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25 Leftover Lamb Recipes

With the aid of these mouthwateringly delicious recipes for leftover lamb, you’ll be able to turn your extra meat into delectable meals, snacks, and side dishes. Leftover lamb lends itself well to a variety of creative uses, from pies to pizzas. You could even find yourself surprised by some of these.
If you have a hunger for curry, a fondness for hotpot, or a penchant for pasta, you can satisfy those desires with the items on this list.

1.Easy Leftover Lamb Curry

A straightforward, flavorful, and uncomplicated recipe for a British-style curry that makes use of leftover roast lamb. The ideal dinner for a weeknight that can be prepared in less than half an hour and served to the table.

2. Leftover Lamb Stew

Leftover Lamb Stew is an excellent way to use up any leftover leg of lamb as well as any vegetables that have been hiding in your garbage. It has a robust and wonderful flavor, and it’s packed with of vegetables, including tomatoes for a bright and fresh flavor. Are you prepared to go?

3. Leftover Roasted Lamb Gyros

This recipe for leftover lamb gyros is the tastiest way to use up any leftover roasted lamb, or really and truly any substantial quantity of meat that has been left over from a previous meal.

4. Leftover Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

On Easter Sunday, we had a magnificent feast, but after the last dish was washed and the miscellaneous items were put away, I realized that we had enough leftover roasted leg of spring lamb to prepare a second supper.

5. Leftover Lamb Biryani

This recipe for leftover lamb biryani is an excellent method for spicing up some leftover roast lamb and preparing a satisfying meal for the whole family.

6. Leftover Lamb Ragu

This recipe for leftover lamb ragu creates a pasta meal that is rich and hearty, and it is an excellent way to use up any leftover roast lamb. This simple recipe is one of our favorites for using leftover roasted lamb, and it is certain to be a success with your loved ones.

7. Lamb Stroganoff

Have any leftover lamb roast from the Sunday roast you had? This recipe for lamb stroganoff is the ideal and most delicious way to make use of it all.

8. Lamb Goulash

My take on traditional lamb goulash, this dish calls for shreds of lamb to be cooked low and slow in a thick sauce made with paprika and capsicum (peppers), then served with sour cream.

9. Leftover Greek Lamb Moussaka

The epitome of traditional Greek home cooking! This leftover lamb moussaka consists of layers of eggplant and lamb, each layer being topped in a layer of creamy bechamel sauce before being baked till bubbly and brown.

10. Lamb Stew Recipe

Traditional lamb stew is filled to the brim with substantial and nutritious ingredients. This recipe for lamb stew is straightforward (you only need one pot! ), making it an excellent choice for celebrations such as Easter. Because the stew is baked in the oven, the tender pieces of lamb and the root vegetables become extremely easy to chew and swallow.

11. Lamb Pilaf

This delectable lamb pilaf, which is based on the traditional dish served in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, is an uncomplicated supper that only requires one pot, yet it is filled with flavor. Excellent for using up any leftover roasted lamb.

12. Easy Lamb Curry with Coconut Milk

This quick lamb curry with coconut milk is not only delicious but also brimming with incredible flavor. A little more than half an hour is all it takes to prepare this dish, which is ideal for cooking tender lamb or making use of lamb that has been roasted before.

13. Roast Lamb Rolls with Mint and Parmesan

Roast Lamb Rolls are comprised of soft pieces of succulent lamb that have been covered in rich gravy and packed into a roll with a fresh salad consisting of rocket, mint, and parmesan that has been dressed with mustard vinaigrette.

14. Spicy Lamb Flatbreads Recipe

The supper of spicy lamb flatbreads is a winner of a dish, and it is extremely fortunate if you have some leftover roasted lamb because it can be used in this recipe. Because it is so enticing, in point of fact, it is well worth the effort to roast a shoulder of lamb specifically so that one can make these flatbreads!

15. Leftover Lamb Hotpot Recipe

Leftover Lamb Hotpot is an excellent method for making use of any leftover lamb from the Easter holiday. This recipe is a true culinary relic, and it has its roots in the traditional Lancashire hotpot.

16. Leftover Roast Lamb Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce

What should I do with the remaining lamb roast? Prepare these amazingly delicious lamb gyros and serve them with a tzatziki sauce that can be made in just five minutes.

17. Leftover Lamb Stew

This good old-fashioned leftover lamb stew is a recipe that is rich, economical, and full, and it makes the perfect dish for a weeknight supper because it is easy to cook, delicious, and quick.

18. Leftover Lamb Pizza

These quick pizzas are a wonderful and simple way to prepare a supper because all you need is some leftover cold lamb and a handful of the proper seasonings.

20. Greek Lamb Baguette

This colorful sandwich is a great way to use up any leftover meat from Sunday’s roast.

21. Lamb Tacos

These mouthwatering Lamb Tacos with Avocado, Feta, and Pomegranate bring together the flavors of Mexico and Morocco. They are ready in only 20 minutes, making them ideal for a speedy and straightforward midweek lunch, or you may have them as part of a Mexican fiesta. Ideal for observing the holiday of Cinco de Mayo!

22. Leftover Lamb Pasta Sauce with Eggplant

This cozy, flavorful, and simple to make leftover lamb pasta sauce with eggplant is a great way to repurpose any roasted lamb that has been sitting in the refrigerator.

23. Leftover Lamb Shakshuka

Shakshuka made with slow cooker shredded harissa lamb is the ideal breakfast for two to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. Shakshuka is rich and fragrant with a variety of spices.

24. Lamb Fajitas

Do you ever get tired of eating fajitas made with chicken or beef? These Easy Lamb Fajitas might just be what the doctor ordered! They are simple to cook and quite delicious, making them ideal for changing up the monotony of your typical midweek meals.

25. Leftover Lamb Korma

Have you just roasted a magnificent lamb joint and are now trying to decide what to do with the leftovers? How about a simple and speedy curry for dinner tonight? This Leftover Lamb Korma can be ready in only 25 minutes, making it the ideal choice for a speedy and straightforward weeknight meal.