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17 Italian Ice Recipes

With these recipes for Italian ice, you can make the most of your summer the way the Mediterranean does.That looks like a snow cone, doesn’t it? It’s almost right, but not quite.
These recipes for Italian ice will keep you cool all summer long, and in order to prepare them, you won’t even need any specialized equipment.

1. Strawberry Daiquiri Italian Ice

Bring the water and sugar in a small saucepan up to a boil, then whisk continuously to dissolve the sugar. Keep at a boil for three minutes, then take it off the fire and allow it cool.
When you are ready to serve the sorbet, remove it from the freezer and allow it to soften for five minutes. To garnish a margarita glass, run a lime wedge around the rim and then dip it in salt. Serve sorbet in glasses.

2. Banana Pineapple Italian Ice

A quick and easy frozen dessert, banana pineapple Italian ice is the perfect way to cool down on a warm summer day!! You will have a delectable fruity dessert that you can enjoy at any time of year with only a few simple ingredients and a few hours of time spent in the freezer.

Once it has reached the desired consistency, you can either serve it straight away or cover it and place it in the freezer for up to one to two months.

3. Mango Italian Ice

One of my favorite cold delights to enjoy in the summer is Italian ice. So uncomplicated, yet in some ways opulent On hot summer evenings, this adorable little dessert is the ideal finishing touch for a dinner party.

It’s a lot of fun to give Italian Ice a little more wow factor by using some fresh herbs in the preparation. Just remember to use caution when working with strong plants like rosemary and sage. Be careful to add the right amount so that the savory and sweet flavors are well-balanced. 1 tablespoon of herbs with a moderate flavor, or 1 teaspoon of herbs with a strong flavor.

4. Pineapple Italian Ice Recipe

A delicious way to round off your evening meal is to follow it with our recipe for Pineapple Italian Ice. The recipe for pineapple ice, which is also known as pineapple water ice, is uncomplicated and invigorating, and it is sure to be a hit with all of your visitors. Our pineapple Italian ice is made with real pineapple, agave nectar, honey, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and ice cubes.

Cover and continue to freeze for about two more hours, or until the food is firm. Prepare to be amazed by the deliciousness of your Pineapple Italian Ice Recipe!

5. Ninja Creami Italian Ice

Using the Ninja Creami to make Italian Ice is about as simple as it is possible to get. And…there is a lot of leeway for personalization and experimentation with different tastes!
Because there is neither additional fat nor dairy in this recipe, you will need to spin the Ninja Creami again in order to get the smooth and creamy consistency of authentic Italian ice. If you don’t give it another spin, the end product will be highly frosty and uneven across its entirety. If you want a different texture, give it another spin once or twice and see if that works better. 2. Take the pint out of the freezer after it has been there for a full day. Take off the cover.

6. Pineapple Orange Sorbet is an Easy Recipe to Squeeze into Your Day

On a steamy summer day, treat yourself to this energizing pineapple orange sorbet made with plant-based ingredients! To prepare it, you need only six common materials and only a few minutes of your time to put in some effort. It is necessary to wait for it to become cold, but you do not require an ice cream maker to create it. This recipe for a straightforward frozen treat calls for either a food processor or a blender.

Place the sorbet in a container that is suitable for the freezer and freeze it for about two hours, or until it has reached the desired consistency.

7. Chocolate Italian Ice That’s Close To Authentic

This recipe for Chocolate Italian Ice was adapted by Faith Kramer of Blog Appetit from one that she first developed while working at Sugar Savvy.

Cocoa Powder: Because this recipe does not involve baking, we recommend using a cocoa powder that has been prepared using the Dutch method if it is available. The use of natural unsweetened cocoa powder, which has not been subjected to the Dutch processing method, will result in a darker chocolate with a greater degree of bitterness.

8. Chocolate Nutella Gelato

Chocolate Nutella Gelato is a delectable Italian ice cream that is rich and creamy, and it is produced with the very best ingredients. Nothing could possibly top this experience.
Let’s also include the fact that I have an unwavering passion for chocolate; in that case, how about we incorporate some chocolate chips into the recipe? The entire operation might be conceptualized as a celebration of chocolate taking place inside of my ice cream machine.

