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50 Best Banana Breakfast Recipes

There is an unlimited recipes that you can make with bananas for breakfast meals such as banana muffins, cakes, puddings, bowls, and much much more. So in this article, I collect your 50 best banana breakfast recipes that are, healthy, tasty, and easy to make.

Banana Breakfast Cookies

1. 4-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Cookies

These Banana Oatmeal Cookies with Only 4 Ingredients are the healthiest cookies you’ll ever eat for breakfast or as a snack before a workout.

They can be whipped up in about 15 minutes, are loaded with protein derived from plants, and have a natural sweetness that comes from mashed bananas.

2. 3-Ingredient Banana Cookies

You are going to like these banana cookies made with only three ingredients, along with three more options. These cookies are ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth in a way that is also good for you because they are gluten-free and vegan. The preparation of these banana oatmeal breakfast cookies takes almost 15 minutes, beginning with the beginning of the process.

3. Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookies

What about some cookies for breakfast? Yes!!! Try your hand at this recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookies! They are delicious at any time of the day and may be prepared without gluten.

This dish does not contain dairy products or eggs because those substitutions have already been made in the recipe. This means that they are OK for vegans to eat.

4. Vegan Banana Breakfast Cookies

These Gluten-Free Banana Breakfast Cookies are created with oats, extra-ripe bananas, and plant protein powder. They are also suitable to those who avoid gluten. Easy to make, vegan, and the ideal snack for both adults and children.

5. Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Amazing things can be said about these banana cookies with chocolate chip topping. They are the ideal combination of a warm slice of banana bread and your favorite chocolate chip cookies. They are the ultimate hybrid. They have a texture that is somewhere between cakey and gooey and are exceptionally soft. They had just the right amount of banana taste with a touch of cinnamon.

You’ll find that the texture of these chocolate chip cookies is a little bit different from that of most others. Because the banana contributes moisture, the cookies become cakier and softer, as opposed to being thin and crispy. This effect can be attributed to the banana.

Banana Breakfast Muffins

6. Healthy Banana Muffins | No Refined Sugar

You and your loved ones will be able to look forward to eating these banana muffins every morning since they have just the right amount of sweetness yet contain no processed sugar. At the beginning of the week, my children and I all like when I prepare a big batch of these for breakfast. The perfect “oops, we slept in, and now we’re going to be late for school, so let’s eat breakfast in the vehicle” breakfast for the whole family to enjoy.

7. Blueberry Banana Protein Muffins

These Blueberry Banana Protein Muffins are not only delectable, but they are also packed with good for you protein, and they are the ideal choice for a snack or breakfast on a busy workday. These protein muffins are fluffy, filling, and really delicious. They are made with bananas that have been mashed, blueberries, plant-based protein, and no additional sugar. The banana protein muffins in this recipe may be ready in only half an hour, and the whole family will go bananas for them.

8. Pumpkin Banana Muffins

You’re going to really like these delicious pumpkin banana muffins with toasty spices, which are ideal for a breakfast or snack throughout the fall season. The preparation of these light and airy muffins, which are delicious and simple to make, takes almost thirty minutes, including the baking time.

9. Fresh Strawberry Muffin Recipe (With Banana)

These delightful strawberry muffins have roughly 5 minutes of shelf life after coming out of the oven since they are filled to the brim with a variety of crisp tastes. They’ll be gobbled up in NO TIME!

10. Super Easy Apple Banana Muffins

Easy Super Moist Banana Apple Muffins are not only tasty, but also moist, ideal for any time of the day or night, and, what’s more, they’re an excellent way to make use of overripe fruit. Are you looking for a quick, simple, and delectable recipe to add to your breakfast or snack time? These Easy Super Moist Muffins are going to win your heart over in no time at all.

More Recipes:

11. Gluten Free Banana Oat Muffins (Vegan)

Gluten Free Banana Oat Muffins (V+GF): a recipe for moist and pleasantly sweet Vegan Oat Muffins made with oat flour banana muffins that only requires one bowl! These muffins are loaded with banana flavor! My go-to vegan oatmeal muffins with banana are made using oats.

12. Banana Protein Muffins (Paleo)

The preparation of these banana protein muffins is a breeze, and the finished products are airy and delicious. With an astounding 8 grams of protein in each muffin, they are the ideal protein-rich breakfast or snack for times when you are pressed for time in the morning. Paleo, free of gluten, and a hit with the kids.

Banana Breakfast Cakes

13. Banana Crumb Cake Recipe

This Banana Crumb Cake will spice up even the most routine of breakfast meals. It’s the perfect way to kick off your day because it’s loaded with mashed bananas and topped high with crumb topping. But who am I kidding? Serving it up as dessert is an equally excellent idea.

