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25 Leftover Ribs Recipes

These dishes for using up leftover ribs are the ideal option for the day after a large-scale party barbecue. Here is a list of the 25 greatest tasty recipes for leftover ribs that you ought to try out.

1. Beef Short Rib Risotto

Make yourself some of the best Italian comfort food with this recipe for Short Rib Risotto. Leftover beef short ribs are simmered in red wine, and Parmesan is added to finish the dish.

A huge bowl of risotto is the ultimate dish for comfort eating. Beef short ribs are combined with leftover Arborio rice, short ribs, and Parmesan cheese to create a rich and flavorful risotto.

2. Slow Cooker Mini Rib Sliders

The next time you have some spare ribs lying around, try making these little rib sliders in a slow cooker. Put the meat in the crock pot for a few hours to soften, and then serve it on slider buns.
You will lose your mind over these little rib sliders. They’re juicy, flavorful, and perfect for feeding a large group. I can’t speak highly enough about them!

I really believe you’ll adore these. As I mentioned before, you’ll need cooked ribs to make this Leftover Ribs dish. You can’t afford to miss this!

3. Prime Rib Tacos with Avocado Horseradish Sauce

The easiest method to repurpose leftover prime rib is in the form of tacos. These tacos are the epitome of deliciousness when topped with avocado horseradish sauce and caramelized onions.

Prime rib is the kind of dish that demands to be prepared for a special occasion. Just like the feast we have at Christmas. But then, what do you do with the remainders? If that’s the case, you’ve landed on the perfect recipe article, as I’m about to reveal the best way to utilize your leftover prime rib.

4. Leftover Prime Rib Recipes

If you have any leftover prime rib from the holidays, you should try one of my recipes for Leftover Prime Rib. The question of what to do with leftover prime rib can be answered by reading on.

Even though leftover prime rib is the basis for these dishes, you would never guess it from the flavor. Amazing, right? Your loved ones will think they’re eating something completely different after trying these recipes.

5. Rib Eye Street Tacos

We used the rib eye roast that was leftover over from Christmas dinner to make these delicious street tacos. We enjoyed a fantastic meal, and we used the leftovers to make some tasty street tacos, rib eye enchiladas, and a rib eye hash brown egg bake, all of which will be featured on the site soon.

6. Prime Rib Steak Sandwiches

What can you do with the prime rib that’s been leftover over? What you should do is make a sandwich out of prime rib steak that is out of this world, complete with melty cheese, delicate meat, and delicious onions that have been caramelized. This is without a doubt the most delicious sandwich that has ever been created.

7. Leftover Prime Rib Beef Stroganoff

This Leftover Prime Rib Beef Stroganoff is not only delicious, rich, and creamy, but it is also simple to prepare and quick! After devoting so much time and energy to roasting the ideal prime rib, it’s time to put those leftovers to good use in a dish that complements its flavor.

8. Cheesy Rib Eye Enchiladas

It is possible to prepare enchiladas in a variety of various ways, and these cheesy rib eye enchiladas were the result of the Christmas rib eye roast that we had left over. We used the leftovers to make rib eye street tacos and a brunch bake. To tell you the truth, this enchilada recipe is right up there with some of my all-time favorites.

9. Inside Out BBQ Ribs Grilled Cheese 

I felt that this was an excellent plan! I improvised this sandwich by making use of some leftover ribs and cole slaw. Who says that old food can’t be used into something new?! This was a scrumptious and entertaining way to get rid of some of them. I really hope that you appreciate this sandwich!

10. Beef Barley Soup with Prime Rib

The beef barley soup that you’ve made is incredibly delicious! You are going to really enjoy the veggies that are packed full of soft chunks of prime rib all throughout them. Even though it is an excellent way to utilize leftover prime rib, you may discover that you are looking forward to the soup from the next day more than the prime rib from the previous day.

11. Prime Rib Quesadillas

These delicious Prime Rib Quesadillas, which are created from leftover prime rib, are certainly the pinnacle of molten, cheesy, and crispy quesadilla deliciousness! The tortillas are baked until they have a light golden color, and then they are stuffed with a combination of the finest cheeses that melt well, as well as soft chunks of prime rib or steak that have been cooked to a perfect medium-rare.

12. Brunswick Stew

Leftover bbq ribs, pig, or chicken? Throw them into a pot of Brunswick Stew and have some “barbecue in a bowl”! Visit for a foolproof stew recipe.

  • Throw everything into a big cast-iron soup pot and simmer for 30 minutes on medium.
  • If you want to make it even better, pair it with some hot corn bread. Enjoy!

