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    Feb 20th • Posted in Out of the Kitchen

    Is spring here yet?  Seriously, this winter has been pretty mild.  A bit of snow.  Average temps in the 30’s and then, the last 2 weeks..frozen tundra has returned!  25 degrees below zero wind chill 🙁  It’s been kinda a bummer.  But, we’ve been keeping very busy with all things life and just hoping it doesn’t last too much longer.
    Speaking of keeping busy…I’ve been seriously slacking in my social media stuff lately. I’m so appreciative to everyone who follows Table for Seven in any way. but, it’s been tough to keep up with everything as of late. I’m so sorry guys.  Ever since we started homeschooling, scheduling blogging time plus social media time has been a challenge.  (The kids get priority with our one computer during the day.)  My new posts will always been up on my social media, but,  with Facebook being a little funky at times, Pinterest having a new feed  (what’s up with that?!) and my goofy sharing schedule, you may miss something. Well, please know that you can subscribe to new posts via email.   When anything new gets posted, you get a nice, handy, dandy email. Works like a charm and you won’t have to worry about missing something!
    Just click right here and follow the instructions.

    OK, over at the Out of the Kitchen site, we have some cute printing/coloring sheets for the little ones.

    Recipes that I’m giving a try this week…
    Some of this week’s pins…

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