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35 Best Breakfast Skillet Recipes

These breakfast skillet recipes are a wonderful option for getting the day started, regardless of whether you want hash with turkey or sausage or crispy bacon and runny eggs. Here is a collection of Best 35 Breakfast Skillet Recipes that are perfect for your delicious breakfast meal.

Meat Breakfast Skillet Recipes

1. Sausage Potato Hash

Excellent with eggs, this dish is a staple of traditional American breakfasts and brunches. It’s one of our favorite morning meals, and it’s so filling that you might not even need lunch.

For a leisurely weekend morning, this is the perfect breakfast. This potato hash is technically a morning food, but I would happily eat it for lunch or supper if given the chance. But I always make an effort to prepare a memorable breakfast on the weekends.

2. Sausage Gravy Breakfast Skillet

Our family absolutely loves this Sausage Gravy Breakfast Skillet. With only 5 ingredients, it’s a breeze to create and tastes great! Typical American breakfast food, including eggs, sausage, hash potatoes, and a cheesy, gravy-topped omelette.

Wow! During the holiday season, I cooked this dish multiple times since my family and I just can’t get enough of it. One skillet, all of my favorite breakfast items. You’re good to go with only a batch of hot biscuits.

3. Sweet Potato + Sausage Breakfast Skillet

I want a shirt that reads, “I adore sugary potatoes.” I can’t stress how much I like sweet potatoes. Surprisingly, my go-to way to enjoy them is in a savory meal, like this Sweet Potato Sausage Breakfast Skillet. Sure, they taste fantastic when prepared in the conventional manner (with brown sugar, butter, marshmallows, and nuts) and served as a sweet accompaniment or dessert.

4. Steak and Egg Breakfast Skillet

I’m a big fan of breakfast dishes that give us energy to get through the day. My family and I often have a jam-packed day, so we rely on a filling breakfast to get us through the day.

Enjoy the layered richness of this hearty Breakfast Skillet with Steak and Eggs. This recipe’s adaptability is one of its many strengths. Put in whatever other seasonings you choose.

5. Hamburger Steak Skillet Casserole

The substantial filling for this Hamburger Steak Skillet Casserole is a combination of ground beef and onions cooked in a gravy with diced tomatoes, all of which is topped with a layer of mashed white cheddar potatoes. Casserole shape aside, the flavor is quite similar to a traditional southern hamburger steak or salisbury steak. It’s like Shepherd’s Pie, but with a southern twist, and it’s delicious.

6. Whole30 Steak Breakfast Hash

Tender chunks of steak, seasoned potatoes, and sautéed onions and peppers make up the bulk of this Whole30 compliant steak breakfast hash. Just like eating breakfast at your favorite diner, but in the comfort of your own home. Add a runny egg on top, and it’s practically perfect.

Flavorful and somewhat sweet thanks to the onions and peppers that have been sautéed. When served with the steak and potatoes, they’re a perfect complement. To complement the other flavors, the seasoning has a subtle spicy undertone. You may reduce the carb content by swapping in cauliflower florets for the potatoes.

7. Farmers Breakfast Skillet

This delicious Farmers Breakfast Skillet is the perfect way to start your day. Bacon drippings are used to provide a smokey taste to hash browns, bell peppers, and onions. When you combine eggs, ham, and cheese, you always get rave reviews.

8. Cheesy Ham Breakfast Skillet Hash

This delicious hash brown skillet is so simple to make, and it’s loaded with ham and cheese – what’s not to like? It is robust and satisfying, overflowing with flavor, and really straightforward to prepare, just as any great brunch dish should be. This Cheesy Ham Breakfast Skillet Hash could be considered the epitome of comfort food at its finest!

9. Bacon, Egg, Potato and Cheese Breakfast Skillet

This mouthwatering Bacon, Egg, Potato, and Cheese One-Pan Breakfast Skillet contains everything you could possibly desire for breakfast in one convenient dish! This dish for a gluten-free breakfast has the potential to become one of your all-time favorites. You are going to like the bacon taste that is infused into the potatoes in this dish.

10. Jalapeno Popper Chicken Skillet Recipe

This Jalapeño Popper Chicken Skillet is a delicious alternative to traditional jalapeno poppers that can be served as a whole supper. This chicken skillet dish is a straightforward option for preparing a low-carb meal that is simple to put together. It calls for chicken breasts, bacon, cream cheese, jalapeño peppers, and cheddar cheese.

11. Southwest Turkey and Egg Breakfast Skillet

A great and hearty way to start the day is with this Southwest Turkey and Egg Breakfast Skillet. Scrambled eggs with ground turkey seasoned with Southwest spices are served with melted cheese, diced tomatoes, ripe avocado, fresh cilantro, and chunky salsa. It’s great for making ahead, and may serve as either breakfast or dinner on the weekend.

12. Chicken Fajita Breakfast Skillet

This Chicken Fajita Breakfast Skillet is identical to the one I used to serve at Denny’s back in the day when I worked there. It’s made in a cast iron skillet. It is made healthier by using roast potatoes, which are quick to prepare, and tender chicken that has been pan-grilled. An wonderful dish for breakfast or dinner!

