This is my precious Eliza.  She was born on June 2012.  Sadly, we lost her just a month later.  
I have a small personal blog that tells her story and the time after we lost her…


  • Lynn says:

    What a beautiful baby girl…thank you for sharing your heartfelt emotions with the loss of your sweet Eliza. It takes strength beyond what anyone can even imagine to endure such pain of losing a child. My heart ached reading your ups and downs…yet you have amazed me in your courage with loving her so deeply while continuing on with a house full of 5 other children. Such loving children at that…they will carry Eliza all the days of their lives..trust me I know..I am from a family of 11…and lost an infant brother at 6 months of age due to an open spine. My parents missed him every day…but cherished and focused on the 10 living children all the while feeling a void in their life. It would bring them to tears to talk about him at times till the day they died. No one can replace what you have lost, but joy can come from the 5 that you still have to hold onto in life. Eliza's life here was short, and, what a huge impression it will make in your life forever, as well as, anyone who knows this story. What a sweet baby girl…her legacy lives on in ways that you can't even imagine. Please know that if she and your family has touched my heart then you can only imagine how many others will be touched as well. May you find peace in your heart for a little baby girl that lived such a short time, yet has and will continue to impact so many. What a heartfelt journey…thank you for sharing….. ~sending a hug your way~

  • erin says:

    Thank you Lynn for such a wonderful comment. It means so much to me that you took the time to read Eliza's story 🙂 You are very sweet..

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