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27 Banana Nice Cream Recipes

With these banana wonderful cream recipes, you can finally say goodbye to naughty ice cream laden with sugar! You may indulge in sweets without feeling guilty when you eat nice ice cream. Banana is used for its natural sweetness, and dairy products are not used.

Banana Nice Cream Recipes Simple Ingredients

1. Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

This dairy-free peanut butter banana ice cream is the healthiest and most delicious ice cream you’ll find anywhere. You’ll only need two things to make it, both of which are undoubtedly already in your kitchen. The recipe calls for only just two things. You know you want a bowl of delicious banana lovely cream, so just give in to your cravings.

Because it tastes best when consumed as soon as it is created, this ice cream is perfect for those of us who are terrible at planning ahead. Remove the mixture from the mixer and place it in the bowls. This method results in a very soft texture, but it is incredibly delectable.

You can put it in the freezer, but we suggest consuming it within the next two hours. Even though it may be frozen for longer lengths of time without losing its quality, once it freezes solid, it cannot be consumed until it has been allowed to thaw. After being thawed, it retains some of its flavor but is never nearly as delicious as it was when it was first prepared.

2. Healthy 3 Ingredient Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

The Chocolate Banana Ice Cream has a flavor that is IDENTICAL to that of chocolate ice cream, but it is prepared with only three components, all of which are good for you. You can freeze it until it is solid enough to scoop into ice cream cones, which is another option, but eating it as soft serve straight from the blender is my favorite way to consume it.

When the bananas on my kitchen counter show signs of being overripe, I peel them and store them in a bag in the freezer. This ensures that I always have frozen bananas available for use in ice cream or smoothies.

3.  One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream!

I’ll bet you can figure out what the one component is that makes up this banana ice cream with just one ingredient!

Take out a scoop of the mixture, and dish it up right away. This is the banana ice cream you make with just one ingredient. It’s not exactly breaking news. This approach has been around for a considerable amount of time. However, this is an extremely exciting find. Instead of ice cream, some people call it banana nice cream; others call it banana ice cream. I’m thinking of topping mine with some chocolate sauce or salted caramel sauce. Is it even possible?? Enjoy.

4. High Protein 3-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream (Easy to Make and Healthy)

When I originally considered producing my own handmade ice cream, the concept didn’t excite me all that much at first. I eventually warmed up to the notion. I was under the impression that it would be a rather difficult procedure that would be more hassle than it was worth. I can’t believe how incorrect I was!
On top of that, research has shown that natural vanilla extract has a high antioxidant content, which makes it a candidate for usage as a dietary supplement due to its potential health benefits. The addition of this component, which is a beautiful finishing touch, is what makes the dish complete.

5. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Nice Cream

Your hopes and expectations for dessert will be fulfilled after you try this Peanut Butter Banana Nice Cream dish. This dairy-free and vegan lovely cream can be created in about ten minutes flat, and it only requires four simple ingredients. Sprinkle with chocolate chips, and either serve right now or put in the freezer for later!
You have the option of eating it right away for a consistency more like to “soft-serve,” or you can transfer it onto a bread pan coated with parchment paper and freeze it for a texture more akin to “ice cream.” Put it in the freezer for about two hours. If you leave it in the freezer for a longer period of time, it will turn into a solid and be difficult to scoop, therefore you will need to defrost it.

best banana nice cream recipe

6. Two-Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

This quick and easy banana ice cream is a delicious and nutritious option for a dessert or snack. This NICE cream is a hit with both children and adults, and it’s a fantastic recipe for using up bananas that have turned brown.

If you’re having trouble achieving a creamy consistency with the banana slices, you may assist the pureeing process along by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk. Make sure that you use a strong blender or food processor!

7. Mint Chocolate Chip Nice Cream

Banana ice cream is surprisingly silky and delicious, especially when made using frozen bananas. It’s possible to prepare it in a wide variety of tastes, but mint chocolate chip lovely cream is one of my personal favorites. It is simple to prepare, does not include gluten or dairy, and has a velvety texture.

You may freeze the ice cream for up to two hours to make it more scoopable, and then you can serve it once it has been scooped. If you leave it in the freezer for a longer period of time, it will get solid, and you will need to take it out of the freezer to allow it to defrost.
Begin by adding a smaller amount of mint extract than you think you’ll need since you can always add more later, but if you add too much, the beautiful cream won’t be edible.

8. Strawberry Banana Ice Cream {gluten Free, Vegan & No Added Sugar!}

Now that the temperatures have reached the 90s here in Massachusetts, we are most certainly making the most of the summertime’s bright and sunny days (and are especially enjoying our summertime strawberry banana ice cream treat). We have been going to the playground, park, swimming pool, beach, and the nearby farm pretty much every week. Each week, we do pretty much anything that involves being outside and having fun that we can think of.

