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Copycat Chili’s Salsa

An easy, adaptable salsa with the great taste from Chili’s restaurant! Ingredients Needed: Canned whole tomatoes Yellow onion Jalapenos Cumin Lime juice Sugar Garlic powder Salt Tomatoes: I opt to use canned tomatoes for this salsa. It’s just easier for me. However, of course, fresh tomatoes will also work. Onions: I do, however, use a …

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Baked Pizza Rolls

Homemade baked pizza rolls! Fun, delicious, simple to make and versatile. Ingredients Needed: Wonton wrappers Pizza sauce Mozzarella cheese Dried seasonings, optional Wonton Wrappers: These can (usually) be found in the produce section of your grocery store. They are essentially a smaller version of an egg roll wrapper. Pizza Sauce: Jarred or homemade will both …

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Double Baked Cheese Potatoes

Take your baked potatoes to the next level! Creamy potatoes with cheese loaded into your potato skin. A great option for dinner or a side dish. Ingredients Needed: Potatoes Butter Cheddar cheese Plain Greek yogurt Potatoes: Russet potatoes work best for these. I used 6 medium size for these. Try and stick with same size/amount …

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