14. Banana Bread Coffee Cake

Even though there aren’t any banana bits on top of these slices of banana bread coffee cake, they nevertheless look and smell amazing. I felt like the images were missing something, so I decided to add a banana on the top of the cake. It’s a weird thing about my business that even when I cook the most beautiful meal in the world, no one will try it until the images are absolutely flawless.

15. Banana Upside Down Cake

The wonderful Banana Upside Down Cake has a depth of flavor that comes from the inclusion of mashed bananas in the cake batter as well as a layer of banana slices covered in caramel sauce on the cake’s top. This cake would be perfect for breakfast! It’s a dense and rich cake, but at the same time it has a lot of moisture in it. It’s not quite bread, but it’s not quite cake either, and it’s distinct from this equally excellent custard cake.

As with the majority of cake recipes, you begin by creaming together butter and sugar with this one. It should have a texture that is light and airy, but I blended all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour so that it would have a taste that was more robust and a structure that was more substantial. It pairs wonderfully with caramel, and banana is another great accompaniment.

16. Moist Banana Pound Cake

Moist Banana Pound Cake is a delectable take on an old favorite that combines Pound Cake and Banana Cake into a single recipe for a very satisfying and comfortable loaf cake. AND all of it is finished off with a luscious brown sugar glaze!

17. Easy Banana Magic Cake

There’s a reason why this simple banana cake is known as the “MAGIC” cake! The true magic begins when you combine mashed banana, beaten eggs, sugar, flour, melted butter, and milk in a mixing bowl, then pour the mixture into a baking dish and put it in the oven.

The heat from the oven will cause this mixture to split into three distinct layers as it bakes. Yes, you understand perfectly. You will only need to create one batter in order to produce a quick, simple, and delectable cake with three layers.
On this very blog of mine, I’ve previously distributed a few other magic custard cake recipes. This time around, I decided to experiment with a different taste for my magic cake.

18. Chocolate Banana Cake

This recipe for Chocolate Banana Cake is an excellent way to put those brown-spotted, overripe bananas that are usually sitting on your kitchen counter to good use in a treat that is both simple and delectable to prepare.

19. Double Chocolate Banana Cake

Today, I’m going to share a dish with you that is just mouthwatering. Because I generally freeze my brown bananas so that I can use them in smoothies, I didn’t often bake with them, but I had some brown bananas on hand, so I decided to create a cake – a chocolate cake! This even errs on the side of being nutritious, and in addition to that, it is so amazingly moist that you won’t even need frosting on it!

Banana Breakfast Bread Recipes

20. Banana Bread Breakfast Casserole

The perfect dish for a sweet breakfast or a quick dessert, this Banana Bread Breakfast Casserole is sure to please! Make use of those bananas that have begun to turn brown by combining them with any leftover bread in this bread pudding dish that can be done in an hour.

More Recipes:

21. Coffee Cake Banana Bread

The delicious cinnamon streusel topping of coffee cake is folded into a traditional banana bread for a new twist on an old favorite. This tasty quick bread is wonderful for serving for breakfast, lunch, or even as a dessert.

22. Banana Applesauce Bread

The Easy Banana Applesauce Bread is a delicious and healthful alternative to traditional holiday fast breads. A healthier and more delicious version of banana bread that doesn’t require the use of a mixer.

23. Coconut-macadamia Banana Bread

The coconut-macadamia banana bread is stuffed with ripe bananas, coated with flakes coconut, and mounded with chopped macadamias. It is very likely the greatest banana nut bread. This is the recipe for you if you’re seeking for ways to feed a large number of people, and I’ll also teach you how to create delicious banana bread muffins using the same recipe.

24. The Best Strawberry Banana Bread

Strawberry Banana Bread – Every mouthful of this strawberry bread is loaded with fresh, ripe strawberries that burst with strawberry flavor. You’re going to go crazy for this fast bread recipe that doesn’t even require a mixer!

25. Banana Bread Pudding

This Banana Bread Pudding is a deliciously fun and simple dessert or breakfast option that is impossible to say no to. It is warm, gooey, and bursting with the taste of banana bread.

A great thing about this dish is that it may be served hot or cold. When I prepare bread pudding, I prefer to serve it warm with a warm sauce drizzled on top. Nonetheless, many individuals like eating it cold. The final decision is usually based on individual taste.

26. Air Fryer Banana Bread

Making banana bread in an air fryer is quick and simple, taking only 40 minutes from start to finish. It’s a straightforward take on a traditional breakfast dish, and it’s full of nuts and banana flavor.

