Weekly Meal Plan #54 - Table For Seven
  • Weekly Meal Plan #54

    Jan 27th • Posted in Meal Plans

    Weekly Meal Plan #54 from Table for Seven
    Happy Weekend Guys!
    Thanks for dropping by and checking our this week’s meal plan. Lots of delicious ideas for this week..I hope you find a few that will be useful.  We have chicken, pizza, some soup and pie. 😍
    Grab a look and have a wonderful week-

    Weekly Meal Plan #54 from Table for Seven


    Taco Pizza with a side of  tortilla chips and homemade salsa 


    Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken with a side of  Chicken Rice


    Crockpot Apple Cider Pulled Pork from Mostly Homemade Mom 


    Thai Fish Cakes from Dinner at the Zoo 



    Kitchen Closed!


    Navy Bean Soup with Bacon from The Wicked Noodle 

    Find your FREE weekly meal printable right here!

    Weekly Meal Plan #54 from Table for Seven

    Breakfast and Dessert Ideas:

    Crock Pot Strawberry Jam on your favorite toast/bagel/English muffin
    Sugar Cream Pie 

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