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18 Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Dragon fruit is well-known for its exquisite flavor and high nutritional value, and it can be used in a wide variety of delightful desserts and drinks. This post is dedicated to providing you with 18 delicious recipes for Dragon Fruit Smoothies.

1. Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Smoothie made with the exotic mango dragon fruit; it’s vegan and good for you. Make a smoothie out of it for a change of pace in the morning! Choose dragon fruits that have striking colors and are neither too rough nor too soft.

The exteriors of these fruits are uniformly pink, while the meat within might be either pink or white. There are several types of dragon fruit, not simply those mentioned above.

For sweetness, sprinkle over some sugar, honey, or stevia. Definitely optional; I didn’t sweeten mine since I simply cannot stand the stuff. In addition, the sweetness of your fruits themselves plays a role.
You may increase the thickness of this smoothie by freezing the fruit pulp you remove before blending it with the rest of the fruit.

2. Banana Dragon Fruit Smoothie

This Dragon Fruit Smoothie has a brilliant hue, a flavor that is out of this world, only requires four ingredients, and can be thrown together in the blender in just three minutes. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Points from Weight Watchers are included.

You’ll want to whip up a batch of this fruit smoothie for a healthy breakfast, lunch, or any other meal of the day. The pink flesh of the dragon fruit also contributes to the stunning magenta hue.

3. Dragon Fruit Lemonade

The fresh dragon fruit, lemon juice, and simple syrup in this recipe make for a stunning and delicious lemonade that you’ll want to drink year-round. Diced dragon fruit, lemon slices, and fresh mint give this glass of lemonade an eye-catching and flavorful garnish.

4. Starbucks Dragon Drink Recipe

This copycat recipe for the dragon fruit drink sold at Starbucks is full of tastes that are as sweet as a dream, thanks to the coconut milk, which has a nutty and creamy texture, as well as the sweet mango and apple juice. This unique pink beverage is created using straightforward ingredients, and it is not difficult to adapt it so that it does not contain any caffeine. This drink is sure to be a hit with everyone who tries it!

5. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

This dragon fruit smoothie bowl is a dish for a tropical breakfast that is quick, simple, and delicious! This vegan and dairy-free smoothie may be made in a matter of minutes, and it is also known as a pitaya bowl. There are only five ingredients total, and they are as follows: mango, banana, raspberry, and plant-based milk. After you have added your preferred toppings, dig in with a spoon and enjoy!

6. Tropical Dragon Fruit Smoothie

The pineapple, mango, banana, strawberries, and dragon fruit that are used to make the Tropical Dragon Fruit Smoothie, together with a dash of honey, make for a very refreshing beverage.

The tropical fruits that go into making a Tropical Dragon Fruit Smoothie are among the healthiest and most tasty in the world. The fact that I can recognize each fruit in this smoothie is its greatest quality. Dragon fruit and strawberries give this smoothie its eye-catching appearance, while mango shines through and pineapple adds just a hint of sweetness. Depending on how sweet you want things, add a little honey.

7. Healthy Dragon Fruit Berry Smoothie

For a healthy and delicious smoothie, try adding some dragon fruit. Try this dragon fruit berry smoothie if you haven’t already.

Dragon fruit berry smoothies may be made with any combination of berries, or with just your favorites. We’re making use of blackberries today.

Kale is also an integral part of this dish. Kale is low in calories yet rich in minerals, including vitamin C and antioxidants.

8. Berry Dragon Fruit Smoothie

This dragon fruit smoothie is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also packed with beneficial antioxidants. This delicious fruit smoothie is excellent for enjoying for breakfast or as a snack any time of the year.

A flavor that is both sweet and sour, with a kick of tanginess from lime, and a vivacious color from pink dragon fruit (also called dragonfruit or pitaya.) You may find the frozen packets of pureed pink dragon fruit in the section of your grocery store designated for frozen foods.

9. Layered Peach Smoothie With Dragon Fruit

This wonderful smoothie is packed with nutritious ingredients, and it tastes just as good as it looks. It’s the perfect way to start the day. This provides for an impressive display that can be served to visitors for either breakfast or brunch. It’s a wonderful method to take pleasure in some fruit, all mixed together in a delicious beverage.

Smoothies are a terrific breakfast option that can be prepared quickly and easily. If the thought of having a speedy breakfast appeals to you, but you are looking for something to accompany your smoothie, consider the following options:

10. Coconut Chia Dragon Fruit Smoothie Jars

Your morning will be brightened by the gorgeous pink tint of these Coconut Chia Dragon Fruit Smoothie Jars, and they will keep you full and content for hours on end thanks to only five ingredients.

I used a coconut chia pudding that I created myself as the foundation for my dragon fruit smoothie parfaits. Make this right now if you’ve never had chia pudding before and are in the market for a breakfast dish that’s not only simple but also filling.

You just need three minutes to mix everything together the night before, but in the morning, you will have a pudding that is rich and flavorful.