Is banana bread a favorite of yours? My children look forward to it so much that they will neglect the bananas we buy until they are perfectly ripe for banana bread.

This time, though, I baked a banana bread in my air fryer, and it was the ideal size for two people.

27. Banana Bread Scones

The outside of these Banana Scones with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Glaze is perfectly crunchy, while the interior is perfectly delicate. Due to the fact that the scones are topped with a sugary glaze, you may enjoy these delicious pastries for breakfast, dessert, or even as a snack in the middle of the morning!

Banana Breakfast Cheesecakes

28. Banana Breakfast Cheesecakes

These luscious cheesecakes are loaded with banana flavor and are made with cream cheese. The amount of the recipe may be readily increased by a factor of two or even three. The cheesecakes should be kept in the refrigerator, carefully covered in plastic wrap, until they are ready to be eaten. Do not re-heat the food.

29. Bananas Foster Breakfast Yogurt Cheesecakes

Do you like savory breakfasts or sweet ones? Though I enjoy both, as an adult I find myself favoring savory dishes more often. However, I usually had yogurt and fruit for breakfast on weekdays, so I jazzed them up by serving my Greek yogurt in granola cups and topping them with bananas foster for weekend brunch. Your only decision will be whether to enjoy it for breakfast or dessert. Truth be told, I ate it for dessert after finishing my BLT benedicts.

30. No Bake Banana Pudding Cheesecake

This simple, no-bake cheesecake takes the beloved flavor of traditional banana pudding and elevates it.

Simply combine vanilla pudding mix, heavy cream, cream cheese, sugar, and milk, then pour it onto a pre-made graham cracker crust until it’s full.

When you cut into it, you’ll find a delectable layer made of sliced bananas and Nilla Wafers.

Put those overripe bananas to good use and save turning on the oven by making this easy no-bake dessert.

31. Easy Banana Pudding Cheesecake

The traditional banana pudding is updated with a fresh, creamy take in the form of this banana cream cheesecake, which features a taste profile that is both robust and subtly sweet. This sweet is adaptable enough to be served at any event because to its satisfyingly complex texture, which is achieved by adding a gratifying amount of additional crunch from a light and buttery no-bake crust.

More Recipes:

Banana Breakfast Smoothies

32. Banana Smoothie

Only four ingredients are needed to make this delicious and nutritious banana smoothie. Find out how to create the most delicious banana smoothie, which is packed with protein and fiber to keep you energized throughout the day.

This quick and easy smoothie may be blended into a pleasantly thick and creamy consistency. It has a taste that is reminiscent of sweet bananas and is an excellent source of potassium. If you like banana smoothies, you should also try my recipes for strawberry banana smoothie and peanut butter banana smoothie. Both of these smoothies are delicious.

33. Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

This banana oatmeal smoothie is a wholesome breakfast option that will leave you feeling full for the better part of the morning. It’s a thick and creamy smoothie that’s also really tasty. A fantastic way to kick up your day, packed with of healthy fiber and protein derived from plants.

34. Healthy Banana Coffee Smoothie Recipe

You ought to give our recipe for banana coffee smoothie a try if you are interested in finding healthy smoothie recipes that include coffee.

Our coffee banana smoothie is the epitome of the perfect breakfast coffee smoothie, thanks to the inclusion of frozen banana, cacao, and a touch of vanilla (or even an afternoon treat).

This simple recipe for coffee smoothies is certain to become a new favorite since it is chock-full of energy and has a flavor that is a cross between chocolate and vanilla.

35. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

This banana smoothie is pretty standard fare as far as preparing smoothies goes, and it’s easy to see why. Put all of the ingredients into a blender and process until the mixture is velvety smooth and creamy! Sometimes I need to add a little bit more milk or water to start the blender running, and other times I need to adjust the consistency of the smoothie by adding a little bit more liquid.

36. Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Simply combine the strawberries, bananas, and yogurt to make this delicious and simple smoothie (4 if you want to add yogurt). It has a refreshingly chilled and creamy texture. You may make it dairy-free, vegan, or high in protein, all of which are options. In this post, I will show you how to prepare the ideal strawberry banana smoothie for yourself.

37. Strawberry Blueberry Banana Smoothie

This is a fairly basic combination, but one that all of us agree makes for a tasty dish. I prefer to prepare the fruit for the smoothies in advance by freezing it altogether, which allows them to become chilly without the use of ice. In the extremely unlikely event that I forget to put any berries in the freezer in advance, I’ll add an ice cube or two to my smoothie, although this does somewhat dilute the flavor.

I stock up on frozen berries whenever blueberries and strawberries are on sale so that our kitchen is never without ingredients for smoothies. This smoothie recipe also works wonderfully with ready-to-eat frozen berries purchased from the freezer area, if that is your preference.

