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  • 10 Genius Kitchen Gadgets

    Aug 23rd • Posted in Collections, Out of the Kitchen

    I live in a pretty small town.  It’s safe, quiet and a good place to raise our family. 
    Unfortunately though, my shopping options are really limited.  So, Amazon is usually the place I go to buy so many, many items. We pay for Amazon Prime on a monthly basis and it’s so worth it for us. So much to chose from and on most items I find, we get free two day shipping.  I love it.
    While browsing Amazon last week, I came across a few fun kitchen gadgets that I really liked and thought deserved a share with you.
    These are not expensive and could really come in handy! 
    Click the photo itself or the link right below it to find out more about each product.
    Have a look-

    I’ll admit..the only time I use toothpicks is checking to see if a cake is ready.  But, this is so much cuter than keeping a box of toothpicks in your cabinet, don’t you think?
    No more lost spoons in your sauce! This cute little figure holds it and is made out of silicone, so, it’s heat safe!
    We eat tons of brown rice and even quinoa at our house. This nifty paddle will give it a good stir and since it is silicone..no sticking! 

    Grate your cheese and avoid the mess all over the counter or plate. It stays right in the briefcase..fabulous.
    Make  your own orange, lemon or lime juice! It’s small and comes with white mug to collect whatever your get from your fruit.  Plus, it’s looks like a cactus..cute!
    Measure everything from “kid size” portion to “I could eat a horse” portion for your pasta.  Simple and to the point..love this idea!
    We eats so many strawberries during the spring and summer! This little tool would eliminate so much time and probably do a better job than me when it comes to getting the tops off. 
    Snap N Drain Pot Attachment
    I so want one of these! Looks so easy and avoids having a large extra drainer.
    My husband would love this! He is my unofficial pineapple slicer and this would be so much easier than using a knife. 
    I suppose not everyone need a nifty gadget to separate the egg yolk and white, but, this is so cute and colorful..why not give it a try?

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