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    Mar 09th • Posted in Out of the Kitchen

    Sprinkle Cake Pancakes from Table for Seven

    Happy FriYay!

    The last few days have a been little crazy around here.  As you can see, the blog has received a bit of a makeover.  It looks a little different, but, kinda the same, don’t you think?  Well, the biggest change is actually behind the scenes.

    For the past several years, I’ve been on the Blogger platform and now, I have made the jump to the WordPress platform.

    What does that mean?

    Actually, for you guys, the reader, not that much!  It essentially the program that my blog is stored and maintained.  It’s going to be a big learning curve for me, but, I’ m ready for the challenge. 🙂

    With that being said though..things are a little wonky around for now.  All the content was transferred over from the other platform, but, with all things computer-related, it’s not a perfect process.  So, things make look weird or have a missing link or two.

    Don’t worry!  I’m working on getting these things fixed. But, it’s just me and a few of my kids getting things done, so, please be patient and let me know if you can’t find something or something just doesn’t look right.

    Also, the recipe index isn’t totally complete either, so, if you are looking for a specific recipe..just let me know!

    Thank you!

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