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15 Semifreddo Recipes

The following recipes for semifreddo will teach you how to make this chilled and revitalizing dessert! Every celebration calls for a different flavor of semifreddo, from chocolate to lemon. A delicacy known as semifreddo, which literally translates to “half-frozen,” is a combination of ice cream and mousse in equal parts. I don’t know what your opinion is, but in my book, that’s totally cool.
Due to the fact that summer is in full swing, I have created a list of my favorite semifreddo dishes that are suitable for any party that takes place during warm weather. Enjoy!

1. Semifreddo Al Pistacchio (Pistachio Semifreddo)

A traditional Italian dessert called semifreddo, which can be translated as “half frozen,” is made of whipped cream, custard, and meringue. The name of this dish is pronounced “say-mee-FRAY-dough.

2. Peaches and Cream Semifreddo

When the prospective father-in-law of your wife visits your home with a brown paper sack stuffed with delicious Elberta peaches that have just been picked from a farm in rural Georgia, you know it’s going to be a good day.

3. Almond Semifreddo – Original Sicilian Recipe

The almond semifreddo, which is also known as almond parfait, is a delicious ice cream that is traditional to Sicily and, more specifically, to the city of Palermo.

4. Honey-Peach Semifreddo

Ice cream needs to make way for this honey-peach semifreddo since it has quickly become our preferred frozen treat. We had only ever seen it on high-end restaurant dessert menus, but it’s simple to make the delectable, airy Italian confection at home—no churning is required.

5. Creamy Strawberry Semifreddo

Fresh strawberries, cream, and Greek yogurt are the three ingredients that go into making this Strawberry Cream Semifreddo. A delectable Italian dessert that can be used in place of ice cream. It is the ideal No-Bake Dessert Recipe for the Warm Summer Months.

6. Coconut Mango Semifreddo

A coconut and mango semifreddo that is light and smooth, topped with toasted coconut flakes and fresh mango. Master the art of making this sophisticated and exotic summertime treat.

7. Semifreddo al Tiramisù (Tiramisu Semifreddo)

A recipe for Semifreddo al Tiramisù (Tiramisu Semifreddo)! Before being served, Savoiardi cookies, also known as Ladyfingers, are dipped in espresso that has been laced with bourbon, covered with mascarpone cream and chocolate, and then frozen for at least four hours.

8. Lemon Semifreddo

This lemon semifreddo makes for an exceptionally reviving dessert, especially when it is topped with candied lemon peel and drizzled with a lemon sauce that is equal parts sweet and sour. Serve the dessert atop a layer of fluffy sponge cake for an added touch of elegance.

9. Lemon Semifreddo with Blueberries

Delicious lemon semifreddo with blueberries is a frozen dessert that may be stored in the freezer until it is time to serve it. It is the ideal dessert to prepare in advance and enjoy at any time of the year.

10. Chocolate Semifreddo Recipe With Cherry Sauce

Stacey offers a recipe for chocolate semifreddo topped with cherries and candied almonds, which may be found on her website. She explains the many reasons why this is a wonderful summertime treat.

11. Coffee and Fudge Semifreddo

In the meantime, melt the remaining quarter of a cup of fudge. Remove the plastic wrap, invert the item onto a serving plate, and then carefully peel off all of the plastic. Drizzle with the melted chocolate, then top with the espresso beans that have been diced. Slice and serve as soon as possible.

12. Mango-Sumac Yogurt Semifreddo

Eggs are called for in several semifreddo recipes in order to achieve the light and airy consistency of frozen mousse. This variation, on the other hand, is assembled in a manner that is more like to a no-churn ice cream, with yogurt or labneh functioning as the sour base. The addition of whipped cream makes the mixture airy and straightforward to portion out.

13. White Chocolate Raspberry Semifreddo with Chambord

In addition to having a delicate texture and a flavor profile that is exquisitely reminiscent of white chocolate and raspberry, this semifreddo is as light as a feather. It is a treat to behold as well as an attractive dessert that can be served at any event. Note: because raw eggs are called for in this recipe, using eggs that have been pasteurized is strongly encouraged.

14. Pistachio, Strawberry, and Vanilla Semifreddo

The nutty, fruity, and sweet flavors of pistachio, strawberry, and vanilla semifreddo come together in this meal. All of that deliciousness is covered in a puff pastry that has a flaky texture.

15. Raspberry Chocolate Semifreddo

This Raspberry Chocolate Semifreddo is a luscious half frozen cream cake that is creamy and delectable. It is the ideal dessert to serve for a group during the holiday season.