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23 Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes

With these mouthwatering recipes for leftover pulled pork, you can turn the leftovers from last night’s dinner into an even better supper this evening! Since the preparation of pulled pork might take quite some time, it is prudent to prepare it in substantial quantities before serving it.
I have compiled a list of 23 mouthwatering dishes for you to try with leftover pulled pork. No matter if you’re craving pizza, tacos, or stew, I’ve got you covered with all of those options.

1. One Pan BBQ Pulled Pork and Rice Skillet Supper

This barbecue pulled pork and rice skillet meal can be made in just one pan, and it’s packed with flavor and texture. It will make everyone want a little bit more, and it will also leave you with relatively few dishes to clean up afterward.

2. Pulled Pork King Ranch Casserole – Plain Chicken

Pulled pork, cream of chicken and mushroom soup, Cheez Whiz, Rotel tomatoes, spicy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, chips, and cheese are the ingredients in this casserole dish called Pulled Pork King Ranch Casserole.

3. Easy BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos

BBQ pulled pork nachos consisting of tortilla chips topped with barbecue pulled pork, sliced onion, jalapenos, melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese, drizzled barbecue sauce, and ranch dressing.

4. Creamy Pulled Pork Enchiladas

The ideal use for pulled pork that has been left over! These pulled pork enchiladas have elements of both barbecue and Tex-Mex cooking in them. They are rich, cheesy, and oh my goodness so delicious!

5. Easy Pulled Pork Quesadillas (Crispy, and cheesy!) – Pinch and Swirl

In the oven, you can produce pulled pork quesadillas that are stuffed with cheese, equally crispy, and loaded with pulled pork. In approximately half an hour, it will be piping hot and ready to be served.

6. Pulled Pork Shepherd’s Pie

A supper dish that is both fast and uncomplicated to prepare! A Shepherd’s Pie with Pulled Pork is the ideal dish for getting rid of any leftover pulled pork you might have. This dish from the old homestead is both shockingly delicious and quite addictive. Prepare this pork shepherd’s pie with your leftovers for later!

7. Best Tater Tot Pulled Pork Casserole Recipe

His recipe for tater tot and pulled pork casserole is an excellent way to use up any leftover barbecue. This barbecue sauce, cheese, and bean dish is a favorite in many households.

8. Creamy BBQ Pulled Pork Pasta

Reusing your pulled pork in a new dish like this creamy pulled pork pasta is a terrific way to put it to good use. Your family is going to go crazy for this delicious supper that can be prepared in just one pan.

9. Pulled Pork Breakfast Hash Recipe!

The secret to making a delicious pulled pork breakfast! This recipe for pulled pork hash is simple to make and turns out delicious every time.

10. Pulled Pork Cornbread Casserole

A sweet cornmeal crust forms the base of this pulled pork cornbread casserole, which is then topped with pulled pork, cheese, and barbecue sauce. In less than an hour, it will be ready to eat.

12. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Cuban Sandwiches

You should give these Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Cuban Sandwiches a go if you are sick of eating the same old barbecue pork sandwiches over and over again.

13. Chipotle Pulled Pork Empanadas

This recipe is fantastic, but you need to read the text in its whole if you want all of the suggestions and assistance you may get in creating your own version.

14. Slow Cooker Southwest Pork Stew

Recipe for Southwestern Pork Stew Prepared in a Slow Cooker: This substantial pork stew in the Tex-Mex style is great for making use of any leftover pulled pork because it is cooked in a slow cooker. It’s the epitome of delicious and fiery comfort food at its finest!

15. Cast Iron Cuban Casserole

You may make a fantastic Cuban casserole with the pulled pork you have left over from another meal. This delicious meal can be prepared in a flash using whatever you have left over in the refrigerator.

16. Leftover Pulled Pork Pasta with Onions And Peppers

Are you looking for simple dishes to use up leftover pulled pork? I got you! You have got to try this BBQ-style pulled pork pasta with onions and peppers sautéed in alfredo sauce with leftover pulled pork. It takes around 30 minutes to prepare, but it’s well worth the wait. Let’s make it.

17. Pulled Pork Breakfast Hash Recipe

This Pulled Pork Breakfast Hash Recipe is perfect for either breakfast or dinner, depending on your preference. A delicious dinner produced by cooking up some breakfast potatoes, some eggs, some pulled pork, and some seasoning all together in the same dish. Excellent for Sunday brunch!

18. Cheesy Pulled Pork Taquitos

A simple yet delectable snack, Cheesy Pulled Pork Taquitos are ideal for game day or other occasions when the whole family gets together. Can be put together in fewer than twenty-five minutes!

19. Pulled Pork Quesadillas

Got leftover pulled pork? Quesadillas with pulled pork may be made quickly and easily using BBQ sauce, pulled pork, and cheese, all of which are layered between two crisp tortillas.

20. BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

These sliders are one of our go-to options for using any leftover BBQ pulled pork we have in the fridge. These sliders are out of this world because to their use of Hawaiian buns, bacon, and cheese.

21. Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese

Make this barbecue pulled pork mac and cheese casserole using the shredded pork you have left over from another dish. It is rich, cheesy, and serves a large number of people.

22. Pulled Pork Tacos

Tacos with pulled pork are a fantastic way to use any leftover pulled pork. These tacos are stuffed with cheese, fried onions, and coleslaw then wrapped in a flour tortilla before being topped with barbecue sauce.

23. Pulled Pork Pizza

Pulled Pork Pizza! BBQ sauce, pulled pork, melted cheddar, crumbled bacon, and diced red onion are layered throughout this dish. The ideal dish for a quick and easy meal that makes good use of any leftovers you may have. You might also take the easy way out and get pulled pork from the local market. The ideal meal for a busy weeknight with the family!