Blend or puree the frozen bananas and strawberries in a food processor or blender. After adding an eighth of a cup of milk or a milk replacement, process the mixture until it is completely smooth and has the consistency of soft serve ice cream. It’s possible that you’ll need to repeat the process several times while pausing it in order to scrape down the sides. (Depending on how powerful your blender or food processor is, you might need to add a little bit of additional milk or a milk replacement to help smooth things out.)

9. Pineapple Nice Cream

Pineapple with a velvety, ethereal cream bananas, crushed pineapple, and lime juice are the sole components of this uncomplicated and delicious ice cream. Fruit is the only source of natural sweetness; there is no added sugar. When I saw how well this dish came out, I couldn’t contain my excitement! Both the preparation and the eating of it are quite easy. During the warm summer evenings, doesn’t the thought of a chilled dessert that features fruit seem just delightful?
After it has set, if the wonderful cream is too stiff to serve, let it rest out on the counter for approximately 5 to 10 minutes so that it may soften. Only then should you scoop it. If you freeze the wonderful cream for a longer period of time, such as overnight, it becomes difficult to scoop.

10. Strawberry Cheesecake Nice Cream

This Strawberry Cheesecake Nice Cream is the ideal dish for satisfying your sweet need in a more healthful way. The sweetness of this dish comes from the fruit itself, and making it just takes a few minutes in the blender.

Keep ice cream that’s been used for other purposes in a container with a secure lid for up to three months. Because it will get more rigid over time, you might find that you need to let it set out for approximately ten minutes before you can scoop it.

Pudding Banana Nice Cream Recipe

11. Banana Pudding Ice Cream Recipe

Banana pudding is a delicious dish, but is it the best dessert ever? I refer to this as a delicious dessert since, in my opinion, banana pudding ice cream is the best dessert there is. This is the post that will convince you to go out and get an ice cream maker if you haven’t already been persuaded to do so by this site. I have no doubt about that. Try your hand at making this the next time you have bananas that are beyond their prime instead of making some boring loaf of bread.

Transfer the ice cream to the container of your choice and place it in the freezer for an additional one to two hours, if you believe that it is too soft.

12. No Churn Banana Pudding Ice Cream

This No-Churn Banana Pudding Ice Cream is a delightful combination of two of my all-time favorite desserts: ice cream and banana pudding.

Pour into a loaf pan made of metal. Wrap it up and put it in the freezer for at least six hours.

13. Magnolia’s Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Magnolia herself would be pleased with this luscious ice cream that just has six ingredients. In addition, an ice cream machine is not required in any way. I picked up that tip at Broma Bakery, if you must know.

Plastic wrap should be used to cover the top of the ice cream, and it should be pressed down so that it makes direct contact with the surface of the ice cream. This will prevent air from reaching the ice cream. Please freeze the food for at least 10 to 12 hours before serving it.

14. Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Making this recipe for rich and creamy Banana Pudding No-Churn Ice Cream doesn’t require any specialized kitchenware at all! It is almost assured that your loved ones and friends will ask for it on several occasions as a dessert option.

You may freeze this ice cream in a complete batch in a loaf pan or you can freeze it in individual portions and store it in the freezer firmly wrapped for up to two weeks.

15. Banana Pudding Ice Cream Cake

My wildest imaginations have been filled with images of this banana pudding ice cream cake. Vanilla cake that is soft and moist, mixed with ice cream that tastes like banana pudding, and then loaded with bits of banana and vanilla wafer! A banana lover’s ultimate vice.

In the event that you do not own a springform pan, you should line your cake pan with plastic wrap before adding parchment paper and a cake board. After the cake has been made and chilled, you may remove it from the pan by using the transparent wrap as a handle. You will want to make your cake layers in the same pan that you will use for stacking the ice cream and cake together so that the cake layers will fit in the pan that you will use for the final layering. Alternately, you might construct the cake by utilizing cake collars rather than a traditional cake pan.

16. Banana Pudding Icebox Cake

When we really cannot get enough of our go-to banana pudding, we transform it into a cake that can be cut into pieces. Since instant banana pudding mix is difficult to get in New York, we decided to substitute vanilla pudding mix instead.
After removing the cake from the mold, arrange dollops of Cool Whip all around the perimeter of the cake. Alternate standing up Nilla wafers and banana slices in the Cool Whip dollops.

Banana Nice Cream Diffrent Flavors Recipes

17. Purple Banana Nice Cream

Only one-half of a frozen banana is required to make this lovely purple banana wonderful cream. The remaining components are zucchini, blueberries, purple yam, and a plant-based vanilla protein powder. A hybrid of a smoothie and soft-serve ice cream, this kind of soft-serve ice cream is not only tasty but also packed with beneficial nutrients. This dish is suitable for vegans, does not contain gluten, and has a little amount of sugar.

Put it in a bowl, and either eat it as is or top it with your favorite ice cream and smoothie bowl toppings, such as nut butter, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, and granola. You can also just eat it out of the bowl.

18. Caramelized Banana and Almond Nice Cream

First caramelizing the bananas, then puréeing them into a smooth cream, gives this banana-based “ice cream” a sweeter depth of flavor than it would have otherwise had. Plus, the choices for toppings are virtually limitless!
Do in Advance: The preparation of nice cream might begin two weeks in advance. Keep frozen. If the substance is too tough to scoop, wait a few minutes for it to become more pliable.

