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15 Leftover Chicken Curry Recipes

Make your family’s favorite dish from yesterday’s meal even more delicious by using one of these chicken curry recipes made using leftovers in tonight’s meal.
Get creative with your leftover chicken and wow your family with one of these reimagined Leftover Chicken Curry Recipes.In either case, selecting one of these simple and speedy recipes is a safe bet that won’t let you down.

1. Leftover Chicken Curry

This simple recipe for leftover chicken curry is one of the finest ways to utilize leftover roast chicken or rotisserie chicken that was purchased from a supermarket. This curry meal has a beautiful flavor thanks to the Indian spices, and you have complete control over how spicy it is simply adjusting the amount of chili that you put in it.

2. Creamy Leftover Turkey Curry with Coconut Milk

If you have any leftover turkey from Thanksgiving or Christmas, you should prepare this creamy leftover turkey curry with coconut milk. It is the recipe that is the easiest to make and tastes the best.

3. Easy Chicken Curry Recipe (30 Minutes!)

In just thirty minutes, you can prepare the tastiest Easy Chicken Curry. This curry sauce made in the style of Indian cuisine has a wonderful complexity of taste, and it is very simple to prepare!

4. 20 – Minutes Chicken Panang Curry Noodle Bowls

Easy chicken noodle bowls with panang curry and vegetables that can be prepared in twenty minutes. A cozy bowl of noodles wrapped in a blanket of warm panang curry sauce, topped with your preferred sautéed vegetables. Ideal for cozy weeknight meals as the temperature drops.

5. Easy chicken jalfrezi 

Chicken jalfrezi is one of those classics that everyone has heard of, and there’s a reason for that: it’s popular for a reason, a tasty tomato-based sauce with peppers, onions, and a good level of heat, it has a great flavor, and it’s adaptable to serve with lamb, chicken, or even vegetarian by adding some chickpeas.

6. Thai Chicken Curry

A one-pot dish that is healthful, lusciously creamy, and extremely simple to create, Thai Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Vegetables can be made with only a few simple ingredients. This Thai curry is made with chicken cut into thin slices, red curry paste, fresh herbs, and dozens of different vegetables, and the amount of each can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

7. Chinese Chicken Curry

This recipe for Chinese chicken curry is so easy to make that you won’t need to dial the number of your favorite takeaway restaurant for quite some time. Additionally, it is a lot more filling and a lot healthier!

8. Mulligatawny Soup

This recipe for Chinese chicken curry is so easy to make that you won’t need to dial the number of your favorite takeaway restaurant for quite some time. Additionally, it is a lot more filling and a lot healthier!

9. Butter Chicken

Garam masala, ground coriander, and ground tumeric are some of the fragrant spices that are combined with chicken that has been cooked until it is tender, along with butter, cream, and crushed tomatoes.

10. Yellow Coconut Chicken Curry

Curry with mushrooms and asparagus that is yellow in color and made with coconut milk. Stunningly velvety and opulent, this comfort meal is surprisingly straightforward.

11. Leftover Chicken Curry Recipe – Fuss Free Flavours

This quick and easy leftover roast chicken curry is an old-fashioned British style curry that can be ready in half an hour. It is a soothing weeknight supper that can be prepared with only a few simple ingredients.

12. Leftover Chicken Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

This recipe for Chicken Shepherd’s Pie is a delectable take on the classic shepherd’s pie. It can be put together fast and without much difficulty.

13. 20 Minute Thai Chicken Curry Soup

This Thai chicken curry soup is a wonderful way to warm up on a chilly day because it is simple to prepare, comforting, and quick. A fantastic way to utilize any leftover chicken or chicken from a rotisserie!

14. Thai Chicken Curry and Rice Soup

Repurpose the chicken you roasted the night before in a totally new dish. This chicken curry with rice soup is flavorful, creamy, salty, and slightly sweet and spicy at the same time. It was inspired by Thai cuisine.

15. Chicken And Broccoli Coconut Curry

Dish of Chicken and Broccoli Coconut Curry brought to you by all of the scrumptious, delectable, and wholesome ingredients that I could fit into one bowl. This chicken and broccoli dish is both simple to prepare and full of flavor thanks to the incorporation of yellow curry powder, coconut milk, a small amount of sugar, and just a touch of lime.