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30 Mulberry Recipes

You are in for a real treat with this assortment of mouthwateringly unique mulberry dishes. There are a zillion different ways to celebrate this beautiful berry, from baked goods to candy, bars to brownies, and everything in between.
Purchase a large bag because you will be using the ingredients in these recipes on multiple occasions (and again).

1. Mulberry Lemon Yogurt Cake

When life hands you mulberries, make a tart yogurt cake with lemon and include the berries into the batter. After that, say a prayer that you won’t finish it all in a single day. It is incredibly addicting in every way. You can make this on a weeknight with little effort, and then enjoy a slice for dessert (or brunch) each day of the week that follows. And after the deadline for filing our taxes, I believe that we all deserve it.

2. Easy and Delicious Mulberry Cake

This was only the second time in my life that I had ever consumed mulberries, and while I thought they were just okay on their own, I truly enjoyed them in this cake. Due to the fact that the recipe’s components were not overly complicated, I was able to put it together in the kitchen of my studio apartment at nine o’clock at night.

3. Mulberry Pie Bars Recipe

These Mulberry Pie Bars are decadent, sweet, and DELICIOUS all rolled into one! Made with a buttery pie crust, mulberry pie filling, and a crunchy brown sugar oat topping that elevates the experience to a whole new level. These pie bars are the easiest dessert you’ll ever prepare, and everyone will go crazy for them.

4. Mulberry Syrup

A simple syrup made from mulberries with instructions for making it, as well as some suggestions for delicious uses of the finished product. When mulberries are in season, you should make mulberry syrup so you can enjoy their lovely color and flavor for several weeks after the season has ended.

5. Mulberry Lemonade

A deliciously reviving beverage, mulberry lemonade is the ideal choice for the warm weather months. This beverage, which is made with fresh mulberries, will help you feel more relaxed. This is the recipe for how to make it.

6. Mulberry Iced Tea

Relax and refresh yourself with a tall, ice-cold glass of Mulberry Iced Tea, which is created by combining fresh mint leaves, green tea, and fresh mulberries. If you are unable to locate mulberries, you can substitute blackberries or blueberries in their place.

7. Mulberry Tart with Cardamom and Black Pepper

This Mulberry Tart, which was inspired by the traditional linzer torte, reflects the straightforwardness of times gone by. It is fruity, sugary, and buttery, and it would be a match made in heaven with vanilla ice cream.

8. Mulberry, Lemon Yoghurt Tart

In the event that you are short on time, you can substitute the strained yoghurt for natural Greek yoghurt of a high quality. You can substitute one cup of dried pitted dates for fresh medjool dates if you do not have access to fresh medjool dates or if you live in New Zealand, where fresh medjool dates cost as much as gold.

9. Light & Delicious Mulberry Muffins Recipe

Oh my goodness, these Mulberry Muffins are incredibly airy, fluffy, and delicious all at the same time. I couldn’t have just one of them. In addition, the preparation is both speedy and uncomplicated.

10. Gluten-free Mulberry, Orange + Almond Tarts

You are welcome to substitute any other type of fruit, either fresh or frozen, in place of mulberries if you do not have access to a mulberry tree (!). Alternately, you might use any other seasonal fruit that you choose in its place. If you prefer lemon zest to orange zest, feel free to substitute it in this recipe.

11. Mulberry & Lemon Pound Cake

One pound cakes are about as southern as it is possible for a cake to be. When I was a kid, my mother’s go-to cake was always pound cake. It is simple to prepare and is guaranteed to be exceptionally moist and buttery.

12. How To Make Mulberry Jam {Pectin Free}

I’ve been counting down the days till it’s mulberry season again. The previous year, we increased the number of mulberry plants that were growing on our land by a couple. These berries have a deep purple color and are already covering the ground and filling the mulberry bushes. Given the numerous advantages associated with mulberries, we don’t want to see any of them go to waste.

13. Mulberry Galette With Vanilla Sauce

A wonderful alternative to baking a pie that is much simpler to create. You can substitute blackberries or raspberries for the mulberries in this recipe if you are unable to locate them.

14. Mulberry Scones with Lemon Glaze     

It was an unexpected occurrence that I’m sure didn’t excite the majority of you very much, but for me, it was a tremendous blessing. In this post, I’ve talked a little bit about the garden that belonged to my Italian grandparents and how much I enjoy eating fresh figs and other things like that, but I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned the mulberry tree that grew right next to the rear corner of their garage.