9. Watermelon Italian Ice

Are you a fan of Italian ice? You can now simply create this energizing Watermelon Italian Ice at home to save money and cool yourself as the weather grows hotter (in addition, it does not include any dairy products or eggs).

Pour into a container that can withstand being frozen. Cover and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours, or overnight, until the mixture is hard.

10. Rita’s Italian Ice And Frozen Custard

Rita’s is famous for its Italian Ice and Frozen Custard, both of which are certain to put a smile on your face, and this is what the establishment is most known for.

You might be curious about what exactly Italian Ice is, as well as how it differs from other frozen treats such as snow cones and sorbets. In any case, Rita’s Italian Ice is a delicious frozen dessert that is hand-scooped to order and created from scratch on the premises each and every day. In contrast to shaved ice, Italian ice is produced using the same method as ice cream: the components are frozen while being mixed together, which results in the Italian ice’s distinctive flavor and silky smooth texture. All Ice is provided within thirty-six hours of the mixing process and contains delectable flavors made from genuine fruit.

11. Kiwi Strawberry Italian Ice

Are you looking for a sweet treat that won’t make you feel guilty and doesn’t include any added sugar to enjoy during these hot summer days? If you’re looking for a simple recipe for Italian ice, go no further than this one that uses Sparkling Ice.

Because Italian ice has a distinctive consistency, after taking the mixture from the freezer, you should make sure to let it remain for five to eight minutes so that you can get the ideal level of smoothness.

12. Orange Granita (All-Natural Frozen Italian Dessert from Scratch)

In place of sugar, honey is used to make the syrup that serves as the foundation for this granita, which is then brought to a boil. Because of this, the granita has a taste that is naturally sweet, and it is also very nutrient-dense because the honey was used. In contrast to refined table sugars, which have been associated with increased inflammation throughout the body.
After pouring the liquid into a shallow container and placing it in the freezer for two to three hours, periodically using a fork to break up the crystals that have formed and scraping the edges of the container, the fluid should get thicker and develop ice crystals.

13. Fresh Cherry Italian Ice

Because I used to live outside of Philadelphia, a city that has a significant amount of Italian culture, my summers usually included sugary and icy Italian ices. If you ask different people, you’ll get different answers about where Italian ice came from, but there’s no denying that it’s an offshoot of Italy’s granita.
Check to make sure that all of the pits have been removed from the cherries. A single forgotten pit might render the entire batch useless. After removing the pits, you should cut the cherry in half to check that you have all of the cherries (I speak from experience)

14. Peanut Butter Ice Cream

This recipe for Peanut Butter Ice Cream is without a doubt the one that results in the creamiest and most velvety texture. It is chock full of nutty flavor and is the ideal blank slate for some chocolate add-ins that are completely optional.

You can keep this Peanut Butter Ice Cream in the freezer for up to one month in an airtight container (these reusable ice cream containers are our favorite), on top of which you can press a piece of parchment paper or wax paper.

15. Baskin Robbins Daiquiri Ice

Make your own Daiquiri Ice at home if, like me, you live in a town where Baskin-Robbins Daiquiri Ice is no longer available. This knockoff recipe is very similar to the original in both appearance and flavor.
Both a move and an ice cream maker are required. Mix in the machine for around fifty-five minutes, or until it indicates that it is ready (mine turns off by itself). Place in the freezer for a few hours before serving, then remove from the freezer.

16. Super Easy & Yummy Berry Blue Granita Recipe

Do you remember that I promised another frozen treat that you can prepare with just a package of gelatin the other day when I wrote the post about the Berry Blue Wave Pops? Here it is. I’ve decided to name it Berry Blue Granita because, after researching the definitions of around 20 other desserts that are similar to icee, I found that this one comes the closest to describing it.
After around 5 hours, it will be ready to be used. If you don’t finish it all at once, you may put what’s left in the freezer; however, you should be sure to break it up with a fork every so often to prevent it from becoming grainy. Simply give it a thorough mashing or stirring.

17. Coffee Gelato Recipe

There is nothing that I enjoy more than a cup of coffee, with the possible exception of a biscotti served alongside my coffee. Another option is a coffee-flavored gelato topped with crumbled biscotti.

Then, pour the milk and cream into the pot with the egg and sugar combination that was previously prepared. Stir the ingredients constantly until they are completely combined and the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon.