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32 Tea Recipes

Depending on where a person now resides, the term “tea recipes” may bring to mind a wide variety of distinct mental pictures for them. For instance, the phrase “tea recipes” undoubtedly conjures up an image of a tall, steaming pitcher of tea that is so sugary that it would cause your teeth to pain if you drink it. This image is common in the states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.
This list has you covered no matter what your go-to tea recipe is since it covers them all. It could even provide you with some brand-new tea recipes that you can test out for the very first time.

Iced Tea Recipes

1.Healthy Homemade Iced Tea

You only need three ingredients to make this healthy homemade iced tea, which is a delightful and refreshing drink perfect for the summertime. It has NO refined sugar and NO artificial sweeteners. Under fifty calories for each portion!
If you want a stronger cup of tea, put the tea bags in the water in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, add extra water (to taste), and then serve the tea. If you choose high-quality tea, you can mitigate the effects of leaving your tea bags in the pot for extended periods of time, which can cause the tea to develop a flavor that is slightly bitter.

2. My Basic Iced Tea Recipe

This store has been financially rewarded by Collective Bias, Inc. and the advertiser for promoting their products. All opinions are mine alone. Now that the weather is starting to become warmer, all I can think about is spring and summer! There are a few things that, for me, characterize the warm weather months, such as gardening, days spent at the river, and wearing flip-flops; nevertheless, this list would not be complete without iced tea on it.
The fruity taste will emerge after the tea has been chilled in the refrigerator for around two hours. You may consume it as is, or if you like, you can sweeten it with a touch of sugar or honey.

3. Raspberry Iced Tea

This recipe for raspberry iced tea is just what you need for those hot summer days. It satisfies the need for something sweet and fruity, and it will do so without fail.
Be careful to put to good use any iced tea that has been sitting in the refrigerator for too long. If you want to get the most out of the taste of your raspberry iced tea, you should try to consume it within one day of making it. However, if you put it in the refrigerator, it will keep for up to three or four days.

4. Refreshing 3 Ingredient Peach Iced Tea Recipe

The perfect beverage for the warm weather is this homemade peach iced tea. It is prepared with just black tea, fresh peaches, and sugar; those are the only three components. It is a drink that may be consumed throughout the warmer months of the year since it is quite refreshing.

This delicious iced tea may be kept in the refrigerator for up to four days before it goes bad. After it has been brewed and allowed to sit for a day or two, I feel that it tastes the finest. It needs to be allowed to remain in the refrigerator for the necessary amount of time so that it may develop all of those luscious peach tastes!

5. Refreshing Apple Iced Tea

A flavorful and delightful beverage, Apple Iced Tea is created by adding apple juice or apple soda to standard iced tea before serving. This is the recipe on how to make it (vegan, gluten-free).

Yes, you are able to steep the tea, and then store it in the refrigerator for up to a day. Simply put everything together right before you’re ready to serve it. You may also make a refreshing treat for the summer by freezing the finished drink in popsicle molds.

6. Hawaiian Iced Tea

The tastes of this Hawaiian Iced Tea will transport you to the tropics without leaving the comfort of your own home. A delightful beverage is created when fresh mint, pineapple juice, and lemon juice are combined with sweet tea. Also included is fresh mint. Wonderful to enjoy on a hot day, while lounging by the pool, or to serve at the next party you have.

Refrigerate until cool. Serve over ice with fresh pineapple chunks and mint leaves for garnish.

7. Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea

This Southern strawberry sweet tea is an easy recipe that is a summertime classic since it only requires a few simple ingredients and processes, including juicy strawberries, a little amount of sugar, and some lemons.
Strawberry Iced Tea Can Be Stored In The Refrigerator For Up To 8 Hours If It Is Stored In This Way.
In the Freezer: This Beverage Should Not Be Frozen and Should Be Served Straight Away; Freezing It Is Not Recommended.

8. Lemon Mint Iced Tea Recipe From Scratch

You won’t believe how simple and revitalizing this lemon mint iced tea is going to be for you to drink! This recipe for mint iced tea calls for fresh mint, lemon, and the tea bag of your choice as the base ingredients.

Because this lemon mint iced tea does not include any preservatives, you will need to store it in the refrigerator in a pitcher that has a lid on it. Consume it within the next two days. You may also place it in freezer bags, freeze it, and then thaw it when you need it.

9. Iced Chai Tea Latte

Iced Chai Tea Latte Is a ridiculously easy recipe for your go-to beverage at your local coffee shop! Just what you need on a steamy summer day!
Sweetener: if you prefer a different sweetener, you are free to use that one instead. Milk: if you’d rather use a different type of milk, feel free to do so.

10. Strawberry Orange Refrigerator Iced Tea

This Strawberry Orange Refrigerator Iced Tea has a taste that is not overpowering, it is very refreshing, and it is organically sweetened with fresh fruits. It is a tasty way to stay hydrated at any time of the year!

You may also use any other stone fruits, citrus zest and peels, fresh berries, and herbs you have on hand instead of the strawberries and orange in this recipe. You can keep making this cold-brew iced tea throughout the whole summer and never run out of tasty flavor choices to add to it.

Boba Tea Recipe

11. Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Tiger Milk Tea) Recipe

Brown sugar milk tea, often known as tiger milk tea, was the beverage that kicked off the trend. If you make your own brown sugar milk tea at home, you won’t have to wait in those lengthy lines or brave the crowds at those congested small boba businesses. You will just need five components, which is a definite plus.

If you remove the boba pearls from the milk tea and store it in an airtight container, you may keep it for up to three days. The syrup made with brown sugar may be kept for up to a month in the cupboard if it is contained within an airtight bottle. Unfortunately, the boba will only have a shelf life of four hours after it has been prepared, and it must be consumed right away in order to avoid going bad.

12. Taro Milk Tea (Taro Bubble Tea)

This taro milk tea is produced with a base of jasmine tea, milk, and black tapioca boba, and it tastes exactly like your favorite bubble tea recipe thanks to its creamy and thick texture. Making your own taro bubble tea at home is not only incredibly simple but also far more cost-effective than purchasing it already prepared from a bubble tea shop.

Make adjustments to the level of sweetness and creaminess. Everyone has a distinct idea of what their ideal level of creaminess and sweetness in their bubble tea should be. This dish is on the more nutritious side of things; it doesn’t compromise on flavor, but it also doesn’t pack on the calories. Having said that, if you want your tea to be sweeter, add a little bit extra simple syrup. Add a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream or half-and-half to the recipe for an additional velvety texture. If you add too much additional milk, the flavor of the taro will start to get lost in the mixture.

13. Strawberry Milk Tea

The easiest strawberry milk tea recipe you’ll ever make starts with genuine strawberries and ends up being the most delicious summer drink ever. In order to make a wonderful strawberry boba tea, first fresh strawberries are cooked down into a sugary simple syrup. The finished product is then combined with milk and tea. Everyone will be able to enjoy this beverage thanks to the included directions for a vegan and dairy-free variant.

Keep the strawberries that have been filtered; the mashed strawberry bits that you remove from the syrup may be used to make an excellent topping for plain Greek yogurt.Stir your milk tea! It is important to give the milk tea a pretty thorough stir before drinking it because the ingredients in this drink tend to separate somewhat.

14. Mango Milk Tea

This recipe for luscious mango milk tea is the ideal bubble tea drink for the warm weather months ahead. Contains mango juice, green tea, milk, simple syrup, and boba as its key ingredients. It is simple to prepare, tastes exactly the same as bubble tea sold in stores, and is a far better deal than purchasing it there.

Immediately combine the boba with the simple syrup by stirring it. This step must not be skipped. By coating the boba and preventing it from adhering together in a giant clump, you may prevent it from being cooked by stirring a tiny bit of the simple syrup mixture into the cooked boba pearls.

15. Avocado Bubble Tea

A thick, creamy, and delectable beverage, avocado bubble tea is a wonderful choice for either breakfast or a snack in the middle of the day. This version of the Tea is on the lean side and has a contemporary spin on it. This is a wonderful and filling dish that will prevent you from experiencing feelings of hunger for at least the next couple of hours.

To make a creamier cup of tea, use a plant-based milk such as almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk. Do not seek for denser tea? After that, dilute the mixture with ice cold water or vegan milk, just as in the previous example.

16. Chocolate Milk Tea

This scrumptious chocolate milk tea, which is also known as chocolate bubble tea, will quickly become your go-to flavor for boba. It is ridiculously chocolaty and delectable, and the preparation is a breeze. Presented over ice and topped with fresh boba.

To make the beverage more creamier, add some cream. Include a few tablespoons of cream in this beverage if you’d like it to have a more luxurious flavor. For the creamiest possible kind of bubble tea, you may even add a touch of sweetened condensed milk to the mix. To counteract the richness of the additional cream, you could want to stir in a little bit more chocolate simple syrup.

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

17. Long Island Iced Tea

Even though the Long Island Iced Tea calls for so many different ingredients—almost everything but the kitchen sink—the end product is still a wonderful and well-liked drink. This well-known and widely-appreciated cocktail delivers a vivacious punch that only seldom has to be replenished. The proportions of these components in this recipe are just right for producing the greatest possible Long Island Iced Tea.
You’ll need a glass that’s large enough to hold all of the components of this mixed drink because there are a lot of them. Make sure you have one handy. The ideal vessels are a tall glass tumbler or a mason jar. Ice cubes and lemon wedges can be used as garnishes when the drink is served. Depending on how you want your drinks to taste, adding a little bit of extra citrus from the lemon garnish might be a wonderful addition.

18. Blue Long Island Iced Tea

This Blue Long Island Iced Tea is stunningly vibrant, and it has a taste that is both tart and sweet. It’s a breeze to put together and tastes really reviving.

A version for the pitcher that serves eight people: Mix together one cup of lemon juice, one half cup of vodka, one half cup of tequila, one half cup of white rum, and one half cup of blue curacao. Mix in two and a half cups of ginger ale. Pour into highball glasses that have been filled with ice.

19. Cherry Long Island Iced Tea

Try out my recipe for Cherry Long Island Iced Tea even if you are under the impression that you do not enjoy traditional Long Island Iced Tea. In the sweltering heat of summer, it is really calming and enjoyable to drink this.

At the very most, it is not more than a daiquiri, despite the fact that the recipe calls for a number of different kinds of alcohol and gives the impression that it is. We have tequila, rum, vodka, and gin in addition to triple sec. Quite a mixture.

20. Long Island Iced Tea Shot

People, in the event that you enjoy the traditional recipe for long island iced tea, then you are going to adore these Long Island Iced Tea Shots. These very intense shot recipes include vodka, rum, gin, tequila, Triple Sec, sweet and sour, and Diet Coke, yet they manage to taste just as fantastic as their more powerful counterparts.
Pour the mixture through a fine sieve into a shot glass, then float it on top of a splash of coke. Serve with a slice of lemon as a garnish.

21. Long Beach Iced Tea

The Long Beach Iced Tea is related to the Long Island Iced Tea, but rather than using cola as the base, it uses cranberry juice instead. This results in a drink that is quite refreshing, somewhat sour, and has the potential to freshen you up after a long day.

This dish calls for the fruit of the season to be used as a garnish. Cranberries or an orange slice are two wonderful options to consider as garnishes for a drink since they allude to the tastes that are already present in the beverage.

Herbalife Tea Recipes

22. How To Make Boosted Teas At Home

At NewStart Nutrition, our Boosted Tea is consistently voted as one of the most popular products on the menu. Our clients are clamoring for additional energy! Long-lasting energy without the inevitable letdown that follows the consumption of a poor quality energy drink. The most exciting thing is that you can figure out how to manufacture enhanced teas in your own kitchen.

23. This Rainbow Tea Is Magic In A Cup

The year is 2016 now. A brand new age has begun. No longer is it sufficient for food to just be consumable. It is necessary that it be suitable for Instagram. And the most recent picture-perfect beverage to grace our presence comes from a tea store in Los Angeles, California, which is located in the state of California. The Orange Yuzu rainbow tea drink produced by Pearl’s Finest Teas is responsible for the brand’s meteoric rise in popularity throughout the internet.

Tea Herbs Recipe

24. How To Dry Herbs For Tea In 5 Easy Steps

If drinking tea doesn’t only mean Camellia sinensis to you, then drying your own herbs to make tea can be something that piques your curiosity. Let’s have a conversation about how to select the best plants, how to harvest them, and how to dry them in order to maintain the therapeutic qualities of the herbs.
Have you ever attempted or even heard of the practice of tea meditation? Tea may be transformed into a potent mindfulness aid in the most straightforward and uncomplicated way possible. You won’t be restricted to one location when it comes to practicing meditation thanks to your tea.

25. Diy Full Moon Tea Recipe For Grounding

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I have a passion for moon magic and plants. While I am learning about herbal treatments, I have been experimenting with creating my own blends of tea. This has been a fun and educational experience.

This tea may be prepared just like any other tea, and the medicinal properties of the herbs will remain intact. Simply add all of the ingredients into a reusable tea bag, then steep the bag in boiling water for eight to ten minutes. It will be a vivid shade of pink.

26. How to Harvest & Preserve Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

A delectable plant, the red raspberry leaf has a flavor that is comparable to that of green tea. Learn how to collect, dry, and make raspberry leaf tea here.
When brewing the tea, use approximately one teaspoon of crushed, dried raspberry leaves for every eight ounces of water that is brought to a boil. Steep for at least five minutes, then enjoy as you would any other tea.

27. How to make Lemongrass Tea

It is possible that taking a short break from your hectic day to have a calming cup of tea is an amazing method to relax and replenish your batteries. However, have you ever explored an option that does not include caffeine, such as lemongrass? This herb, which has a flavor that is reminiscent of citrus with a hint of earthiness, may be prepared either hot or cold.
In spite of this, we can all concur that one of the best ways to relax is to sit back with a nice cup of lemongrass tea.

28. Red Clover Tea Recipe

This recipe for red clover tea calls for the use of clover blossoms in its preparation.

In the event that you do not own an infuser, you may just set the blooms and leaves in the cup themselves, and then sift the tea when it has had time to steep.

Sun Tea Recipe

29. Sun Brewed Tea and Coffee

This summer, I have no doubt that you are experiencing uncomfortable temperatures wherever you call home. Even though summer officially started just two days ago, we have already broken the record for the number of days with temperatures of 100 degrees or above.

Either serve the tea over ice immediately or place it in the refrigerator to chill for a few minutes before serving. If it lasts that long, we drink all of our sun tea within five to seven days.

30. Herbal Sun Tea Recipe – Hibiscus Peppermint

Using hibiscus, peppermint, lemon balm, and rose petals to produce your own homemade herbal sun tea is something you should learn how to do. Excellent when served with a simple syrup made of chamomile and lemon.

If you store your herbal sun tea in the refrigerator, it will stay fresh for three to five days. The very first time I used this glass dispenser, the spigot that came with it had a small amount of condensation buildup on it, but after that, I haven’t had any issues with it at all. I believe that all I needed was a little bit of tightening up.

31. Strawberry Lemonade Sun Tea Recipe

This recipe for Strawberry Lemonade Sun Tea is the ideal beverage for the warm weather season. A fruit-flavored tea that only comes from the fruit itself, with no sugar added!
While I was enjoying my fruity tea, I couldn’t help but have the feeling that it brought up some past experience. Snapple! Duh. I created homemade Snapple! It tastes just like it. It has a more pleasant flavor, if I may say so myself.

32. How to Make Fresh Mint Sun Tea (just water, fresh mint, & sunshine!)

How do you create sun tea with fresh mint? The use of freshly chopped peppermint, pristine water, and unadulterated sunshine are the three essential components of this easy-to-carry out but enchanted alchemy. Use stevia to sweeten your mint sun tea if you are following a ketogenic or low-carb diet; otherwise, you may use raw honey or drink it plain. It is just very revitalizing!

You may refrigerate any remaining sun tea, or you can sweeten it, pour it into popsicle molds, and then freeze it.