It’s a huge time saver.

9. Cajun Weight Watchers Chicken Alfredo

Chicken alfredo with a Cajun twist is a nutritious and delicious Weight Watchers supper option for the whole family. Chicken alfredo with a kick is a versatile dish that’s simple to prepare.
The points for each of the six portions in this dish are as follows: 4 Blue Plan Points; 7 Green Plan Points; 2 Purple Plan Points.

You may easily cut back on these numbers by limiting the amount of pasta you eat or switching to zucchini noodles in its place.

10. WW Chicken Broccoli Bake

This Whole Foods Chicken Broccoli Bake is perfect for a supper that needs to be ready quickly yet also needs to please. This recipe yields 6 individual portions. Divide the 4-Point Chicken Broccoli Bake into six equal squares using a knife.

11. Chicken Taco Wontons “Cupcakes”

Meal prepping has never been easier than with these Chicken Taco Wonton “Cupcakes.” The best parts of tacos, baked into precisely portioned cupcakes.

Taco wontons should be baked for 18-20 minutes, or until golden. Serve after let it cool for a few minutes. Then, store in an airtight container once they have cooled down.

Each cupcake is worth 4 points to me, but that might change based on the diet program you follow and the products you use.

12. Skinny Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

Skinny chicken spaghetti is a great option for meal prepping or just using up leftover chicken. Salsa and certain popular veggies may be used to quickly and easily boost the flavor. A supper like this can be made for very little money and is great to have on hand in the freezer for those busy nights.

  • PersonalPoints: 2-9
  • BLUE: 5
  • GREEN: 7 
  • PURPLE: 2
  • SmartPoints: 7
  • Points Plus: 9

13. Weight Watchers Chicken Salad Recipe

The chicken salad recipe may be used in many different ways. It’s great on its own or with a variety of toppings, and you can eat it straight from the spoon.

Crackers with chicken salad is one of my favorite snacks. Toasty bread is another favorite use. Make a mental note to add up the points if you plan on eating it with crackers or bread. To put it simply, these crackers are delicious. You can get a decent meal out of these, and they only cost 2 points for a whole six.

Make it more appetizing by including additional zero-point items in the dish.

14. Weight Watchers Chicken Salad with Grapes

Lunches don’t get much better than this healthy and delicious Weight Watchers Chicken Salad with grapes. Crockpot chicken is perfect for this since it’s easy to prepare ahead of time and can be eaten as a quick lunch.

If you’re trying to eat healthier, this would be great on lettuce, on top of a salad, or in a chicken salad sandwich. The combination of mayonnaise and Greek yogurt significantly reduces the number of points and increases the protein content of this dish.

15. Weight Watchers Chicken Salad Bites

Sometimes chicken salad gets a poor name because people assume it’s unhealthy and fatty. A lot of chicken salad recipes are quite healthy.

Fortunately, chicken salad may be easily modified to be healthier and Weight Watchers-approved.

Weight Watchers Chicken Salad Bites are just 1 myWW Point per nibble with this recipe.

16. Hunters Chicken

Tender chicken breasts smothered in a homemade barbecue sauce, topped with pieces of smokey bacon, then baked until the cheese is melted and golden is known as “Hunters Chicken.”

Please don’t confuse this with the French Hunter’s Chicken, which is cooked in a chasseur sauce made with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, white wine, brandy, and tarragon. If you’re familiar with the dish generally known as Chicken New Yorker, you’ll love my take on it. All members of Slimming World and Weight Watchers may enjoy this meal without guilt.

17. Weight Watchers Bubble Up Chicken Pot Pie

Similar to Bubble Up Enchiladas or Bubble Up Pizza, chicken pot pie can be made with a bubbly topping. Typically, biscuits go in the bottom of the pan, followed by the rest of the ingredients. After baking for 25 minutes at 350 degrees, divide the dish into 8 equal halves. Approximately 1 cup is a serving size.

18. Weight Watchers Friendly Chicken Taco Casserole

On the new Freestyle plan, one serving of this Weight Watchers Chicken Taco Casserole is only only 3 SmartPoints. Onion, bell pepper, and salsa are just a few of the items that have zero points per serving. This means that you may eat more of it without worrying about your point total. On the Green diet, each dish is worth 5 points total.

19. Weight Watchers King Ranch Tex-Mex Casserole

Chicken, tortillas, Mexican cheese, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes make up the main ingredients in this Weight Watchers King Ranch Tex-Mex Casserole Recipe. This dish has just 4 WW Freestyle Points and 7 Smart Points, so it’s not too heavy on the waistline.

  • Stir the pepper-onion combination, tomato soup, and into a large mixing basin.
  • chicken.
  • Place tortillas and soup mixture in alternating layers. Adding cheese is a nice touch
  • Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees and bake casserole for 40 minutes, or until bubbling. Turn the oven to broil high. Repeat broiling for another 2–3 minutes, or until the top of the casserole is brown.

