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  • How to Handle Blogger Burnout

    Nov 13th • Posted in Out of the Kitchen

    It dawned on me recently that my blog is 4 years old.  How did that happen?! When I started so many years ago, blogging was simpler.  You put something on Facebook and holy cow! People saw it.  Craziness.  Imagine!
    Anyhoo, I love blogging. Honestly, I do.  But, it can get a bit overwhelming at times. Trying to keep up with the blog and life at the same time can be a juggling act.  At times, something has got to give.  It’s, of course, the blog and that can stress me out.  I love to keep to a schedule, and hate to not post for more than a few days.
    And social media? It’s a guessing game for me that can make my head hurt sometimes.  Share too little?  Nobody sees it.  Share too much? It’s spam..beware!  What new sites to try?  Which ones to give up on?  Head hurting.

    Watch this kitty.  It will help the stress of it all.

    So, for about the past 6-9 months, I’ve made some changes.  Changes that I wanted to share, just in case you are a blogger that is stressed or on a verge of burning out.  A few may just help you.

    Now, these are things that have worked for me.  Me. I understand every one’s blog and blogging life is different, so, you may think some are totally nuts.  But for me, they have helped.

    Cut back social media sites and social media scheduling.  I took a look at where most of my reader engagement and traffic was coming from.  Then, cut out what wasn’t working.  For example, Google Plus.   I know there are lots of people who love it and do great with it.  Me?  It wasn’t working.  Honesty, I felt like it was just a big blogging popularity contest.  Not for me.  So, bye bye Google Plus.  For now, it’s Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. But, I also made changes with those. I stopped trying to post something on Instagram everyday.   I also stopped scheduling my Facebook posts and Pinterest pins everyday. I do still schedule, but, maybe just 2 or 3 days a week and a bit less content.

    Take more days off.  Previously, Saturday & Sunday were my family days. During the week, was primarily for blogging.  Now, I make it a point to take a day off during the week too. No posts, no social media.  Just usually checking emails and blog comments.

    Unplug.  I have a smart phone like most people.  Mine has just Instagram for blogging. No Facebook, no email, no Pinterest.  Here’s the little blog is not that important that I can’t wait until I get on an actual computer to check my email. Nothing has ever been that pressing that it can’t wait.  If something is important and I’m out of the house? Then, yes, I will check my email on my phone. Otherwise?  It’s disabled.

    Asked for help.  OK, so, not everyone can afford a virtual assistant.  Me included.  However, my 13 year old has helped me out alot this past year or so.  She took over my Instagram page for the summer and it worked awesome.  She also gained me about 100 followers.  So, yay for that 🙂  She has also helped me out with recipe round ups here at the blog.  Huge help.

    Changed posting schedule. In the past, my posting schedule has been, Monday, Wednesday & Friday religiously.  Well, I still stick to that the majority of the time, however, I’m learning to let that go a bit.  My goal is to post 3 times a week.  No matter what day it is.  My OCD has a tough time with this one still.  Baby steps, right?

    In the end though, you just need to…

    How do you deal with blogger burnout?
    Or heck, just stress?  Cause, everyone has it. No matter what you do everyday.

    Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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