13. Cowboy Breakfast Skillet

The traditional American breakfast consists of protein-rich bacon, eggs, and cheese. When potatoes are included in one of these traditional breakfast dishes, people frequently refer to it as a “cowboy breakfast,” “country breakfast,” or “farmer’s breakfast.” Because I spent my childhood on a farm, I am well aware of how much effort each day entails. If you have a long day ahead of you, like a cowboy or a farmer, you should start it off with a supper like this one.

Vegan/ Vegetarian Breakfast Skillet Recipes

14. Vegan Breakfast Potato Hash (8-Ingredients)

Find out how to prepare this easy and tasty vegan hash for breakfast. It’s packed with flavor and can be whipped together with things you probably already have in your kitchen, including a few basic pantry staples.

How about a mash of potatoes? It’s our go-to when we want a warm and comforting breakfast on the weekend. This morning hash is entirely up to you, save from the mandatory potatoes. You may make hash with whichever veggies you have on hand.

15. Easy Potato Skillet Breakfast (Vegan)

This quick and simple potato skillet breakfast is perfect for refueling after a workout and giving you the energy you need to tackle the day. Making a plant-based breakfast that can last you the whole week requires little more than a cast-iron skillet and a little bit of planning.

16. Tofu Scramble Breakfast Skillet

Get your day started off right with this spicy tofu scramble, perfect for vegans and vegetarians. To make a balanced breakfast, dice some fresh bell peppers and add them to the mix along as the potatoes and baby spinach.

17. Vegan Mexican Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

What makes a correctly seasoned and pan-fried morning hash so irresistible is the combination of those two elements. Vegan breakfast hashes don’t get much heartier than this Mexican-style hash made with sweet potatoes.

Everything is cooked in a single skillet (we recommend cast iron) and may be adjusted to suit your family’s tastes.

This is one of those breakfasts that can be prepared in advance, giving you more time in the morning to get everything else done.

18. Loaded Veggie Breakfast Skillet

If you’ve just gotten in from a snowball battle in the morning and it’s cold outside, then this breakfast skillet is exactly what you need to warm you up.

Since Cambridgeshire does not often receive a great deal of snow, when it does fall, locals waste little time getting out and enjoying it. I know some of you may find it funny that just a few centimeters of snow is enough to declare a snow day, but that’s the way it is around here.

19. Butternut Squash Hash Breakfast Skillet

Enjoy while the cheese is still melty and hot. The children love this butternut squash breakfast skillet!

My spouse and I both agreed that the butternut squash hash was a great addition to the morning dish. The thyme brought out the richness of the butternut squash, and the dish was excellent. The fact that my children found this breakfast dish to their liking surprised me.

I suppose the sweetness of the butternut squash has a role. The dish sounds delicious, and I bet it would be great with other types of sweet veggies as well!

More Recipes:

Healthy Breakfast Skillet Recipes

20. Lazy Keto Breakfast Skillet (3 Ingredients)

Quick and satisfying, the Easy 3 Ingredient Lazy Keto Breakfast Skillet consists of crispy cauliflower rice, cheese, and eggs.

The crispy cauliflower rice tastes much like hashbrowns when topped with eggs and cheese, making this the ideal low-carb breakfast option for a busy morning.

21. Keto Cheesy Cabbage Sausage Skillet

A terrific low-carb option, this Keto Cheesy Cabbage Sausage Pan combines the nutritional benefits of veggies with the flavor of smoked sausage and cheese in a single skillet.

To be honest, I could have just made a recipe for polish smoked sausage with peppers and onions and called it a day. We’ve been snowed in and watching a lot of Chopped repeats, but with the recent major winter storm that dumped a foot or two of snow (massive in the South), I decided to spice things up a bit and prepare something special.

22. Cauliflower Breakfast Skillet

Though traditionally cooked with bacon, eggs, and cheese, this Cauliflower Breakfast Skillet dish is flexible enough to suit your tastes. Sunday breakfast, lunch, or dinner—this tasty cauliflower skillet is versatile enough to use for any of these occasions.

In most cases, potatoes serve as the foundation of a morning skillet. Cauliflower is a far healthier alternative and may provide the same or even greater flavor. You may enjoy the same delicious texture and taste without worrying about the carb content.

Adding your favorite veggies and meats to this keto breakfast skillet is simple. Try topping your dish with a dollop of Greek yogurt, some sliced avocado, some fresh salsa, and some chopped cilantro, for instance. Yum! I made a low-carb cauliflower breakfast skillet for you all to try, and I hope you like it!

23. Gluten-free Breakfast Hash

To begin, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Michelle, and in the mornings you can find me tucking into a bowl of oats. All well, except for the weekends, what about that? On a lazy Sunday, who doesn’t want to be greeted by the aroma of sizzling bacon? Bacon glazed with maple syrup? With a helping of potatoes, please. …potatoes in hash?!

24. Tex Mex Breakfast Skillet – Paleo, Whole 30

Skillets aren’t only for breakfast anymore; we eat them for all meals of the day. They’re quick to make and complete with all the essentials: protein, carbs, vegetables, and healthy fat. Among our favorite breakfast skillets is this Tex-Mex version.

