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23 Portuguese Breakfast Recipes

If you skim over the names of the dishes on this list of Portuguese breakfast recipes, you’ll notice that many of them look quite similar to items that are typically served for breakfast in the United States. There is orange juice, eggs, French toast, cheese toast, jams, and even coffee drinks like mochas.
These “regular” morning foods are elevated to the level of “exceptional” breakfast foods as a direct result of the aforementioned factors.

1. Portuguese Baked Eggs

This recipe is the perfect example of why baked eggs are such a wonderful addition to a brunch spread. However, if you add a leafy green salad to the mix, it becomes a substantial meal that can stand in for dinner.

Toast the bread and serve the baked eggs with it. (The yolks will continue to cook while the dish sets, so if you want your eggs runny, you should serve the dish as soon as possible.)

2. Spicy Portuguese Hash

I had the privilege of tasting chourico in a variety of forms throughout my childhood because I was raised in a Portuguese household in New England. Pork, lard, wine, paprika, and salt are the ingredients used to make Portuguese chourico, which is then filled into natural or artificial casings and slowly cured over smoke.

3. Prego no Pão ❦ Portuguese “Nailed” Steak Sandwich

As I was growing up in a Portuguese family in New England, I was fortunate enough to try chourico prepared in a variety of different ways. To make Portuguese chourico, pork, fat, wine, paprika, and salt are combined, then the mixture is filled into natural or artificial casings and slowly dried over smoke.

4. The Best Portuguese Muffins – Vegan Bolos Levedos

My go-to breakfast of choice from my youth was sugary, uncomplicated to prepare, and ideally suited for the morning. My avocados served as the inspiration for these vegan Portuguese bolos levedos!

5. Portuguese Sausage Frittata

In order to make this frittata with Portuguese sausage, you will need eggs, chorizo or chourico (which is a pork sausage made in Portugal flavored with garlic), onions, and potatoes. You can have it for breakfast, as a late-night snack, or even cold as a snack. David Leite

6. Portuguese Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast can be delicious when it consists of pizza crust covered with Portuguese chourico, potatoes, tomatoes, chives, eggs, and Cheddar cheese.

7. Portuguese Chorizo Stuffed Bread

A stuffed loaf of bread is analogous to a Stromboli, and one that has been packed with Portuguese chorizo, fresh garlic, and shredded mozzarella cheese is certain to win over the palates of its consumers.

8. Rabanadas (Portuguese French Toast)

This dish brings back fond memories of my youth and brings me a sense of peace. The crisp cinnamon sugar topping is a wonderful complement to the smooth custard filling in the middle. Ana Paula Cioffi, from Hayward in the state of California.

9. Bolos de Arroz (Portuguese Rice Muffins)

Bolos de arroz are a typical Portuguese muffin that are partially baked with rice flour. This gives the muffins a soft crumb that is comparable to that of a sweet cornbread. These deliciously sweet breakfast delights are sure to win you over with their buttery flavor and lemony undertones.

10.  Portuguese Porridge

Even though I’m calling it porridge, you shouldn’t think of papas as a cereal or something you’d have for morning. Not at all; rather, it was more of a treat that could be had at any time of the day. It was almost like dessert…served hot with a dusting of ground cinnamon on top; it was the pinnacle of comfort food for me.

11. Ultimate Vegan Portuguese Breakfast Sandwich

A vegan version of a traditional Portuguese breakfast sandwich, served on a sweet Portuguese muffin and influenced by the chourico omelettes I ate as a child.

12.. Avo’s Portuguese Omelette

It is without a doubt one of my Avo’s (grandmother’s) Portuguese omelettes that holds a special place in my heart as one of my all-time favorite comfort foods from my childhood.

13. Portuguese Coconut Custard Tarts

These miniature desserts, which are known as Portuguese coconut custard tarts, have the appearance of cupcakes. They are a traditional dessert in which the most delicious aspects of eggy macaroons and smooth milk custard come together in a manner that is typically Portuguese.

14. Portuguese Sweet Easter ❦ Bread Folar de Páscoa

This stunning piece of artwork serves as the focal point of a Roman Catholic Easter celebration in Portugal. There won’t be a single table without it.

15. Portuguese Pasteis de nata (Custard mini Tarts)

The tarts called pasteis de nata are the most well-known dessert to come out of Portugal, and with good cause. These delectable little tarts are filled with a silky custard on the inside.

16. Homemade Portuguese Sweet Rice (Arroz Doce) Recipe

Delicious Portuguese Sweet rice is a dessert that is traditionally created with Jasmine rice, eggs, lemon, and milk. It is a traditional dish in Portugal. A generous sprinkling of cinnamon takes this rich custard-based rice pudding to the next level of deliciousness. The taste is described as being similar to a creamy lemon delight that can be savored either warm or cooled.

17. Iced Coffee Lemonade – Portuguese Mazagran

A revitalizing combination of cold brew coffee and lemonade that has been freshly squeezed is called iced coffee lemonade. It might be a little unusual to your ears, but after you try it, you’ll find that it’s unexpectedly delicious and the ideal beverage for the summer!

18. Portuguese Sangria – Authentic Sangria From Portugal

The widespread availability of sangria in Portugal is something that can take visitors by surprise when they first arrive in the country. The fact that Portugal is just as much of a country of wine as Spain is, however, is not something that comes as a surprise to the people who live here.

19. Portuguese Galao (Latte) Recipe 

A Portuguese Galao is a beverage that is comparable to a latte and is made by combining one part espresso with three parts hot milk. The preparation takes only a few minutes, and the finished product is a delicious caffeine snack.

20. Portuguese Style Mocha

This recipe for a cafe mocha latte in the style of Portugal is called receita de café mocha, and it is a delectable drink that is quick and easy to create.

21. Portuguese Fig Jam 

You will need a couple of pounds of figs, a half cup of sugar, and one cinnamon stick to complete this recipe. It is sufficient to peel the figs and place all of the ingredients in a saucepan. Maintain a moderate simmer for about half an hour, stirring the mixture on occasion.

22.  Portuguese Breakfast with Fruit

This breakfast meal is not only stunning to look at but also shockingly good for you, which is why I adore it. You are free to substitute any fruit you like in place of the papayas or pineapples that are called for in the recipe. You may even combine different kinds of them!

23. Broa De Milho (Portuguese Corn Bread)

Cornbread made with sourdough, also known as broa de milho, undoubtedly won’t look anything like any other cornbread you’ve ever seen. It’s dirty, flabby, and brittle with cracks all over it. In addition to that, it is mouthwatering.