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No Bake

Snickerdoodle Bars with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Snickerdoodle Bars with Cinnamon Ice Cream! Soft bars topped with the same great taste of snickerdoodle cookies, then, topped with a dreamy homemade cinnamon ice cream. Cinnamon overload coming at you today! ♡ These snickerdoodle bars taste identical to the cookie.  The exact same.  The only difference is these take much less work and time. …

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Frozen Whipped Topping Cookies

Frozen Whipped Topping Cookies! An easy and adaptable frozen dessert that requires zero effort and is perfect for a warm weather treat. This is one of those posts that I hesitate to call a “recipe”. It doesn’t require any baking or cooking, you literally take two ingredients ( that are most likely already made) and …

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Two Ingredient Chocolate Fudge

Two Ingredient Chocolate Fudge -Creamy and dreamy! Just two simple ingredients and your chocolate craving is satisfied in no time! It’s delicious plain or dress it up with your favorite extras. Easiest fudge ever for you today! You Only need Two Ingredients! Chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. The great things about this fudge ( …

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