15. Mulberry Apple Crumble Recipe

This delicious recipe for berry crumble was created by Executive Chef Reyna Venegas and the rest of her talented staff in the Dining Hall at The Ranch. The rains have nourished the farm’s ten mulberry trees, which have resulted in the production of fruit that are unusually large, exceptionally sweet, and exceptionally plump. You could use blackberries in their place if you didn’t have any mulberries. Treat yourself to this refreshing summertime dessert.

16. Mulberry Pie Recipe

Along the creek that runs close to our house, we came across a mulberry tree. Sweet small berries virtually identical in appearance to an elongated blackberry are called black mulberries. They have numerous positive effects on one’s health because to their high vitamin and antioxidant content.

17. Mulberry Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Mix in the mulberries that are left over. This is not required, but I really like the chunky appearance and texture that it lends to the finished product. Enjoy!

18. Spicy Apple and Mulberry Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Spicy Apple and Mulberry Chutney is the stuff of which summertime fantasies are made. It is wonderful with paranthas, dosa, a crisp toast, or even pancakes and waffles since it is slightly sweet, slightly spicy, and just a touch sour. This is the first item you should make if you have any chance of getting your hands on some mulberries this year. And, by the way, it also works with blackberries.

19. Mulberry Clafouti

The simplicity and speed with which it can be prepared make mulberry clafouti a much-loved dish. You may find the recipe at the very bottom of the page. Clafouti is generally made with cherries; however, you can use whatever type of berry you choose in this recipe instead of the cherries.

20. Mulberry Brownie Recipe

It is time to start thinking about black mulberry recipes now that the season for black mulberries has arrived. Black mulberry is one of my favorite fruits, but black mulberry desserts are even more delicious to me than black mulberry itself. In the summer, I like to make desserts using fresh ingredients, while in the winter, I like to use frozen ingredients.

21. Mulberry Cheesecake Bars

The Mulberry Trees fascinate me to no end. The berries are tasty, and the leaves can be used to produce a highly nourishing green tea. Mulberries are a staple in my kitchen, and you can find them in a variety of my sauces and sweets. My Mulberry Cheesecake Bars, on the other hand, are undeniably a fan favorite. C’mon! What could possibly be more delicious than cheesecake topped with mulberries?

22. Mulberry Crumble Ice Cream

This mulberry crumble ice cream has a flavor that is reminiscent of eating a mulberry pie in frozen form. It has a tart berry flavor that is complemented by a cinnamon-spiced crumble topping.

23. Mulberry Puff Pastry Danishes

Even inexperienced bakers should have no trouble putting together a dessert with danishes made with puff pastry. The ideal bite-sized treat, these Mulberry Puff Pastry Danishes are created with a simple cheesecake filling and fresh mulberries. They are wrapped in puff pastry.

24. Mulberry Ripple Ice Cream

Because I don’t particularly care for these very tasteless tree berries, this dish ought to definitely be titled something along the lines of “how to better a mulberry 101.”

25. Mulberry Mojitos

Relax and revive yourself with a reviving Mulberry Mojito! This fruity take on the traditional mojito is one that you are going to adore. Psst! In the event that you are unable to locate mulberries, you may substitute blackberries or blueberries when preparing this mojito.

26. Vanilla Bean Mulberry Cake

In the southeastern part of Wisconsin, there are mulberry trees growing in the wild everywhere. I was aware that I wanted to use these luscious, sugary, and juicy berries in some kind of baking. To tell you the truth, muffins rather than cake were the first thing that came to mind.

27. Simple Mulberry Cookies

Cookies made with mulberries are savory, sugary, and incredibly simple to put together. This is the method that I use to make thumbprint cookies that are filled with a delectable mulberry jam. They are a delicious delicacy, and they are an excellent way to commemorate the arrival of mulberry season.

28. Coconut Rice Pudding With Mint Mulberry Compote {vegan}

Carla and I took a trip out to the countryside a few weeks ago, right around the time that mulberries were beginning to ripen, in order to harvest every last delicious berry that would be used in this coconut rice pudding with mint mulberry compote.

29. Mulberry, Goat Cheese & Avocado Salad

over Spring Mix Salad with Ginger Grapefruit Vinaigrette Hey, what do you think? Today, I have a post up on Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen that is a guest post. I used my mulberries to make a delicious salad that you should try. Come on over here.

30. Mulberry Fruit Leather

Since it is now loaded with fruit, I find myself playing whack-a-mole with the mulberry tree almost every day. It is one of my favorite things to do to make mulberry buckles and cobblers, as well as keep mulberry jam in the cupboard. But I made up my mind to experiment with something new this year.