19. Coffee Chocolate Nice Cream

If you ever find yourself in the throes of a need for chocolate and coffee, then this banana ice cream is exactly what you need to satisfy your desires. It’s easy to make, has a strong chocolate flavor, is sweetened with fruit, has a hint of coffee flavor, and is velvety smooth.

Spread the mixture into a Tupperware or loaf pan and freeze it for two to three hours for a texture closer to that of traditional ice cream than that of soft serve. Then use an ice cream scoop to portion it out! If it is too stiff, let it thaw for 15 to 30 minutes so that it may soften.

20. Coconut Chia Pudding With Cacao Banana Ice Cream

It’s becoming muggy outside, and recently I’ve noticed that as the temperature rises, I become more and more irritable. As a result, I’ve been debating whether or not I should put on the air conditioning in order to bring both my body temperature and my mood back under control. Everyone is searching for a way to beat the heat (at least, you are if you’re also in Brisbane like I am), and what better way to accomplish so than with a chilly dessert that’s loaded with cream? In addition to that, it is loaded with protein, as well as healthy fats.

When ready to serve, divide the chia pudding into two dishes or cups and dollop each with a dollop of cacao banana ice cream. On top of it, sprinkle some chia seeds and coconut chips.

21. Neapolitan Yonanas

A healthy twist on a traditional ice cream taste is created when luscious Strawberries, decadent Chocolate, and naturally sweet Bananas are combined.

In order to release the cake from the mold, run warm water around the outside of the mold. Remove the cover, then invert the cake or container by placing a plate on top of them both. Mold must be removed carefully. Before slicing the cake to serve it, you should give it a few minutes to thaw out.

22. Pecan Pie Yonanas

Pecans that have been toasted make the ideal accompaniment to sticky, sweet dates, which have a flavor that is similar to that of healthy caramel and offer a novel take on the traditional pecan pie flavor profile.

Replace this phrase with the second frozen banana. On top, scatter some roasted nuts for garnish.

23. Easy 3-ingredient Black Sesame Nice Cream Made In The Food Processor

The following is a recipe for a tasty, easy-to-make, and nutritious Black Sesame Nice Cream that only requires three ingredients. Enjoy!

It’s better to consume this black sesame lovely cream within a day or two of making it. The longer it is allowed to remain frozen, the more difficult it is going to be to scoop. After removing the container from the freezer and allowing it to settle at room temperature for ten minutes, you will have the optimum consistency for the wonderful cream. If it is in a container that can be heated in the microwave, you may also soften it by heating it for fifteen seconds in the microwave.

24. Cherry Nice Cream

Cherry lovely cream that requires no churning and consists simply of three simple ingredients. This dish was a tremendous hit in my home when I made it using this recipe. You may have it immediately after pureeing the fruit, or you can preserve it for later to make banana ice cream that can be scooped.

If the banana ice cream is too solid to scoop, let it partially thaw on the counter for five to ten minutes so that it may become more pliable. The length of time it takes for anything to thaw depends on how long it was frozen in the first place. It will be significantly more challenging to scoop the banana ice cream if it has been frozen for at least one night. Try chilling the wonderful cream in the freezer for just a couple of hours so that it can be scooped.

25. 5-minute Pumpkin Nice Cream (Vegan)

In honor of all the autumnal flavors, here is a recipe for Pumpkin Nice Cream that can be prepared in only five minutes using sweet, smooth frozen bananas, pumpkin spices, and pumpkin puree. In addition, this simple treat is a guilt-free vegan pumpkin ice cream dish that does not contain any processed sugar or dairy products.

You can save any additional leftovers in the freezer, but they will take around 20 to 30 minutes to thaw the following day, which seems like a very long time to me. As a result, my go-to method for dealing with leftovers is to first freeze them in ice cube trays and then blend the resulting frozen solids into a smoothie.
The next time you get a hankering for some excellent cream, pull out those banana slices from the freezer and make a new, smaller batch.

26. Orange Creamsicle Nice Cream

Orange creamsicle wonderful cream is going to be right up your alley if you’re a fan of the orange creamsicle ice cream taste that’s rich and creamy. It’s possible that you’re scratching your head right about now, wondering how bananas, orange juice and zest, together with some cashews, can possibly form the same frozen delight that you relished as a child.
Your lovely whipped cream may now be enjoyed. You may portion it out into individual bowls or cones, top it with your preferred toppings, or save it in the freezer for use at a later time.

27. Banana Nice Cream Milkshakes (3 Ways!)

You are aware that frozen bananas may be processed into a substance that resembles ice cream, right? However, you can use them to make milkshakes that are much more delicious! We’re going to make banana nice cream milkshakes today, and we’re going to make them in three delicious flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

Pour into glasses, then, if desired, garnish with whipped cream and fresh cherries before serving immediately.