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  • Out of the Kitchen Friday: Chalkboard Printable

    Jan 23rd • Posted in Out of the Kitchen

    Happy  Friday Friends. First up, I just wanted to say thank you to all who participated in this week’s Inspire Me Monday link party!  It was a great success..with over 200 + entries..thanks guys 🙂 Be sure to stop on by next Monday for a brand new party.

    Our week here at home was pretty standard.  Which is good.  Boring is a good thing at my house.  Nothing that rocks the boat is fine with me.  My kids started a homeschooling physical fitness class at the YMCA. They love it.  We are thinking of joining the Y to get the full blown membership, but, I’m still kinda torn. Anybody members to a local YMCA? Thoughts?  Is membership a good investment? They also took a class about Elements of Energy.  Also, loved.  It’s been great to finally get them involved in some homeschooling activities. 🙂

    In the kitchen front, there was an attempt to make these marshmallows. Major fail.  Huge fail.  I let the sugar mixture get too hot.  Tip: don’t do this.  My nice, fluffy, marshmallows were a gooey ball of yuckiness. I’ve made the plain before and they were perfect.  So, back to the kitchen for the chocolate. I’ll keep you updated.

    Last, but, not least..food!  Got some great, delicious pins this week.  Here’s just a few…
    Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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