13. Breakfast Hash with Leftover Ribs

It takes very little effort to prepare breakfast hash. The ribs, bacon, potatoes, eggs, and cheddar cheese in this dish are all cooked in a single pan.

Traditionalists need not worry; this morning hash stays true to the hash they know and love. It’s got all the standard fixings, plus an over easy egg that’s runny and lovely and some melted cheese, and oh my word, it’s so fantastic.

14. Prime Rib Chili

My leftover prime rib roast is soft and flavorful when combined with my own homemade chili seasoning blend in this quick and simple recipe for Prime Rib Chili. To your leftover prime rib, throw in some sautéed onions and garlic, some canned tomatoes and tomato sauce, and three different kinds of beans, and you have a delicious meal.

15. Rib Eye Nachos

Can you never get enough of nachos? You’re going to forget that other kinds of nachos exist because of these Rib Eye Nachos. If you take one mouthful off of this heaping plate of deliciousness, you may never want to use cutlery again!

This is a terrific dish to have on hand for the Super Bowl, any other event where people will be watching a game, as a fast weekday supper, or as a simple appetizer.

16. Leftover Prime Rib Tostada

Leftover prime rib is layered with refried beans, fresh lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese, and crema in these very yummy Leftover Prime Rib Tostadas. The prime rib is tender and properly roasted, and the tostadas are stuffed with layers of delightful flavors.

Your prime rib tostadas may be served as an appetizer or as part of a family dinner when they are presented in one of the handcrafted tostada bowls that I use to serve them. These bowls come in a variety of sizes.

17. Prime Rib Phyllo Pot Pie

We construct a juicy and flavorful family supper with this leftover roast beef pot pie by combining phyllo dough with any leftover prime rib from the previous night’s meal to create a pot pie. This pot pie is then baked until it is warm and savory.

18. Leftover Prime Rib French Dip

For all you carnivores, nothing beats a French Dip Sandwich cooked with leftover Prime Rib and dipped into a handmade Au Jus.

A french dip sandwich on a toasted bread with some warm, herbaceous Au Jus sauce is the best thing ever. Whether you have leftover Prime Rib or another type of roast beef, dunking it in a sauce made with beef stock will bring out its full taste.

19. Leftover Prime Rib Philly Cheesesteak

This fantastic Leftover Prime Rib Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich is layered with onions and bell peppers that have been sautéed, sliced prime rib roast that has been left over from a previous meal, and white American cheese and provolone cheese on top!

20. Leftover Prime Rib and Mashed Potatoes

Oh my goodness, I was getting sick of the indulgent Christmas atmosphere with all the gravy, etc. This is a wonderful way to utilize any leftover prime rib and mashed potatoes, and it is both quick and, more importantly, simple to make.

21. Prime Rib Casserole

This delicious dish features all of your go-to ingredients in a velvety sauce! This recipe has all the hallmarks of a classic comfort food, from the tender penne pasta to the fresh parsley and bacon.

The prime rib, heavy whipping cream, and sour cream that you need to construct your casserole are combined with your dish’s foundation to create a thick base for the casserole.

This prime rib casserole recipe will take your skill with casseroles to the next level.

22. Irish Prime Rib Pie 

Make this prime rib pie with any leftover ribs. Vegetables and fresh herbs are abundant in an Irish pie.

If you want to save time, buy a crust and throw it in the oven. This hearty meal is just as soothing as it is satisfying. Prepare this prime rib pie for your loved ones and watch them devour it.

23. Baby Back Rib Soup

Making use of leftover meat and veggies in soup is a tried-and-true method of food recycling. Use this recipe for baby back rib soup to clean out your refrigerator once and for all.

There is nothing better than a hearty cup of homemade soup to quickly bring you back to a comfortable temperature. If you eat this meal alongside some bread or cornbread, you’ll have yourself a feast.

If you let this soup simmer all day, your entire home will be filled with the seductive scent of the soup even before you are ready to serve it.

24. BBQ Pork with Cheesy Grits

How to deal with BBQ leftover ribs. I’ve got you covered, man. The other night, we barbecued a giant rack of pork ribs, so there was enough of food for the next day. The barbecue pork and cheesy grits are ready to go, and all you have to do is whip up the grits and throw on the toppings.

25. Italian Hot Beef Sandwich 

The leftover prime rib creates the most delicious hot beef sandwich you’ve ever had. This sandwich is fit for a king since it is piled high with delicious, rare prime rib, crispy sautéed veggies, Italian seasonings, and melting cheese.