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  • Out of the Kitchen Friday

    May 22nd • Posted in Out of the Kitchen

    Happy Friday Everyone!  How was your week?  Mine was pretty good.  Lots of rain and we hit about 45 degrees in the middle of the week, but, bounced right back with a nice, 70 degrees.  Perfect.

    I want to thank everyone who participated in the first Table for Seven Reader Survey. It was a great success and it will certainly help me making this blog the best it can be for everyone.  There were two subjects that came up with the survey that I wanted to touch base on today.

    First up, a search option.  There has been a search bar on the site from day one.  However, it may of not been very noticeable to everyone, so, it received a bit of a makeover.  You can find it on the sidebar right below my social media icons.  (see below pic).  This will let you search Table for Seven for a specific item

    Next, a print option. This you can find at the bottom of every individual post.  It does give you an option to remove images, so, no need to use extra paper 🙂

    As for the rest of the results.  They were extremely helpful!  I will be working on getting lots more great recipes to you guys and there was a big response to showing more cooking/baking products and cookbook posts.  So, stay tune 🙂

    OK, next up. Facebook.  Ugh.  I hate to be added to list of bloggers that complains about Facebook.  But, here we go. I’m kinda ready to throw in the towel! Currently,  Table for Seven has approx 6100 fans on Facebook.  Out of 6100 fan, 55 were shown my brand new post yesterday.  It’s totally nuts.

    New content will always be posted there, but, I will be cutting back on my other Facebook posts. If you follow my Facebook page, it’s so greatly appreciated, but, if you don’t want to miss anything, subscribing to automatic email updates, Instagram or Twitter are great options.

    Oh, if you subscribe now to email updates, you will receive a Free Family Favorite Desserts Ebook made by myself!

    I think that wraps it up. 🙂 
    Thank you again guys and have a wonderful weekend!

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