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  • 50 Household Items You Can Make Homemade

    Feb 11th • Posted in Collections, Homemade Pantry

    Have you noticed a trend on Pinterest?  It’s DIY-er’s dream.  I’m not talking crafts and such, but, just regular household items.  Things you use on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.  Me personally, I have used the cooking spray, dish soap and the liquid laundry soap. They all work marvelous and it’s tough to believe the money that could of been saved if I found it earlier.So, here is a giant list for you guys…I can’ verify that these all work, but, if it saves you some money…why not give a couple a try?
    Do you have any DIY tricks?In The Kitchen:

    1. Cooking Spray
    2. Homemade Brown Sugar
    3. Biscuit Mix
    4. Vanilla Extract
    5. Coffee Creamer
    6. Cake Flour
    Daily Bathroom Items:

    For Babies and Pets:

    1. Baby Wipes
    2. Diaper Rash Creme
    3. Dog Shampoo
    4. Flea Removal


    1. Bug Spray
    2. Modge Podge
    3. Herbal Vapor Rub
    4. ChalkBoard Paint
    5. Car Window De-Icer
    50 Household Items You Can Make Homemade

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