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8 Vegan Substitutes For Malted Milk Powder

Looking for Vegan Substitutes For Malted Milk Powder? Here are 8 different vegan replacements for malted milk powder that can be used in sweet and savory dishes. Also, many of these subs don’t have gluten and are, of course, very healthy.

The Best Vegan Substitute For Malted Milk Powder

Soy Milk Powder is The Best Vegan Substitute For Malted Milk Powder. While soy milk powder can be used as a vegan alternative to malted milk powder, Gerber recommends adding a touch of vanilla or maple syrup to provide a taste closer to that of commercially available liquid soy milk, which is often mildly flavored or sweetened.

The 8 Vegan Substitute For Malted Milk Powder

Here is a list of the best Vegan Substitute For Malted Milk Powder that you can use: 

1. Soy Milk Powder

Soy Milk Powder
Soy Milk Powder

Soy milk powder is readily available, suitable for vegans, and often devoid of gluten.  It’s dairy-free and works as well as any other non-diastatic substitute For Malted Milk Powder.

Soy milk, like many of the other substitutes, is unsweetened, so you might wish to add a sweetener. For those who want a vegan option, soy milk powder can replace malted milk powder in baked goods.

2. Almond Milk Powder

Almond Powder
Almond Powder

Non-diastatic substitutes like almond milk powder are less widespread, but they work just as well, plus they don’t include gluten.

Almond milk powder can be used in vegan desserts. It tastes mostly of almonds, therefore we recommend sweetening it with malt syrup or maple syrup.

Recipes calling for malted milk powder can have almond milk powder used in its place, but the substitution should be made at the same volume.

3. Oat Milk Powder

Oat Powder
Oat Powder

As a further option to malted milk powder, oat milk powder is suitable for vegans, does not contain gluten, and does not cause diastatic effects.

It’s fantastic as a replacement because its flavor isn’t too strong to harm other ingredients in your dishes.

To make it a good substitute, just add sugar to taste. Smoothies, which often feature a milk powder, are enhanced by the addition of oat milk powder.

4. Vanilla Powder

Vanilla Powder
Vanilla Powder

Vanilla powder, with its natural sugars and pleasant scent, is a suitable and perfect vegan substitute for malt milk powder.

Ingredients include sugar and chemical additives, along with crushed-up vanilla beans that have been dried and preserved in a chemical process.

The sugar in the powder makes it an excellent substitute.

Since vanilla powder does not cause stomach upset, it may be used in both sweet and savory dishes and beverages like lattes. You may eat it with peace of mind knowing that it doesn’t contain any animal products or gluten.

5. Rice Milk Powder

Rice milk powder
Rice milk powder

Vegans also have the option of using rice milk as a substitution for malted milk powder due to its sweetness and a mild taste. It retains these properties even after being ground into a powder.

In order to mask the bland taste of rice, try spicing up your dish by adding vanilla extract or another flavoring agent. Malt syrup is unnecessary if the rice taste will not be overpowering in your dish.

6. Quinoa Milk Powder

Quinoa Powder
Quinoa Powder

When looking for a vegan or vegetarian substitute for malted milk powder, quinoa milk powder may be one of the more unusual options.

But it’s a healthy substitute that goes great in baked goods and smoothies.

The malted milk powder in your recipe will need to be reduced by half because of its intense flavor. You’ll want to sweeten your quinoa milk powder if you get the unsweetened variety.

7. Corn Starch and Sugar

Corn Starch
Corn Starch

One more creative alternative to using malted milk powder is to use corn starch and sugar instead. The two items you list are commonplace in most kitchen pantries.

Corn starch’s thickening properties make it a suitable substitute. Corn starch is fairly tasteless, thus sugar will need to be added.

Following this course of action will result in a light and airy product with a robust flavor thanks to the incorporation of corn starch.

8. Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut Milk Powder
Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut milk powder, with its subtly sweet coconut flavor, is another excellent vegan choice (unsurprisingly). One of Gerber’s favorites, it can be found almost everywhere, is quickly reconstituted with water, and doesn’t call for cooking or any other preparation. 

If you are on a strict dairy-free diet, check the ingredients list before buying a product because some of them may contain casein.

How to Store Vegan Milk Powder Substitute 

Malted Milk Powder has a shelf life of somewhere between 2 and 10 years. What about the vegan Substitutes? Not quite as lengthy. 

“Vegan powdered milk won’t survive years like their animal-product equivalents,” says Alfano, adding that the shelf life of most varieties ranges from six months to a year. Always make sure to check the expiration date on the product’s packaging before making a purchase. 

In order to get the most use out of them, vegan milk powders should be kept in a pantry that is cold, dry, and protected from moisture.