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    Jan 22nd • Posted in Uncategorized

    Before I go back to talking about food, I want to talk about dads today. Dad. *sigh* I miss mine.  He passed away 15 years ago.  Fifteen years.  It’s almost surreal to say that.  It’s gone by in a flash. My dad was strict, but, loving.  He always had a great story, never took any bull from anybody (especially his children 🙂 , was so honest and when he laughed, it was contagious.  You couldn’t help join in.
    Unfortunately, he was gone before I got married and before seeing any of his 13 grandchildren(combined with my siblings).  He did get to meet Mr Plain when we were dating.  But, it was brief.  Mr Plain never really got to know what a tremendous person my father was and my father  never got to know what an amazing person Mr Plain is.
    Me, my dad and my siblings.  Circa 1970-80’s. I won’t tell you which one is me 🙂

    The pain of losing him was immense.  The harsh truth is that the pain never really goes away.  It just becomes part of your life, part of who you are.  What we at our house call the new ‘normal’.  We know it well around here.  Especially after Eliza.  But, life has to gone on, right?  It has, but, it hasn’t always has been an easy journey.
    Now..Mr Plains dad.  My father in law.  A truly, lovely, man.  In November, I posted that he was sick. Very sick.  Truth was, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given a very short time to live.
    He fought.  Hard. We visited him every weekend (my in laws live a distance) and it was inspiring.  He was singing, laughing and telling stories.  He was bound and determined to enjoy the short time he had left.
    As time went on, he became weaker, but, never lost his spirit.  The last time I saw him, he still gave me smile and told me how nice it was to see me.  We also complained to each other about snow, talked about my kids and my mother.  He always asked me about my mother.  Always.  That always made me smile.
    Sadly, he lost his battle last week.  Cancer took him very quickly.  He passed away with his wife and 4 out his 9 children with him.
    He was not only an amazing father in law, but, an even more amazing grandfather.  He was a man with 26 grandchildren and when my 5 would visit..it was as they were the only ones. He always had the time, the laugh, the story, a smile, the fun games and enough love for each and every one of them.   
    Life for my kids now is life without any grandfathers, but, as my 6 year old reminded me..Eliza now has 2 grandpas in heaven taking care of her.  That’s very reassuring.
    Rest in Peace.
    Mr Plain (tall guy standing in flannel), his father and almost all his siblings ( one sister missing)
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