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15 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

There is always a significant amount for which to be grateful. Not only the Thanksgiving dinner you get to share with family and friends, but also the delicious Thanksgiving leftover recipes you get to enjoy in the days that follow are guaranteed to be included somewhere on that list.
With the help of our convenient list of the top 15 Thanksgiving leftover recipes, you can find out exactly what you shouldn’t skip out on this year.

1. Turkey Stuffing Casserole

This flavorful Turkey Stuffing casserole is a dinner recipe that is both quick and simple to make, and it is a favorite among all members of the family. It’s a wonderful way to put those Thanksgiving leftovers to good use.

2. Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Enchiladas Recipe

This recipe for Leftover Turkey Enchiladas is perfect for those nights when you don’t have a lot of time to cook but still want a delicious meal on the table. It can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

3. Leftover Turkey Dinner Hash

Hash made from Turkey Dinner Leftovers This savory Hash made from Turkey Dinner Leftovers is a fantastic way to recycle a refrigerator full of leftovers after a large meal. You only need 15 minutes to finish.

4. Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffed Shells

Leftover Shells loaded with turkey and more stuffing, topped with gravy and cheese, and served for Thanksgiving. A creative spin on the traditional holiday leftovers!

5. Creamy Turkey Casserole

A casserole cooked using Thanksgiving leftover turkey and vegetables. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, and turkey that has been soaked with mayonnaise and cranberry sauce are included in this dish.

6. Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

The filling for this recipe for Leftover Turkey Pot Pie is created with sauce that is cooked from scratch, and it is sandwiched between two layers of homemade pie dough.

7. Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner Casserole

Make use of the food that was left over from Thanksgiving and prepare a delectable casserole for your family. Simply incredible, and it couldn’t be simpler!

8. Mashed Potato & Stuffing Patties

Not too huge you say? To be fair, there are only six of us currently consuming food. But there is a remedy in the form of a recipe for mashed potato and stuffing patties, and it just so happens that this recipe could be your savior as well.

9. Empanadas

This recipe using leftover Thanksgiving turkey, ham, or sides makes delicious empanadas (hand pies) in minutes with any pie crust. Freeze them for quick lunches in the future! Empanadas are a type of hand pie that can either have a savory filling or a sweet filling (sweet hand pies).

10. Thanksgiving Leftover Balls

This year, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Thanksgiving Leftover Balls. What’s not to like about these deep-fried balls that are coated in panko and filled with dressing? They’re delicious!

11. Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza

Make something exciting and delectable with the Thanksgiving food you have left over after the holiday. Pizza that was leftover from Thanksgiving is a delectable way to shake things up.

12. Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie with Stuffing Crust

A modern take on the traditional cold-weather comfort dish! Easy homemade turkey pot pie with a stuffing crust, perfect for using up Thanksgiving leftover turkey! A flavor filled must prepare supper! It’s about time… almost! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year, but for some reason, this year I completely forgot about it until it was too late. When I was little, I remember when it

13. Leftover Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

This Leftover Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry is like having Thanksgiving dinner in sandwich form the day after the holiday. An easy Thanksgiving sandwich made with the leftovers from the meal.

14. Best Leftover Turkey Tacos

You won’t dread having leftover Thanksgiving turkey around the home when you make these succulent and oh so tasty Leftover Turkey Tacos.

15. Thanksgiving In A Blanket

There’s no shame in admitting that your turkey and cranberry sandwich from the year before (and probably the year before that) was delicious, but there is a more efficient way to utilize your leftovers. Because those mashed potatoes and stuffing required a significant amount of time and work to prepare, you should put them in something more interesting than stale white bread.