Read the ingredients list on the bacon and ham to ensure they are Whole 30 compliant. Finding compliant bacon is much less of a hassle now that companies like Applegate and Natural Ranchers provide it. If you can’t locate any ham you like, a compliant sausage is a good substitute.

Easy / Simple Breakfast Skillet Recipes

25. Easy Breakfast Skillet

Potatoes, eggs, bacon, and sausage are just some of the tasty ingredients that go into this Easy Breakfast Skillet before being topped with shredded cheese and cooked to perfection.

The fact that the entire meal can be prepared in a single skillet is my favorite part of this morning dish. Making this dish in the morning is a breeze when you use Costco’s pre-cooked bacon and frozen sausage links.

26. Denver Omelet Scrambled Eggs Skillet

One serving, which is about a quarter of the pan, is worth 3 smart points on Weight Watchers. These points are attributable to the ham, cheese, and butter/oil. It’s a high way to start the day, and it’s packed with protein, antioxidant vitamins, and good fats, so I highly recommend it.

This dish has just 3 grams of carbohydrates per serving, making it ideal for anyone on the Keto or Low-Carb diet. In addition to the 24g of protein, each meal contains 17g of fat.

27. Sunrise Skillet

Delicious, hearty breakfasts are best enjoyed on a Saturday morning. Your favorite breakfast meals may now be found in a single easy pan. It’s a fantastic camping breakfast option, too!

28. Southwest Turkey and Egg Breakfast Skillet

A great and hearty way to start the day is with this Southwest Turkey and Egg Breakfast Skillet. Scrambled eggs with ground turkey seasoned with Southwest spices are served with melted cheese, diced tomatoes, ripe avocado, fresh cilantro, and chunky salsa. It’s great for making ahead, and may serve as either breakfast or dinner on the weekend.

29. Chorizo Potato Breakfast Skillet

This breakfast of champions is this chorizo and potato skillet. Scrambled eggs and spicy chorizo on crispy potatoes in a cheesy, cast-iron pan hash. The best cast-iron skillet for making eggs and bacon.

Crispy potatoes, cooked eggs, cheddar cheese, and fresh green onions are topped with the incredibly flavored chorizo. You’re going to play this over and again on the weekends.

30. Mexican Bean Breakfast Skillet

  • Turn the oven temperature up to 450 degrees. In a cast-iron pan, mix the beans, tomatoes, and cumin.
  • Reduce the tomato liquid by approximately half over medium heat. The 10 minutes it takes to do this are well spent. To save time, you can remove most of the tomato liquid and cook the sauce for less time.
  • Scoop out five individual wells in the bean mixture, then slip an egg into each.
  • You want the eggs to be slightly undercooked, so bake them at 450 degrees for about 5 minutes.
  • Take out of the oven, and then cover with cheese.
  • Return to the oven and cook until the cheese is melted.

31. Cast Iron Breakfast Skillet

Get up and shine, literally! Our delectable You can’t beat a breakfast cooked in a cast-iron skillet. I’m talking about a hearty, traditional American breakfast with all the fixings. I had no doubt that this meaty skillet would become a staple at my morning table. What could possibly be bad with a breakfast that includes bacon, eggs, and cheesy hash browns?

All your favorite breakfast foods in one convenient casserole. While a cast-iron pan looks and tastes better, any big skillet would do in a pinch. It’s incredible how filling a dinner made with only a handful of ingredients and a single skillet can be. Making breakfast is one of my favorite meals to prepare. However, the simplest of breakfasts are my favorites to prepare.

32. Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Skillet

This Biscuits and Gravy Brunch Skillet is ideal for a weekend breakfast or a meal by the campfire. A hearty breakfast of biscuits, sausage gravy, eggs, and cheese? Thank you! This quick and versatile breakfast dish has become a staple in my kitchen. You can do it on the stovetop and throw it in the oven, or you can cook it in a skillet over the campfire, or you can use your smoker or grill!

33. Skillet Cherry Pie Biscuits

These biscuits are a twist on one of Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen’s most popular biscuit recipes, which is a cherry pie variation. Skillet Apple Pie Biscuits continue to be one of my most requested recipes ever. They’re a dessert biscuit of sorts, made by blending buttermilk biscuits with apple pie filling, and we adore them.

34. Turkey Cranberry Hash

Turkey cranberry hash is a fantastic way to use up leftover turkey and makes for a hearty side dish or hearty brunch. The mashed potatoes are pillowy smooth, the turkey is juicy and flavorful, and the cranberries are just sweet enough to round off the dish.

35. Loaded Tater Tot Breakfast Skillet

The best loaded tater tot breakfast skillet consists of crispy tater tots topped with cheesy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, scallions, and tomatoes. We’re having a brunch! Sadly, tater tots don’t keep very well in the wilderness, or otherwise this would be the perfect camping supper.

To compare eggs and potatoes to ham and cheese, just use this analogy. To save time in the morning, use tater tots as the foundation for a cheesy breakfast skillet dish instead of peeling your own potatoes.