11. Exotic Kid-Approved Dragon Fruit Smoothie

You can get your kids interested in new flavors by making them a Dragon Fruit Smoothie. Flavorful and vivid pink, this smoothie is unlike any other.

Separate the halves of your dragon fruit and remove the pulp from half of them. Dragon fruit has such a vibrant hue, and I believe it produces a stunning smoothie. Add dragon fruit, banana, coconut milk, raw honey, and ice to a blender and mix until smooth. Blend everything till it’s as smooth as possible. Put in a glass, top with a colorful straw, and sip with pleasure.

More Recipes:

12. Pineapple, Dragon Fruit & Oat Milk Smoothie

If you’re ever in a pinch for time, this Pineapple Dragon Fruit Smoothie may stand in for breakfast. It’s also tasty and makes for a great refreshing snack in between meals. This smoothie is a hit with the whole family.

Breakfast smoothies, for which I substitute a scoop of protein powder, are a staple in my daily routine. Nonetheless, leave it out of the children’s smoothies. That’s why I like to use a personal blender, so I can adjust the ingredients for each smoothie.

13. Strawberry and Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Just a few simple ingredients are all you need to whip yourself a refreshing morning smoothie with strawberry and dragon fruit. It’s delicious, and it tastes even better than it looks. You may make a beautiful morning smoothie by combining ground flax and chia seeds in a blender.

  • Prepare the fruit salad by dicing 8 to 10 fresh strawberries and 1 medium red dragon fruit.
  • Blend them till smooth in the blender with 1/2 cup of cold water and the honey.
  • Once everything is combined, pour the smoothie into a bowl, and right before serving, divide it amongst glasses and top with the chia seeds and flax seeds.

14. Energizing Dragon Fruit Blueberry Smoothie

A refreshing and energizing smoothie made with dragon fruit, blueberries, banana, and ginger; great for a hot morning or afternoon.

  • Banana, dragon fruit, blueberries, ginger, almond milk, ice cubes, and mix until smooth.
  • Start by blending for 30 seconds on low speed, then increase to full speed for another 30 seconds.
  • To finish it off, sprinkle some mint on top for presentation.

15. Raspberry Coconut Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowls

Indeed, Smoothie Bowls! Honestly, there isn’t much more I can tell you about them than what you can see. You can’t help but be impressed by their stunning appearance, thanks to their gorgeous dragon fruit hue, not to mention the abundance of healthful nutrients and deliciousness they contain. You’ll have to prepare these on your own to understand how delicious they are.

  • Put everything in a blender and pulse it about 8 times to get a smooth paste.
  • Split across two bowls, then top with fruit.

16. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl With Pitaya

The Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl is a rich and flavorful smoothie made with dragon fruit and topped with fruit and almonds. Vegan.

  • Blend together almond milk, banana, dragon fruit, strawberries, vanilla, and lemon juice until smooth.
  • Empty contents into a large serving dish.
  • Spread the sliced banana, strawberries, pepitas, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds on top.
  • Smoothie with coconut milk drizzled on top.
  • Rapid service is required.

17. Dragon Fruit Yogurt Parfait

The dragon fruit, sometimes called pitaya, is a tropical fruit that was originally from Central and South America but is now cultivated worldwide, especially in Asia. Juicy and subtly sweet, dragon fruit is reminiscent of watermelon or pears.

Like a kiwi, it has a fuzzy, juicy flesh and small, black, edible seeds. Dragon fruit parfaits with yogurt are a creative way to eat this exotic fruit. You can’t resist their eye-catching hues and deliciously tart and sweet tastes.

  • In a blender, combine 1 cup of yogurt with the white meat of 1/2 a dragon fruit, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1 cup of dragon fruit.
  • Use a melon baller to scoop out balls of the remaining white-fleshed dragon fruit. Put aside.
  • Spoon the remaining yogurt into the cups until they are approximately a third full. Spread the blended concoction on top of the yogurt.
  • Use granola, dragon fruit balls, and blueberries as toppings (white flesh).

18. Chocolate Dragon Fruit Smoothie (Dairy Free, Pink Pitaya)

The sweetness of the banana and dragon fruit counteract the deep chocolate taste in this smoothie. Using pink dragon fruit, commonly called pitaya, is a festive touch on traditional black forest and chocolate strawberry cakes. There are only five basic ingredients and ice required.

Have some fun and try this exotic smoothie as a delicious addition to your morning meal or after dinner treat.

  • Get started by determining how much frozen fruit you need. One medium banana and half a cup of dragon fruit is all I need. It is not required to be precise. Put these ingredients into your own blender cup.
  • Now pour in some milk.
  • Then there’s your sweetheart.
  • If you want to give your smoothie a little texture, you may add grated chocolate or cacao nibs now, or you can wait and sprinkle them on top after blending.
  • Next, fill your glass with ice; I prefer three or four cubes.
  • Finally, if used, include the collagen and cocoa powder.
  • Put your smoothie ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Fill a glass with the mixture, then sprinkle on some chocolate shavings or cacao nibs if you want. Enjoy!