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  • {our family debate over} Green Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

    Mar 11th • Posted in Uncategorized

    Oh..this cake.  It was a hotly debated at our house last weekend.   As most people know, St Patrick’s Day is not too far away.   Also, as many people know, I’m Irish.  (The whole “Erin” thing may of given that away though)  Anyway, since St Patty’s Day is looming and the whole being Irish thing, I decided to make a green velvet cake.   It seemed like a good idea.   But, after diving into  an entire bottle of green dye and several cups of powdered sugar, I admit, guilt popped up on me.    Was this really a good idea?  We have tried to eliminate food dyes from our diets a long time ago and my natural food dye was long gone. Also, couldn’t find anything close to it at any grocery store in my area.   But, it was special thing, so, what the heck, right? It’s just one cake!
    Truth, I didn’t like it.  It had a bit of weird taste (presumably from the dye)  and the frosting was waayyy too sugary for me.  My oldest son and one of my daughters felt the same way.  The rest of the family loved it. My husband inhaled a good portion of it on his own.   He then brought the remainder of it to work and said his co-workers loved it too.   Whether that is true or him just being nice, is unsure 🙂

    Usually, the posting of a recipe here on the blog is because my family liked it.  But, I do like to be honest about new stuff we try.   So, with that said, we are doing this one a bit different.
    Let me know if you this cake sounds good to you and you want to give it a try.  I will happily share my recipe resource with you.

    Let me know 🙂

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