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    Jul 23rd • Posted in Out of the Kitchen

    As many of my readers know, we had a baby this summer.  Her name: Eliza Hope.  She came about 9 weeks early and when she was born, faced many challenges.  Her little life started a bit shaky, but, she remained stable for many weeks.  We were on a very positive track.  Sadly, though, her liver was a major challenge that she faced and couldn’t beat.

    I kept a small online journal of our NICU journey with Eliza.  Please feel free to read it by clicking here.  I am also going to be adding a permanent link to my sidebar in the near future.
    I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words, thoughts, prayers & condolences that came from the online blogging community.  I still get emotional when I think of the outpouring of support that we received and continue to receive. It has helped.  Truly, it has.  It also makes me proud to be part of such a caring community of people.
    So, the future of Table of 7?  It will continue.  After having a family talk, it was decided that blogging is a big part of me and should not end. 
    The cooking/baking/photography/sharing..I really love it.  It’s my own personal therapy.
    I hope you continue to enjoy my little foodie blog, because, I do, enjoy sharing it with you.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you

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