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29 Christmas Leftovers Recipes

Then you should check out these ideas for using Christmas leftovers as soon as possible. However, with the help of these recipes for Christmas leftovers, you can transform your leftovers into something fresh and exciting, preventing you from feeling as like you are eating the same old thing over and over again.

1. Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sliders

The leftover turkey is perfect for making these adorable turkey sliders, which are the best thing about Thanksgiving leftovers! These adorable tiny Hawaiian roll beauties are a holiday dream since they are served piping hot and melting with heaping mounds of leftover savory turkey, tart cranberry sauce, and whipped cream cheese. Using this easy recipe, you can transform any leftovers you have into a delicious baked dish that everyone will want more of.

2. Thanksgiving Leftovers Quesadilla

If you want to make a splash during Thanksgiving dinner, serve the leftover turkey in quesadilla form, and everyone will take notice. This Three-Cheese Turkey, Cranberry, and Sage Quesadilla is the solution to our collective desire for suggestions on how to utilize up the excess food that was left over from the large feast.

3. Mashed Potato & Stuffing Patties

Because of the enormous size of the turkey that I purchase, Doug can’t help but roll his eyes and laugh at me every time we go shopping for Thanksgiving groceries. This year, we decided to get a turkey that weighed 19 pounds.

4. Easy After Thanksgiving (Or Christmas) Leftover Turkey Chili

This year was the first time that we hosted Thanksgiving at our place, and I was in charge of preparing the turkey. It was an exciting experience! Despite the fact that the turkey turned out to be DELICIOUS (not that I’m bragging or anything), we were left with a LOT of leftovers.

5. Leftover Stuffing Dumplings

Throw a Friendsgiving party and serve some of the greatest recipes for using Thanksgiving leftovers, such as leftover stuffing dumplings for the best turkey soup.

6. Ham and Cheese Pudding

The perfect dish for using up any leftover ham, this delicious bread pudding is sure to please. So simple and fast to put together, and yet so deliciously cheesy and satisfying!

7. Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Sausage Rolls

Rolls made with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sausage are an excellent way to use leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas. These rolls are made with flaky puff pastry. It’s that delightful Thanksgiving flavor in sausage rolls, with a little bit of savory and a little bit of sweet.

8. Christmas Leftover Pie

This is a wonderful pie to serve over the holiday season. It is possible to prepare it with the food that was left over from Christmas lunch. It’s best served hot with gravy, but cold with pickles and chutney is a close second. Both are wonderful. This is a wonderful pie to serve over the holiday season.

9. Turkey Salad Recipe Paula Deen

Turkey Salad Recipe Paula Deen
Turkey Salad Recipe Paula Deen

In this turkey salad recipe from Paula deen, diced turkey and colorful veggies are tossed in a savory, creamy dressing. This Paula Deen recipe is easy to make and delicious! With many flavor options, this is a great way to use leftover turkey!

10. Cheesy leftover stuffing balls

This recipe for cheesy stuffing balls is an excellent way to utilize any leftover stuffing after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. They also make for an excellent snack.

11. Leftover Christmas gammon and caramelised shallot quiche

Are you stumped as to what to do with the Christmas gammon you have left over? This recipe for gammon and caramelized shallot quiche is a wonderful way to repurpose leftovers into a speedy and satisfying meal.

12. Leftover Hambone Soup

If you have any leftover hambone, you can use it to make this cozy and hearty soup that is packed with a ton of different vegetables and slices of sweet ham.

13. Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Enchiladas Recipe

This recipe for Leftover Turkey Enchiladas is perfect for those nights when you don’t have a lot of time to cook but still want a delicious meal on the table. It can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

14. Epic Christmas toastie

Make our ultimate toastie with the turkey, stuffing, and homemade bubble and squeak using the leftovers from your Christmas feast. In addition to that, we will let you in on the best toastie secret you will ever discover.

15. Christmas pudding scones

“Use up the scraps of your Christmas cake and pudding by making these rich, fruity scones, which are exquisite when topped with a dab of crème fraiche.”

16. Potato And Stuffing Hash

If you have any roasties left over after Christmas Day and you can keep yourself from eating them all, you can make a hash with potatoes and stuffing. This is the best holiday bake ever since it has crispy stuffing, herbs that smell wonderful, and juicy cranberries.

17. Ham Jalapeño Green Onion Quesadilla

Make this ham, jalapeño, and green onion quesadilla if you have a lot of leftover ham after Easter or Christmas dinner and you want to use it up.

18. Turkey & Stuffing Turnovers

Turkey and Stuffing Turnovers are a delectable (as well as simple!) way to use the leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner to create a second meal that your family will enjoy.

19. Turkey Cranberry Poppers

What are you going to do with all of the food that you won’t be using after the holidays? Follow the instructions on Smart School House to make cranberry poppers! Biscuits made with butter and stuffed with excellent turkey (or ham), cranberry sauce, gravy, and stuffing that was left over from Thanksgiving! They are an ingenious approach to making use of the food that is still sitting in the refrigerator after the holiday feast.

20. Hearty Turkey Stew (Use Up Your Leftover Turkey)

This hearty turkey stew is the perfect comfort food for those chilly nights because it’s made with leftover turkey, bacon, leeks, carrots, and potatoes. You have the option of adding a dash of cream, or you can just keep it as it is. In either case, you are going to really adore this warm and comforting meal.

21. Turkey Noodle Casserole

Bechamel sauce made with cheddar cheese and combined with noodles, turkey leftovers, and vegetables before being cooked to perfection. It’s the epitome of home-cooked goodness at its finest.

22. Turkey Salad Recipe with Cranberries and Pecans

This recipe for Turkey Salad with Cranberries and Pecans is the ideal way to use up any leftover turkey from Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. In addition to that, the flavor and taste are out of this world!

23. Leftover Cranberry Sauce Overnight Oats

Make overnight oats if you find yourself in possession of leftover cranberry sauce. This recipe for breakfast will make you happy you hung on to that jar of cranberry sauce, and it can be prepared in fewer than five minutes.

24. Mashed Sweet Potato Cakes

Cafe Delites’ Cheesy Mashed Sweet Potato Cakes are a customer favorite.

26. Leftover Turkey and Stuffing Croquettes

Croquettes made with turkey stuffing and served with a cranberry vinaigrette are an excellent way to repurpose the leftovers from Thanksgiving and other holidays into a new dinner.

27. Leftover Ham Lasagna

Ham The lasagna that I make has a lot of cheese, which makes it creamy and rich. This delicious variation on lasagna is an excellent way to utilize any leftover ham you may have. In point of fact, I believe that this is my most preferred method for utilizing any leftover Easter ham.

28. Eggnog Latte

This recipe for eggnog latte is so simple and quick to make, and it’s the perfect way to use up any leftover eggnog. It will be like though you are waking up on Christmas morning every morning!

29. Fruit Cake Bread Pudding

Are you looking for a simple recipe for bread pudding? This fruit cake bread pudding takes only a few minutes to put together and is an excellent way to repurpose any leftover fruit cake. It’s a mouthwatering morsel that’s dotted with white chocolate and dusted with pomegranate, all in all.