20. Weight Watchers Teriyaki Chicken Casserole

Having this Weight Watchers Teriyaki Chicken Casserole Recipe on hand will be a huge time saver. It’s a great way to save both time and money, plus it tastes great and is suitable for those on Weight Watchers. The Freestyle Program from Weight Watchers Chicken Teriyaki Casserole, Including Nutrition Facts for SmartPoints: Serving Size: 7 (SPs calculated using the recipe builder on

21. White Chicken Chili Tacos

Tacos are a favorite food of just about everyone. They are the most well-liked thing ever! Most people could live on a diet of tacos, chips, and salsa. And, hey, add this to your collection of go-to recipes! No need to scour the internet for the next great quick supper for Taco Tuesday or a tasty meal on any other night of the week.

This dish only has 2 points on Weight Watchers, and it’s easily adaptable to the paleo diet. Tortillas are not allowed on the paleo diet, but you can substitute lettuce leaves or other alternatives.

22. Zero Points Weight Watchers Chili Recipe

Indulge in this hearty, soothing, and zero-point Weight Watchers Chili Recipe, perfect for those on the Freestyle Program.

This simple chicken chili recipe just requires a single pot, making it a breeze to get ready and clean up after.

23. Instant Pot Weight Watchers Chicken Taco Soup

Wok-friendly version of a substantial soup that only adds 4 points per serve. It’s only a few more points if you want to add some fat-free sour cream, some tortilla chips, or some reduced-fat shredded cheese.

For those of you who, like me, occasionally forget to defrost things, this recipe calls for frozen chicken breasts, which become soft and juicy after only a few minutes in the Instant Pot. Fantastic option for a quick and nutritious meal!

24. Chicken Tikka Masala | Weight Watchers

According to the Weight Watchers Blue and WW Purple meal plans, each piece of this Chicken Tikka Masala is worth 2 Smart Points.

It comes out to 4 SmartPoints per serving if you are following the Weight Watchers Green plan.

Consume it with a garlic naan that is favorable to Weight Watchers for a dinner that is both low in points and highly satisfying.

25. Chinese Chicken Curry

As if our Chinese Chicken Curry couldn’t get any simpler, we’ve also made use of a slow cooker, which the curry powder makes quick work of the curry flavor. You can throw everything in the pot and carry on with your day, all the while the familiar scent of a simmering curry fills your kitchen.

While we’ve used the kinds of vegetables you’d expect to see in a takeout curry, you can use anything you have on hand, or even try it with beef or lamb; one box of Mayflower Curry goes a long way, so experiment with different ingredients and let us know which you enjoy best!

26. Yogurt Chicken

As if our Chinese Chicken Curry couldn’t get any simpler, we’ve also made use of a slow cooker, which the curry powder makes quick work of the curry flavor. You can throw everything in the pot and carry on with your day, all the while the familiar scent of a simmering curry fills your kitchen.

While we’ve used the kinds of vegetables you’d expect to see in a takeout curry, you can use anything you have on hand, or even try it with beef or lamb; one box of Mayflower Curry goes a long way, so experiment with different ingredients and let us know which you enjoy best!

27. Weight Watchers Tuscan Chicken Pasta

Everyone in your household will go crazy for this Weight Watchers Tuscan Chicken Pasta on a busy weekday. Without compromising any of the richness or decadence of the original recipe, I adapted this famous meal to be a healthy, WW recipe.

Making 6 equal servings (about 1 1/3 cup each), this Tuscan Chicken Pasta is one of my favorite Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes. Seven Blue Plan Points, ten Green Plan Points, and two Purple Plan Points are assigned to each individual serving.

28. Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip

This lighter take on the classic is just as tasty as the original! You’re going to adore this recipe since it’s simple, keto-friendly, and bursting with flavor. The cream cheese is optional and not included in this dish.

You can make this dip in advance and store it in the refrigerator by combining the ingredients the night before (unbaked). The dish should be refrigerated and brought to room temperature before being baked.

29. Crock Pot Creamy Italian Chicken

Remaking the creamy Italian chicken was a lot of fun. I had nearly forgotten how delicious this dish was, but it definitely deserves a regular spot in my recipe rotation. The gravy is the best when made with cream of chicken soup and cream cheese. It goes well with mashed potatoes, rice, egg noodles, and even cauliflower mashed potatoes if you’re watching your carb intake.

As the chicken is factored into the calorie and carb counts, the results are bound to be inaccurate. Zero-point foods include chicken. On the blue and purple meal plans, each dish is worth 8 points according to the nutrition facts, but only 3 points according to the recipe creator.

30. Chicken Fajitas

Each serving of this easy and delicious Chicken Fajita filling has zero SmartPoints on the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan.

The myWW Blue and myWW purple plans give you no SmartPoints for this item, whereas the myWW Green plan gives you 2 SmartPoints.

Furthermore, it has little WW Personal Points. Between -3 and +3 points, depending on how many Zero Point meals you eat. Scroll down to the recipe to see how many points it will be for you and to add it to your WW app.