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  • Baked Wonton Chips

    Sep 26th • Posted in Snacks

    Baked Wonton Chips

    I found this recipe in a book that my daughter took out of the library. They seemed like a pretty easy recipe and would go with our chicken stir fry that we are having this week for dinner.  This is a great recipe for kids to do (with some assistance).  My 9 year old had no problem mixing the oil mixture and cutting/brushing the wontons. 

    30 wonton wrappers – I found these in the produce section of our grocery store.
    2 TBSP olive oil
    1 clove garlic, minced – I didn’t have fresh garlic, so, garlic salt worked well
    1/2 tsp basil
    1/4 cup grated Parmesan or Romano cheese

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray.
    Cut wonton wrappers in half diagonally to make triangles and arrange on baking sheet.
    In a small bowl, mix oil, garlic and basil.  Brush the wontons with the mixture lightly.
    Then, sprinkle the wontons with the cheese.
    Bake for 8 minutes until golden brown.
    Move chips to a cooling rack and cool completely.

    Thumbs Up!  She loves them!
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