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    Let’s talk about mornings. Yes. Mornings.  The very start to the day.  Are you a morning person? I used to be.  Before I was blessed with children.  Back in the days before school and the kids were small, mornings were a bit tiring due to lack of sleep and feedings, but, breakfast wasn’t something that had to be done as soon as my feet hit the floor.

    Nowadays, breakfast is much different.  We are up at 5:45-6am and I kid you not, we are out the door by 7am.  All seven of us.  It’s crazy, but, it is the schedule at the moment, so, we go with it. Breakfast is always made in advance and packed in the freezer or we have cereal. But, now we have another option!
    I was pretty excited when the opportunity to give Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfast a try. There is a large variety to chose from:
    We picked up the sausage and ham croissant sandwiches at Walmart and loved them.  They were quick, delicious and were perfect for our busy mornings.  They are also great to grab and go, just in case getting breakfast on the table isn’t possible.
    Served up with a glass of OJ and a piece of fruit and there were some very satisfied faces at our breakfast table!

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