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15 Leftover Prime Rib Recipes

I am aware of what it is you are considering. “Leftover prime rib recipes?! What kind of home would ever have any leftover prime rib?! I know! I know! Even in my household, prime rib doesn’t last long before it’s gone.
What I’ve found is that the leftover prime rib tastes just as delicious the next day when it’s used to make something that’s a little bit different from what it was used for the night before.

1. Weeknight Shepherd’s Pie with Leftover Roast Beef

A layer of seasoned mashed potatoes covers a layer of roast beef and vegetables (peas and carrots) topped in a rich beef gravy made from roast beef.

2. Leftover Prime Rib Beef Barley Soup {w Mushrooms} 

After eating this substantial Leftover Prime Rib Beef Barley Soup with Mushrooms, you will most likely be planning to prepare a lot more prime rib roast in the very near future. Keep any rib bones you come across for the tastiest prime rib soup bone broth you’ve ever had; it’ll make this soup that much more incredible.

3. French Dip Squares

On the surface, French dip sandwiches and standard roast beef sandwiches are not all that dissimilar from one another. You’ve got meat, cheese, veggies, and mustard. But after you’ve grilled this sandwich and dipped it in au jus, I believe you’ll agree that it’s nothing short of a work of absolute magic.

4. Loaded Nachos Supreme

These delectable Loaded Nachos Supreme are brimming with taste and are a kaleidoscope of vivid colors. They are the ultimate dish for parties, and they are equally great when consumed as an appetizer or as a dinner in the comfort of one’s own home.

5. Best-Ever French Dip

Are you a fan of the French dip? Our opinion is that this one gets the prize. What is the key? That jus! You might want to make a double batch of this dish because it’s flavored with a lot of onions, garlic, and thyme.

6. Creamy Steak Fettuccine

Whenever we get a craving for steak, this is the dish that we want to create the most. It is quick to put together and has an incredible amount of flavor. It makes us forget chicken ever existed.

7. Prime Rib Soup

This is an excellent way to put it to good use! It has a robust meat flavor that is complemented by a blend of wintry herbs, red wine, and barley. It totally turns the beef into flesh that can be shredded, which is then used to produce this extra cozy soup. This is the kind of soup that no one would ever guess was made from leftovers.

8. Steak & Eggs Hash

Enjoy prime rib not just for Christmas dinner but also for breakfast the following morning. Cover the skillet with a cover and continue to cook the eggs until they are done to your liking, which should take approximately 5 minutes for an egg that is just little runny. To be served hot.

9. Amazing Leftover Prime Rib Pasta

One of the most delicious and efficient ways to use up holiday leftovers is to make pasta with leftover prime rib. It’s smooth, it has a lot of taste, and it just takes a short amount of time to make!

10. Low Carb Philly Cheesesteak Skillet

A Low Carb Philly Cheesesteak Skillet is a tasty and full dish that can be made with leftover roast beef or prime rib. It can be prepared quickly and easily, and it tastes great. Rich in meat, piled high with mushrooms, onions, and peppers, and topped with melted cheese.

11. Prime Rib Tacos with Avocado Horseradish Sauce

The easiest way to utilize any leftover prime rib is to make prime rib tacos. They reach the pinnacle of taco excellence when topped with avocado horseradish sauce and caramelized onions.

12. Leftover Prime Rib Quesadillas {Perfectly Crispy!}

These delicious Prime Rib Quesadillas, which are cooked with leftover prime rib, are the pinnacle of quesadilla awesomeness because they are melty, cheesy, and crunchy all at the same time. The tortillas are baked until they have a light golden color, and they are stuffed with a combination of the finest cheeses that melt well, as well as tender chunks of prime rib or steak cooked to a perfect medium-rare!

13. The Supreme Shepherd’s Pie

Your leftovers will get a new lease on life if you prepare them in this way. Simply combine onions with the roast beef, gravy, and mashed potatoes that you have left over.

14. Horsey Beef Pretzel Bites

A roast beef sandwich cut into bite-sized pieces to provide a delectable snack. Roast beef that has been seasoned, smoked mozzarella, and red onion are topped with a creamy horseradish sauce in this sandwich! You have to admit that you want some!

15. Prime Rib Pizza

My sister’s husband is the mastermind behind this mouthwatering pizza, which has long been a family favorite. A lovely slice that tastes like the entire meal rolled into one!