38. Mango Banana Smoothie | High Protein And Vegan

I find that using a high-powered blender is the key to getting a smooth and creamy smoothie. I make smoothies with the help of a Vitamix that comes with a special attachment for making them. It simplifies the process of making smoothies to a remarkable degree.

Smoothies may be made quickly and easily by placing the desired ingredients in the included smoothie cup and securing the blade attachment to the blender. The caps for the cups are included, so you can easily carry your smoothie with you wherever you go.

Easy Banana Breakfast Recipes

39. Brown Sugar Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes! Because we are in need of as much comfort food as we can get, we will be having it for breakfast, lunch, and brinner. Is that the case? This delightful stack of pancakes has a flavor that is reminiscent of a union between buttermilk pancakes and banana bread, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

40. Quick And Easy Banana Fritters

Bananas are a staple diet for many people who live in tropical areas, where they are also often found. This recipe for banana fritters is the one that is often seen in the Philippines. This “merienda,” also known as “Maruya” as it is more generally known, is considered to be one of the most popular snacks in the Philippines.

41. Overnight Baked Banana French Toast Casserole

The birthday celebration we threw for the twins a month ago was their first, and to celebrate, I prepared this Banana French Toast Casserole for the first time. Because the boys’ first stuffed toys that they adored were miniature monkeys and bananas were one of the first meals that they enjoyed, the party was themed after monkeys and bananas. What a fantastic pairing!

42. Baked Banana Donuts With Chocolate Glaze

Love donuts? Love bananas? If that’s the case, you should try these doughnuts made with baked bananas. Donuts with a texture similar to that of banana bread are baked, rather than fried, before being coated in bittersweet chocolate or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. A breakfast or snack choice that is both healthier and tastier than traditional donuts.

43. Starbucks Copycat Banana Bread

There is, in all seriousness, nothing more delectable than a slice of warm banana bread that has been smothered in butter. This banana bread has an incredible taste and a wonderful texture, and I am certain that you will agree that it is the greatest banana bread that you have ever tasted.

Banana Breakfast Recipes For Toddlers

44. Banana Toast for Babies

Toast made from bananas is a great soft meal for infants and toddlers to use as finger foods. It also helps to keep breakfast interesting by providing a variety of flavours and textures.

Advice: while some people feel that this recipe works flawlessly, others find that it results in a mushy consistency. Keep in mind that this is intended to be a finger meal for newborns, therefore it should be extremely soft. The following are a few helpful hints from folks who have used this recipe on several occasions; I hope these are of some value to you.

45. Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

These Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Muffins are sweetened in a natural way using maple syrup, and they are stuffed with of nutritious ingredients that you can feel good about eating. They are great as a make-ahead breakfast option, a snack for kids and toddlers, or after a workout as a treat for yourself!

46. 2-Ingredient Oatmeal Banana Cookies For Toddlers

You can use the cookie cutters that come with store-bought cookies to make these nutritious toddler treats.
I’ve been on a quest to discover an excellent cookie recipe that is appropriate for toddlers and does not contain any sugar or additional garbage. During the time that I was pregnant, my family consumed far too many processed foods, and as a result, my kid developed a serious addiction to cookies.

I didn’t want to eliminate cookies entirely, but I did want to find a method to create a healthier version of them at home that would be cheaper and wouldn’t include any artificial chemicals.

47. Healthy Toddler Muffins (Blueberry & Banana)

These Healthy Toddler Muffins are a huge favorite with everyone! Oatmeal, blueberries, and bananas that have been mashed together are the three main ingredients in these delicious muffins, which can be made quickly and are great for breakfast or a healthy snack. These muffins are delicious, and your child is going to adore how absolutely soft and moist they are.

48. Easy Fruity Pebbles Banana Skewers

Skewers made of fruity breakfast and bananas are a simple dish that even young children may master. Just five simple components, and the preparation time is less than five minutes!! So much fun, and a nutritious breakfast alternative that can be frozen and taken with you on the run!

49. Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas: Healthy Fun Snacks For Kids

It might be challenging to find easy-to-prepare, healthy snacks that children will really eat and that don’t take up a significant amount of time. It’s true that Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas, but how many of those recipes genuinely fulfill all of the requirements?

The good news is that there are healthy enjoyable snacks available for children that are not only delectable but also quick and easy to prepare. I promise. You will simply need to put in a bit more effort to find them.

50. Healthy Banana Split Breakfast Bowl

The Healthy Banana Split Breakfast Bowl is a really enjoyable breakfast that people of all ages, including children and adults, really like. It just takes five minutes to make, but it’s well worth the effort since it tastes amazing.